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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: Todays header pic ==> Tour Logo Return to archive
04-29-02 06:56 PM
Honky Tonk Man Is this official? Looks very nice. Though shouldnt it say 2002/2003 world tour? That makes me think it isnt. I love the new tounge designs too
04-29-02 07:18 PM
Gazza Yeah its official..we DO get kind folks "in the know" who send us these kind of things!

see your point about "2002" - maybe its just aimed at the opening leg of the tour though,so dont worry..just save yer pennies for Earls Court in August next year,you might need them !!(5 shows???)
04-29-02 10:36 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This is the reference header, now we are using the tongues for "post" and "reply" based on the first tongue.

Thanks Bob! (aka MRD8)
04-30-02 07:57 AM
Honky Tonk Man 5 Shows at Earls Court? i will have to save. Ive never been there, so i take it its quite a small venue? Any ideas on where else they may play Gazaa? Im sure somewhere like Shepards Bush is on the cards, but how about places like Wembley Arena and Docklands Arena. Oh and Gazza, what seats did you manage to get for the Dylan shows? I must admit, i just clicked on anything, but i think i chose okay

04-30-02 02:30 PM
Gazza Have heard no other gossip about any other UK venues (other than the old Glastonbury story,which I personally doubt anyway..)....I hope they dont use the fact that theres no suitable stadiums within London to justify charging the sort of prices that Madonna got away with last might rebound on them.

Of the dates and rumours Ive seen mentioned (and Ive only seen the same as most of the rest of you),London appears to be the last city listed of the tour,but obviously its far too early to presume that will definitely be the case.

Earls Court is an exhhibition centre and isnt designed for rock n roll shows. However its the biggest indoor venue in London (I guess it holds about 12,000 seated - maybe as much as 18,000 if you use standing room only on the floor..)
Never been there myself,I must admit but it doesnt have the best reputation for views and acoustics. The Stones shows there in 1976 had bad acoustics,but thats 26 years ago. It did host Dylan's legendary return to London in 1978 after twelve years(and 1981 too)I know Oasis did a few high profile shows there a few years ago and Springsteen did a 4-night stand there in '99. I dont recall hearing too many horror stories about the sound on those shows so hopefully its improved.

The good thing about it if youre coming from overseas is that unlike Wembley its right in the middle of London with easy access by public transport and close to most of the main sights and hotels. "Sticky Fingers" for example is only a couple of stops away on the Tube.

Alex - I got pretty good seats for both Dylan shows in London next weekend (May 11 & 12)..the 2nd night especially (9th row). Thankfully Bob and his people ensure that the fan magazines get a priority ticket application ! Hopefully see you there for a pint before the show!
04-30-02 02:40 PM
MRD8 I saw Dylan here in Florida in January and he is playing better than ever! Been watching his setlists in Europe and he's been pulling out lots of great stuff...including Subterranean Homesick Blues! He changes his setlist by about seven songs a night...kinda like Springsteen does...could you imagine if the Stones did that?
04-30-02 03:09 PM
Stones I am hoping The Stones change the set lists alot and play stuff they haven't played the last few tours. I could do without IORR. Hopefully they play songs from the albums they put out after Tattoo You. I think She Was Hot would be great, or just about any song off of Undercover or Voodoo Lounge would be a "treat". They would be smart to pick songs from Dirty Work , Steel Wheels and Bridges To Babylon too. If it is the same songs from the last 3 - 4 tours with one new one I will be dissapointed. The problem is that they could play for days straight with all the great songs they have and still leave some out that would really work well live.
04-30-02 05:36 PM
Honky Tonk Man Yeah Gazza, the pint sounds good. Your buying because im sure you have more money then me. The Civil Service doesn't pay that great. See you then hopefully


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