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Topic: Best Guitar solo's? Return to archive
05-05-02 03:08 AM
woodywoodpecker Best Guitar solo's c'mon guys!
1.Black Limosuine(Ron Wood of Course)
2.You cant always get what you want(Love you Live)
3.Out of tears(Go Woody!)
4.Browm Sugar(Love you live)

Sorry but Mr.Taylor wasnt mentioned!Perhaps he maybe mentioned if it was out of 10!
Ronnie was twice the Stone Taylor ever was!
In this order-Better Guitarist
-Better suited
-Better Haircut

Ronnie on tour 2002!!!
05-05-02 04:00 AM
F505 I agree that Woody did a great job from 1976 until 1981. His guitar solo on You can't always get (love you live) is one of my all times favorites. But Ronnie lost his magic. He hasn't played a decent solo in years. I think he has become lazy. So Ronnie, if you can't rock me somebody will...
05-05-02 07:01 AM
Staffan Jaysus!
I can't agree less.
Have you heard any of Taylor's solos from 72?
or ever heard Get yer ya ya's out?

05-05-02 08:03 AM
Staffan wrote:
I can't agree less.
Have you heard any of Taylor's solos from 72?
or ever heard Get yer ya ya's out?

Yeah ,been a Stones fan forever!
Played guitar 20 years.I dont want to cause a big scene here
but where do you guys get off on taylor so much?
His slide guitar work doesnt come close to Woody's for starters!Exile on main street was mostly keith.So was Ya's Ya's.Cant you hear me knockin(guitar solo)sounds more like Carlos Santana than a Stones riff.
So I'll ask you. Have you listened to Paris 76/love you live
or The Faces for that matter.
Theres plenty more outstanding guitar pieces(Keef/Ron)than Taylor ever accomplished with the Stones.
Ron Wood will and will always be noted as one of the greatest Rock N Rolling guitar players of all time.
Black Limousine Rock's the arse off anything Taylor's done.
Keith once stated that "No-one leaves my band unless its in a coffin"Well he let Taylor go.Probably because he was the only guitar player around when Brian died.Mick & Keith always wanted Woody and they found there man.And put a nail in Taylors coffin for good!
05-05-02 11:22 AM
Mr T No way will Ronnie ever live up to what Mick Taylor did on Ya-Ya's alone. A real shame that only a fraction of his talent got shown on the studio albums
05-05-02 11:27 AM
Mr T I'm not gonna bother to think of 5, but here's my top 3

Rambler -Ya-Ya's
Sympathy - Ya-Ya's
Stray Cat Blues - once again, Ya-Ya's

as you can see, Taylor is Da Man!
05-05-02 03:33 PM
F505 dear woodpecker,

the Wood solo's you mention are with one exception from the 1976-1981 period. Only one top 5 solo (out of tears) in 21 years is not very much. (And in my opinion Out of tears is not a strong example of Woody's solowork.) But nevertheless I think they must keep Wood because Taylor is not the Taylor from the seventies. He has become slow, lazy and lost his interest. Just like Wood...
05-05-02 04:09 PM
Staffan Well, if I could write why I love Taylors playing I would. But it's more of a wonderful feeling that I get when I hear his playing, something few other guitarist can accomplish. And certainly not Woody.
05-05-02 06:22 PM
WahWahWoody Woody is a true Stone, no doubt. And we are all happy to see him with the boys on this tour. But your question was about the best guitar-solos....I could name about 20, all played by MT. There is no doubt about it: MT was the best musician they've ever had. And being a guitarist yourself you should know that. But being a life long Stone is not basically being a brilliant musician. It's a lot more than that, and MT just couldn't make it.
Anyway I still hope that they will have Ronnie in top form AND MT guesting. We would hear a lot more of the songs that we'd all love to hear "live" - Cant' you hear me knocking, Time waits for no one, Sway.....
05-05-02 06:29 PM
Jaxx in no particular order

can't you hear me knocking
100 years ago
2000 man
monkey man
almost hear you sigh
05-06-02 04:15 AM
woodywoodpecker Well how about Atlantic city 89?
Ron played a blinder during this concert.
Anyway I should be the last one to judge guitar players being one myself.They are all unique in their own ways.
But for so long now I have read people critisizing Mr Wood
Wah Wah woody also mentioned he could name 20 Songs Taylor
played solo's on better than Ronnie.Well I could name 20 solo's Woody played better than Taylor. So who's better?
Neither! Its ones individual taste.
Being a guitar player myself I have always loved Ronnies playing and he played a major influence in my style.
And as for Ron being lazy, I saw them in Melbourne Australia
94-95 tour listening to Ronnie with my jaw on the ground.
Cant speak highly enough of Him
(Rocks Off Ronnie)
05-06-02 04:49 PM
Promo Best 3 solos
Sympathy For The Devil(Keef)
05-06-02 05:50 PM
sway 1. Winter
2. Shine A Light
3. Time Waits For No One
4. Tops
5. Angie (Brussels '73)
6. All Down The Line
7. Heartbreaker (Brussels '73)
8. Can't You Hear me Knocking
10.Love In Vain (MSG '72)

Woody's got a better haircut but Taylor's solos can touch the heavens...

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