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Topic: package deal Return to archive
05-05-02 02:36 PM
FIJI JIM any idea what its going to cost for the package deal for all 3 shows in a city? Just curious to also see how many shows you all been to. Ive been to 40 and hope to hit 50 after this tour. let me know thanks.

05-05-02 03:06 PM
Cardinal Ximinez The package will cost:

A.) Your 1st born child
B.) Your left nut
C.) 1 arm and 1 leg
D.) $10.00 more than you have
05-05-02 03:18 PM
Stonesthrow CJ-- That sounds like discrimination. Just how would a childless, sterile, quadriplegic with $9.00 get tickets?
05-05-02 03:25 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I guess he'll sit at home with all the others who won't be able to afford tickets. And there will be a LOT of those.

You are absolutely right. The prices that we will have to pay will be discriminatory.
05-05-02 05:28 PM
MRD8 I understand the three ticket package to the big cities(NYC, Philly, Chicago etc.) where you get tickets in the top 5% of the venue for all three shows(Stadium, Arena & Club) plus a special party with unnamed "special guests" will set you back $2,000-$2,500...better take out a second mortgage!
05-05-02 05:34 PM
Gazza oh its a package deal for the jet set...and theres me thinking that guaranteeing a ticket this way for the 3 shows was a way of making sure the real fans would have gained access to the theatre shows..

Its a Stones tour - I should have known better,I guess!
05-05-02 05:36 PM
Gazza ...meant to there a package deal where you can get tickets to all 3 shows WITHOUT having to bother with all this "extra" crap? I mean..a package for people who are actually more interested in the concerts than anything else?
05-05-02 05:57 PM
FIJI JIM This is so out of control. How the fuck are the diehards supposed to see more than one show? You know the shirt "who the fuck is Mick Jagger?" I'll tell you who he is, a fucking money hungry asshole who got to big for britches. I saw the who on their last tour and paid around 90 bucks for a show that blew away the last 5 stones shows I saw. Mick cant hang with Daltry and Townshend is by far a better guitarist than Keef and woody combined. I love the stones but enough is enough. Its a fucking rock and roll show. Fuck the big lavish shows. All they need is 5 guys their instruments and a pa system keep the fucking house lights on for all i care. Im there to hear the music from the greatest r-n-r band in the world and thats all i care about. This is bullshit. Sorry for being an asshole but i need to get this off my chest. thanks
05-05-02 06:06 PM
MRD8 The ticket prices on this tour have less to do with Mick than they do Michael Cohl! He has perfected his craft on previous Stones tours and with other bands like U2...he will take the lessons he learned from those tours and apply them to this one! I know how people thought the $250.00 top price for McCartney were outrageous! But the Stones will have a hard time topping his 2 1/2 hour, 37 song setlist! And their top price will be twice as much money...
05-05-02 06:06 PM
FIJI JIM I really didnt mean waht i said about mick and the who blowing away the stones . i just lost my head for a moment . sorry
05-05-02 06:20 PM
Nasty Habits I'm glad to know that many other of my fellow "hard cores" are distressed about how expensive this tour might be. It puts the hurt on all of us who would just love to rock out with our favorite band when everybody else in the world knows them, at least by reputation.

I noticed a bit of inverted (voodoo?) economics when I went to see them in Charlotte on the "No Security" tour. I didn't have a ticket myself - I knew I'd be able to pick something up at the arena. Lots of people seemed to have extra tickets around, thinking they were going to be a hot shit investment - i.e. "I'll scalp this extra ticket and cover the cost of my own". And it was like being at the stock market - you could walk up and down the vast rows of people hawking wares and find out what they had, and pick yer poison. As the Goo Goo Dolls started the bottom quickly started falling out of the market and tickets plummeted from face plus half to face to half of face. I waited until the Goo Goos got done (Post 81 maxim: Always avoid the opening act. Getcher buzzon on der cheap) and got on the floor for forty five bucks.

I was fortunate to see some footage from a '99 second stage and it's a drag to watch the "richers" around the front of the stage blithely and barely clapping along, ignoring When the Whip Comes Down and generally not rocking and rolling -- when tickets are that high, real rock and rollers are going to do their business elsewhere.

Not to knock the financially more fortunate than myself. "Those people" have just as much right to be entertained as I do, but they seem less inclined to sweat.

I'm there, I'm there, I'm there - I'm there at least once - can't help it - the Stones magnet pulls me no matter how I balance the economics/ethics/aesthetics of it all, but I'd be there more in mind/body/spirit if it was less bread.
05-05-02 06:23 PM
Gazza >The ticket prices on this tour have less to do with Mick than they do Michael Cohl! He has perfected his craft on previous Stones tours and with other bands like U2...he will take the lessons he learned from those tours and apply them to this one!

well..firstly U2's tickets were nowhere near as ridiculously priced as the reports we're hearing about these upcoming shows. They ddi have a "golden circle" which was pricey enough,but certainly not on this level.

Does this mean then that Mick,Keith,Ron and Charlie are so spineless and so under the thumb of their promoter that they'll simply go along with whatever ridiculous ticket prices he dreams up? Sorry,but I dont buy that for one minute. Nor do I buy the theory that the only band member at fault for being greedy is Mick. If any of them had any common sense or if any of them lived in the real world they'd know that theres something seriously fucked up when the price of a concert ticket for a two hour show is around the same as that for a return flight from London to New York - think about it that way. No doubt when they're playing theatre gigs on this tour they'll be trotting out the old "this is one for the fans" line (even though most of said "fans" will be either those who have good contacts with the band,record label etc or the lucky few who were able to fork out a couple of grand for three shows just for the chance to see one theatre show)

I dunno..I might be proved wrong but I have a bad feeling about this tour that they might have bitten off more than they can chew this time with their fanbase. Hopefully someone will see sense before these tickets go on sale or that the real information on prices is not quite so horrendous.
05-05-02 06:25 PM
FIJI JIM Right on nasty habits. I was at that char. nc show and paid 60 for a floor seat. Maybe we can get lucky again.
05-05-02 06:35 PM
FIJI JIM Gazza, Your right its not mick, but i wish they would realize that after sept 11th alot of people lost their jobs and the economy in the states right now is shit. Im a physical therapist and make a decent living but I cant see myself spending a couple thousand on three shows either. Hopefully all this is just a dream and tuesday when they confirm everything we will all be happy.
05-05-02 08:28 PM
Scot Rocks This is shit, if the prices are that high they are going to get a hard time off the press, and rightly so. I have never seen the Stones before and since I became a fan just after I listened to my first CD just after the Uk shows around 2 yrs ago, my dream has been to see the Stones live. So I will go and see the stones, no doubt, however i think that 1 or 2 at the max will all I will get too. Do they not realise how expensive this is going to be for some people and a lot of REAL stones fans, it looks like the nearest place the stones will play for me will be Cardiff, you have the travel costs and other shit as well as the ticket as well as the Tshirts etc. It all mounts a rip off. Hopefully these prices are not true.

05-05-02 11:00 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I think Nasty hit the nail on the head. If the prices for tickets get outta site...then just wait til the night of the show...scarf up a ticket from some sucker who took out a second mortage for floor seats. Then eat his lunch and get in for half price.

I've got no qualms about going to a show without tickets. Except for the club dates. I ain't traveling for 3 hours to stand around outside a club. I'd fucking kill someone out of sheer jealousy.

Every single show will get booted, and I'll get to hear it regardless. Not the same as being at a club gig, but it'll do. I'm NOT spending 2 grand to go to a club gig. I'm not spending $500.00 to go to a club gig. Hell, I can go to 3 stadium/arena shows for $500.00. I figure if I manage my money right...I can make 6 shows. I'm not blowing my whole budget on a single show..regardless of how cool it would be to be there.

And you know, I'll bet there's a lot of bad that goes with seeing the Stones in a club. Did you see how packed in people where at the Double Door. Sardine city. Just what I need, to be packed in tight, with a bunch of smelly drunks screaming, "Play Satisfation! WOOOOOO Satisfaction! Fucking Stones!" Nah, I'll pass on that thanks.
05-06-02 12:14 AM
Martha I wonder if with all the collective angst we can overtake the box office and go down front for free...pick the shows and i'm there!

Can't stop the rebel rock n roll fans!

let's GET some satisfaction.

ps i hate fuckin' sardines

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