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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: I Dont Want Taylor!!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2
04-29-02 10:57 AM
Honky Tonk Man I will be very dissapointed if Taylor plays with the Stones on the tour. A couple of dates as a guest would be okay, but no more. He isnt a member of the band, he was only a member for some 4 or 5 years. Ronnies been with them officially for 26 years now. They gotta stand by him, Taylor doesnt evan look like a Stone, he too fat!!! I have a tape of a Taylor live show, i dont know when it dates from but its terrible. I dont doubt he can still play well. I know this has been talked about before, but the Stones play very differently to how they played when M
04-29-02 11:01 AM
jb You are a delusional HonkyTonk Man-Mick Taylor was /is the greatest thing to happen to the stones with the exception of Mick and Keith bumping into each other as kids !
04-29-02 11:16 AM
gypsymofo60 Wouldn't it be great if The Stones toured as a basic nucleus of Jagger, Richards, Watts, & Wood, but utilised Taylor.They could all share guitar/bass duties, to a certain extent. And as I've heard it rumoured have a selection of guests, but have them take a more active role in each of the shows. You know people like Clapton, Cray, the guitar god,Townshend. Now that I would mortgage the house for!.......Let it loose!
04-29-02 11:45 AM
Scot Rocks The Stones with Clapton, Pete Townshend and others...i'm drooling already!!!!!

However I don't want this to turn to much into an excibition, I still want to see the stones on their own doing their own fantastic R&R, maybe if they limited it to some of the songs at the Stadium shows.

04-29-02 12:19 PM
gypsymofo60 wrote:
Wouldn't it be great if The Stones toured as a basic nucleus of Jagger, Richards, Watts, & Wood, but utilised Taylor.They could all share guitar/bass duties, to a certain extent. And as I've heard it rumoured have a selection of guests, but have them take a more active role in each of the shows. You know people like Clapton, Cray, the guitar god,Townshend. !

see? there you go. now wouldn't that be some guitar bashing headbangers ball? count me in. i'm loving this scenario and your choice of guests. lets add some women like bonnie raitt and chrissey hines.
04-29-02 12:37 PM
nankerphelge Not for me thanks -- I want the Stones, not some hybrid bastardized All-Stars screwing up my tour. If I want to see Clapton, I'll go see Clapton. If I wanna see Pete, I'll go see Pete.

I would like to see the Stones -- just the STones, nothing but the Stones. They want Taylor to play a few, I got no problem with that -- he once was a Stone and no one can ever take that from him even though he quit.

But aside from that, the rest of those guys can get in fucking line just like me...
04-29-02 01:01 PM
Lazy Bones I wouldn't mind a guest player! But not on vocals. Take St. Louis, 12.12.97 for example; Dave Matthews alternating verses with Mick - I'd be pissed. Stones classics by the Stones is what I pay to see. Throw in a guest guitarist, as an addition, that's a nice treat.
04-29-02 01:34 PM
RonniesDarling MICK TAYLOR THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO THE STONES????I just have to say you are so wrong. Ronnie has been with the stones way longer than Mick Taylor, he looks like a stone, he acts like a stone, Ronnie Wood was destined to be a stone. He's stood by them and has never let them down, Mick taylor on the other hand, didn't he quit on them?

Sure Ronnie has had his problems but so has everyone else I say Long live Ronnie Wood!

04-29-02 02:05 PM
Honky Tonk Man Thats my point. Ronnies a Stone. More people out there have heard of Ronnie then Mick Taylor
04-29-02 02:06 PM
Larry Dallas I've only known Ronnie as a Stone. We also need to consider ticket prices here. How much would they shoot up if they had to prepare the pre-show buffet for Mick Taylor?
Maybe Krispy Kreme could sponsor the outing.
04-29-02 02:12 PM
Honky Tonk Man wrote:
I will be very dissapointed if Taylor plays with the Stones on the tour.

I like Ronny, but I would be dissapointed if a fifty some year old recovering alcoholic plays on the tour cause his gonna sound like shit.
04-29-02 02:54 PM
WahWahWoody The moment this news becomes true would change everything. It wouldn't be the same band, it wouldn't be the same tour, what would it be ????
04-29-02 03:09 PM
gypsymofo60 Don't take this the wrong way America, but you are spoilt for seeing these people on a fairly constant basis. This will be the 40th anniversary tour if it happens! now Jagger has always been at pains not to or to avoid rehashing the same old show night after night, throughout the tour . Having a large entourage of guests would be a marvelous way for the group to kiss us goodbye as The Stones at least. It may even keep the rest of the band on thier toes. As for Mick Taylor, well Ronnie may have been destined to be a Stone, but no more so than Taylor ,and Taylors magical note weaving is still something to behold whenever I put Sticky Fingers, Exile, Or Goats Head on. Getting Woody & Taylor + a bevvy of friends on stage night after night, never knowing who would be doing what, just might make it The Greatest Rock n' Roll Tour, by the Greatest Rock n' Roll Band for all time.......Is everybody ready?- Well it's The biggest band!....
04-29-02 03:12 PM
TT As I posted on IORR before:

No Ronnie, no tour for me.

This fucking lineup (J, R, W, W, W) was my life. Wyman left and I still was there. Though Iīm missing him. I couldnīt bear if Woody would leave.

All this scenario with Taylor/Greatest Hits/ Box Set/guest stars turns out to be a shameful retro tour. Maybe itīs a good point to stop. Sorry to say that.

04-29-02 03:56 PM
Joey Many of you people have no idea how great Mick Taylor is playing these days ...............

My goal this year is to see them in a nice club setting . I wonder how much tickets will be for the Vic in Chicago ? I seriously doubt they will play any other clubs in the MidWest .

Wow , think of it , THE Rolling Stones , together again with Mick Taylor , playing in a nice club setting ........Oh My God ....poem alert ....Go NOW !!!!!

" Mick Taylor 's fingers , they make me quiver when they deliver , I cry a river with my Gin-Soaked liver , whilst the notes they slink and they slither ."

-- Thank You

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-- music by The Joey
-- string arrangements by The Joey
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" And never be afraid to dream big dreams for as you dream so shall you become "

-- Walt Whitman ( 1988 )

04-29-02 04:08 PM
the lepper Mick Taylor was the best thing to ever happen to the Stones' music...The batch of records they made during his stint in the band were by far the best hands down. And he did USE TO look like a Rolling Stone. Ronnie always looked like a Rolling Stone, but the musicianship always came second IMO. Ronnie also brought his own thing to the band, to his credit. If MT could get his own act together, I'd love to hear him with the boys again. I just hope it isn't at the expense of Ron's ill health. This is really quite disturbing and intriguing at the same time. It's got to have Mick in a tizzy being the control freak he is. Bottom line is: GETTING OLD SUCKS!!!!!
04-29-02 04:30 PM
T&A Getting old does, indeed, suck, until you consider the alternative.
04-29-02 04:42 PM
Staffan ... Ronnie looks like a Stone, behaves like a Stone.
It's ridiculous!!! What about PLAY LIKE A STONE???
What about Love in Vain from 72, Midnight Rambler from 73?
I thought the Stones got their reputation from their music and not from looking cool.
Can't you see the connection to the Britney Spears phenomen?
"She's good cause she looks so good" "Ronnie should be in the Stones cause he looks like a Stone".
Think twice my Stonesian brothers and sisters.
04-29-02 05:49 PM
TT Hey Staffan,

Ronnie plays like a STONE.

Listen to the 75/76 bootlegs (Wild Horses Knebworth!!!), 1978 was a gas with him, and 81/82 are really good tours.

Even nowadays he plays like a Stone. Heīs leans back as keith does. So donīt blame him for less ambition when the others join him.
04-29-02 08:40 PM
MRD8 I need to step forward here and put the brakes on all these wild rumors that have surfaced in the last few source had told me last week that Ronnie was ill...possibly cirrosis(which wouldn't be shocking!) and that Mick(Jagger) was concerned that he couldn't make the touir and wanted a replacement in the wings just in case...he said the guitarist they had in mind was Jeff Beck, not Mick Taylor! He did say that MT would play a few shows with them during the course of the tour...he said maybe the PPV's(there'll be PPV's in the U.S....South America...Europe and Japan, maybe more!) If this rumor is true wouldn't the media be ALL over it? If Ronnie does indeed need a liver transplant, or have cancer as one of the more far out theories suggests do you think the Stones would replace him and go ahead and tour with somebody else? The ammount of negative publicity a move like this would generate is something nobody in the band would want...think how heartless it would be for them to tour if Ronnie were ill/dying!
04-29-02 11:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Staffan brings up Mick Taylor's playing in '72-'73, which was indeed great. HOWEVER, and people who have seen him play lately will attest, Mick Taylor does not play that way anymore. He can still play, when he feels like it, but he doesn't even come close to approaching what he did circa 1972/73. NONE of the Stones play like that anymore, except for, perhaps, Charlie.

So if indeed, MT does play with the Stones again on this tour, I hope some of you have not set yourselves up for a big letdown. It won't be Ladies and Gentlemen all over again. If that's what you are expecting, you are gonna be very disappointed.
04-30-02 01:14 AM
Staffan Well, we haven't heard him play any of the songs he played back then, so we don't knoe how he would play on them!
Except You gotta move and CYHMK, which he plays gorgeous.
04-30-02 07:42 AM
Maxlugar Holy shit! Is Jeff Beck really being considered?

Sweet merciful mother of baby jesus! I love it!!!!


All he has to do is pick his spots and not be all over the place and this would be totally unbelieveable!

Listen to his CD Crazy Legs. It's all rockabilly with Jeff being nice and laid back until the solo comes up. He can still play in a group.

Oh shit do I hope this will happen!

Maxlugar - A man who loves Jeff Beck.
04-30-02 11:24 AM
gypsymofo60 To MRD8, heartless? does the name Brian Jones ring any bells?
04-30-02 11:33 AM
gypsymofo60 Cardinal, what you say is true but, the guys have IMHO been going through the motions live for a very long time. Jagger more or less alluded to the fact in an Australian interview some 13 years ago! I gave up expecting 1973 years ago. Now I'll take whatever they've got to give, but I still say an expanded guest list city to city would be an unforgettable way to end thier live career as a band......It's only Rock n'Roll but I like it!
04-30-02 11:55 AM
MRD8 Gypsymofo60,
The difference between Ronnie and Brian is that Brian had quit the band before his was long before but he left of his own free will! If Ronnie is indeed ill and they forced him out just so they could tour and make millions of dollars the negative publicity would overwhelm the couldn't go on! Mick is the consumate businessman, he knows what the backlash would be! Ronnie will be there with them a week from today...
04-30-02 12:30 PM
gypsymofo60 MRD8, Brian never left the band, they slung his hook for him. He was in no condition to tour on the strength of Banquet, or as it was eventually agreed by the band to remain a Stone. Even Charlie and Bill have repeatedly said that this was the case. The press and public alike said that performing at Hyde Park so soon after Jones's demise would be tantamount to musical suicide for the band. They survived that little drama, and thier popularity if anything increased.Ronnie aint even dead! if he is ill and they tour without him, the sun will still rise tomorrow. .....It's still only Rock n' Roll!
04-30-02 01:34 PM
Vile Dance What difference does it make???
Bring 'em all.
04-30-02 03:07 PM
nankerphelge wrote:
Not for me thanks -- I want the Stones, not some hybrid bastardized All-Stars screwing up my tour.

this is such a ~DRASTIC~ comment! we're talking guest appearences here, not backup band status! shit, if woody's frail, lets get the guy some backup. lets get him THE BEST backup. clapton, townsend, add beck, and lofgren. whoever, whenever....whatever. anything to make this stinkin' tour happen.
04-30-02 06:17 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Sorry Jaxx, but I agree with Nanky...

The Stones don't work well with others, IMO. I haven't heard very many good collaborations from "special guests". At least none that I would say "Oh man, thank GOD I was here to see this!" Some things have been "OK", but no better. They've already played with Clapton, and it wasn't anything to rave about...Hell, they even played with Bob Dylan, and it wasn't anything to get excited about.

I'm maxxing my credit cards to see the Stones. I don't need Dave friggin' Matthews screwing up "Wild Horses" for that shit for the PPVs.

Here's hoping that they forget to invite Chuck Leavell this time!
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