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Topic: Press Conference Question Return to archive
05-06-02 01:40 PM
StonesJuno Hi all. I posted this on another board, and would like to ask the same question here, if I may.

I have been watching VH1, MTV, and regular News (including New York based News stations on satellite), but I haven't heard a thing mentioned about the Rolling Stones Tour Press conference for tomorrow. I would think that at this late hour, we would have heard something on public news? It's only a 40th Anniversary (arguably 2002 or 03, depending when you think the 'true' band formed) Tour of the World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band, right?

I know that it will happen, of course. Press credentials have been issued, blimp sitings, etc., but this lack of pre-coverage of the Press event strikes me as odd. If it weren't for these fan boards Shidoobee, IORR, and Rocks Off (and some printed news here and there), how would the average Joe Blow fan even know about this?

I thought I heard much more about B2B's PreTour Press hoopla than this time around. Anyone seen anything on VH1, MTV, and/or any other TV show? I see the feed times listed here, but....where's the news for Joe and Jane average fan?
05-06-02 05:13 PM
StonesJuno I read from Shidoobee w/StonesDoug that contact has been made with VH1 direclty, says no change to regularly schedule programing.

Live? Perhaps we will all see a RECORDED version of the Press Conference. Perhaps the 'Blimp' and weather (and for that matter, FAA clearance) is all too unpredictable to make this live. Do we all remember Jeraldo (sp?) and the Al Capone vault fiasco?
05-06-02 05:57 PM
stonedinaustralia well that's the idea of the conference in the first place isn't it... i.e. the official announcement of the tour...

it would seem from some of the more recent posts below that the news has made the print surprise there's nothing on tv yet as, so far, the have no new visuals and as far as the televsion is concerned if there are no pictures there is no news...

the radio?... well (perhaps) also consider that an "agreement" between the stones and the electronic media may have been struck... i.e. the networks don't pre-empt the news and so they don't incur the wrath of the stones and therefore lose their place among the favoured when the tour starts and the media is really hungry for news about/access to the stones...
05-06-02 08:55 PM
StonesJuno Well, Stoned, the press always uses old footage (when nothing current is available) to 'stir it up' before a live event. Archive footage. Used all the time, for many newsworthy live events. I think this surely qualifies. Historically, with the Stones, their Press Conference is an EVENT IN ITSELF Whether by flatbed truck, train, or Brooklyn Bridge, they make it part of the 'Circus' atmosphere of the start of a Tour. A Rock and Roll circus, per se. I don't think this Press Conference will differ. I can't imagine the standard press conference consisting of a few mics' and questions. I don't think so. I think we are in for a grand entrance, as only the Stones can do. I can hardly wait, just wish I knew where to tune in to see/record it.

Perhaps it's just a bit too unpredictable to risk costly 'empty' airtime whilst we wait for the Stones arrival.
05-06-02 10:25 PM
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