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Topic: It Makes Me Wonder Return to archive
04-30-02 08:10 AM
Honky Tonk Man Since hearing these Ronnie rumours, how Keith manages to survive. He must be so so unhealthy. It would be unatural for him not to be. Hes kicked drugs, but obvsiously still wets his whistle for the press because hes always half gone. I think he may of cut down on the smoking which is a good thing. He seems to have a ciggie dangling alot less these days. For Ronnie its getting worse!!! Ive always though Keith must have a special smoking permit for going on tv. Considering that most shows dont allow to smoke
04-30-02 08:35 AM
SatisfactionUK Smoking permit? I think he just goes in and lights up and no one dares say anything because he is the human Riff!! How he is still alive is a mystery to me too...he needs to get in better shape with his lungs and the vodka because as he approaches sixy these things will start coming down on him. Thats one theory, theory number two is that Keith has already died, and somehow been resurrected with Voodoo...and he will never die. I think he buys the second one himself.
04-30-02 10:24 AM
alter ego actually i'm stoned in australia but i forgot my password so i had to re register

remember though, that drugs (particularly from a psychological perspective but also but perhaps less so from a physical one are, in many ways, benign... it all depends on whose taking them...

it reminds me of an article i read in "musician" where the rev. charles m. young ( & i've just gone to try and find the sucker so i can quote directly but i can't... for the moment at least -it's here somewhere- find it)

anyway, the rev. compared keith to a buddhist monk (whose name escapes me) who , after years in the monastary, getting is head in the right place, was able then to live a life of "unlimited action" the particulars of which are remarkably similiar to the behaviour keith is notorious for... wandering the earth and getting into adventures, staying up for days, indulging in stimulants and intoxicants at a level not thought possible... surrendering his life to his senses... and all the while producing great art at a staggering level of creativity and insight...

but, as this monk pointed out, you have to be ready for it or else it will simply burn you out... very quickly

now IMHO (& others i might add) a lot of this is down to someones physical make-up (& KR. has, reportedly, made comments to that effect, acknowledging he is blessed with a strong constitution) but the state of mind needed to handle the emotional rollercoaster ride that such a life brings on is just as important... my point being that physically strong people might be able to take a lot of drugs but do they get anything done while they are on them?...)

kr is only human, of course, and i reckon even he probably kids himself on a few things..but , and i think the reason he has so many admirers and that those admirers are so staunch, is that he comes across (at least), to me and i know to others particularly those who actually know him (or so I'm given to believe),as a straightup , honest man with a mind relatively unhindered by preconceptions (i.e. very zen... )

the thing is he has always seemed to stay purely into the music... the sound... the feel... he has stuck to that

and this isn't just MO (humble or otherwise) - check out (if you haven't already and my apologies to those who already have) Mojo's 100th edition
(March 2002)... a whole gang of people (mostly the usual suspects) are asked to name their hero... two or three nominate iggy pop and then iggy gets his choice and he is the only one to go with kr (johnny marr almost does then turns all grown up and names Aldous Huxley... Billy Bragg got it right on the literary score with George Orwell... excuse me... drifting of the stones content there)

anyway,this is what Iggy had to say (in part)

"For my hero, I'm sticking with Keith Richards. He's my hero because he stayed consistent and stayed ON POINT (my emphasis) in the way that the real fine musicians, back when music wasn't so money infected, did. You just don't get many people who stay that on point... If you have to have a hero, that's a good solid one to have."

keith chose muddy waters...interestingly,mick went for chuck berry ... and for you dylan fans nick cave's take on his bobness is more than just good... Bo Diddley's choice was great... he nominated himself...

i digress...

ultimatley, though, this speculation is a little pointless as another (whose name also escapes me at the moment) said "don't trust the artist... trust the art..."

as to the smokes i recall an interview with keith where he complained that rock photographers were trying to kill him because they all wanted him to use endless cigarettes as props... as two others said (and this time i can remeber their names!! N.Whitfield & B.Strong) "believe half of what you see... and none of what you hear")

and, finally, i'd say, at least judging by his recent output (or lack thereof), that he is taking it relatively easy these days..

and to all of you who have read this screed,and hopefully you have HTM because you asked the question, thanks for taking the time to read it and i hope you got something out of it (no pun intended ha ha)thanks...

04-30-02 10:38 AM
Cant Catch Me Anybody who's Iggy's hero is my hero too! Iggy's actually comparable to Keith in terms of intensity of feeling and not holding anything back. Although Iggy's nowhere as consistent as the Stones, or even Keith solo.

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