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Topic: Good news from France Return to archive
05-05-02 04:09 PM
L&A I'm sorry to post a message without relation to the Stones board, but I'm really happy that Mr Le Pen and his repugnant fascist ideas were disapproved today by our French neighbours.
Vive la Démocratie !
And now, back to good music...
Luc, from Belgium
05-05-02 05:33 PM
jumpinjackflash59 Thank you Luc, i'm french, i didn't vote for Jacques Chirac on first tour (and of course not for the fascist) but i did it today, and i'm very happy.
05-05-02 09:12 PM
glencar Congrats, France! Chirac's a good guy.
05-05-02 09:44 PM
gotdablouse Actually he's not a "good guy", but there was no choice unfortunately.
You gotta give him tactical credit for starting that whole "insecurity" frenzy on July 14th 2001 and thereby preventing his PM to make it to the second round. He played with fire and now he's got a tall order to face...and few ideas and few good men to come up with a plan...uncertain times ahead for France indeed.
05-05-02 10:01 PM
glencar Actually he is a "good guy" & yes, there was no alternative. Jospin never addressed the internal security/crime problem ("Crime? What crime?") & he paid the price. All's well in France now!
05-06-02 06:08 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Great news for Brits and Yanks buying tickets for Paris. Unlike Le Pen, Chirac will keep them in 'the doomed currency' of the euro and we can use our strong and stable £ and $ to buy nice cheap euro denominated tix and booze in 2003!!
05-06-02 07:09 AM
Maxlugar Yeah man, Europe is headed for a huge disaster.

But luckily, the Stones tour should make it before that happens.

"Lets form not only a welfare state, but a welfare continent, Ronnie!"
05-06-02 09:32 AM
Joey 'Yeah man, Europe is headed for a huge disaster. '

Complete Rubbish Mate .

Tony Blair runs that continent and is the smartest leader the world has ever seen . Ten years from now , Tony Blair will still be Prime Minister and Al Gore will be in his second term .

M. C. "Clubby Bear " Joey

The Joey , C9

05-06-02 12:48 PM
gotdablouse My last post on the topic, but Glencar, if you've been brainwashed to the point of thinking that the exiting government didn't do anything against "insecurity" over the past 5 years (read the papers and you'll see they did) and that by some kind of miracle Chirac (who's been in charge on and off for the past 30 years) will come up with a magic solution, you're in for a BIG BLIMP...sorry disappointment, just like you must have been disappointed by the soon forgotten "fracture sociale" in 1995, but I guess it's easier to believe the propaganda than use your brain.

One quick fact for you, crime as it is accounted for by European statistics is lower in France than in both England and Germany, food for tought no ?
05-06-02 01:35 PM
Scot Rocks Why does everyone in America love President Blair, it is probably because they see more of him than we do as he is always out the country. It would be nice of him to vist sometime and sort out the mess he has created.

BTW well done France for rejecting Le Pen and his evil policies, however I know Chirac is not a knight in shining armour and also you still have the euro!!!!

The Blimp is coming...

05-06-02 02:24 PM
Honky Tonk Man WRONG!!!!! Joey, Tony Blair is a complete arse and cannot be taken seriously. He will not win the next election.

Dubya is also a complete arse. America is the most powerful Country in the world and you have a country music loving, pretzel choking fool of a leader. This jerk has come out with some of the worst and funniest lines ive ever heard. America should be thankful that you have intelligant people in the white house and that this guy doesnt have to make any real decisions himself. I doubt he knows how to work the toilet.

"Most of Americas imports come from other Countries"

That line still cracks me up.

05-06-02 02:46 PM
Maxlugar <"intelligant"

You are a very bright and gifted young boy.

Thanks for giving America a quick lesson in "Intelligance".

Maxy, BL10 + 1 Retarded driver.
05-06-02 03:07 PM
L&A Hey, guys, keep cool, please. Stop that chauvinism, we are all from the same planet, enjoy the same good thinks and listen to the same good music...
05-06-02 06:56 PM
Maxlugar Hey Alex, you cock, do you have a problem with me?

Seems you should get a sense of humor.

It also seems that if you are going to knock someone for their intelligence, you should at least spell "intelligence" Correctly.

Don't get all mad at me for pointing it out.

05-06-02 07:26 PM
Honky Tonk Man Okay Maxlugar, perhaps i am a dummy for my spelling mistakes. I did get two B's in English GCSE, but ive always had a little problem with spelling. Im in a fummy mood tonight and im coughing up flem due to my bad smokers cough. I apologise, but i never intended to upset you in the first place. I just find Bush a comical kind of guy. Hell, the Simpsons ripps it out of guys like him.

So lighten' up you wanker. (Thats a joke)

Are we all square now? I hope so, tommowos the big day and i want to get on with everyone, including you Maxy

05-06-02 07:39 PM
Scot Rocks Dubya is going to be in a upcoming Simpsons episode, where unlike his dad - who fought with Homer - Dubya gets on well with Homer cos he has all the same intrests. The Simpsons are so good!!!!!!!!

Now I am away to eat some Pretzels...

Tipsy McStagger
05-06-02 07:41 PM
Honky Tonk Man Don't choke
05-06-02 08:44 PM
Joey 'Im in a fummy mood tonight and im coughing up flem due to my bad smokers cough. '

Yeah , well at least you don't have 'Agent Orange ' in your lungs like Joey .

Hell , it got so bad in the mid - eighties that I barfed up my stomach lining every time I heard a track off of the " Dirty Work " album .

" Barf on Me Ronnie "

Club " Clubby Bear " Joey

A man who will only see the Stones in Clubs and the " Joe Frazier " of the internet .

" Frazier !?!?!?!?!?! "

05-07-02 07:48 AM
Maxlugar Alex,

I shall send you Maxy originals from the press conference today.

Maxy originals, you say?

Yes Maxy originals. You see, my flem filled pal, I have my digital camera on me today.

I shall take photos and send them your way. Wonderous Blimp photos!


Because I am a man who does not hold a grudge. I'm better than most people that way. And while you wish for the day that I am no longer, I still send them.


Clubby Lugar (The Club Max, C9, aka Clubby Von Lugey Club)

05-07-02 07:56 AM
Honky Tonk Man Well thank you. Your flem filled freind will be very happy if you did that. Thanks

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