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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: SNL/SFJ Return to archive
04-28-02 09:59 PM
Tom From SFJ

Tuesday 4.30 7pm est - Oct.1978 Stones on Snl

Link includes video of shattered

04-28-02 10:52 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Funny this should come up now...they replayed the recent Jagger appearance on SNL last night.

Mick was great in the skits...especially in the Donnatella Versace/Karl Lagerfeld skit. Really funny. "Your bitch mirror is facing MY bitch mirror so you are seeing bitch infinity!"

I thought maybe some time would mellow my feelings about those solo songs...not. They still sounded like banal fluff to me. His performances seemed really forced to me. Almost unnatural.

I hope he feels more at ease with his REAL bandmates.
04-28-02 11:09 PM
the lepper No shit Cardinal- I doubt Mick n' Keef even write songs together anymore. I hope Mick didn't show up in Jamaica with some godawful drums n' bass groove track that he wants on the new record. I too thought godess was very uninspired.
04-29-02 02:23 AM
gypsy Let's see...who all did Mick need help from on his album?
Pete Townshend
Lenny Kravitz
Rob Thomas
He's just like Marianne Faithfull in that sense...they have to have all these other musicians to help them on their albums...
04-29-02 11:35 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Yeah, but see, Mick doesn't NEED all those other people! If he would just be Mick, instead of what he thinks that other people think Mick should be, we'd have had a much better album. Instead we got a very mundane record that panders to an audience that cares more about 'NSync, than they do about Mick Jagger. Mick went after the wrong crowd in search of commercial success, and it bit him in the ass.

Mick is a wonderful songwriter, and a talented musician. He has it in him to make fantastic music...he just needs to let himself do it, and not worry about his "target audience".
04-29-02 12:30 PM
Maxlugar Here I go again.....but I can't help it.

I can think of only two songs that were aimed at the younger of the young target that is ALWAYS in their sights:

Gun and Visions of Paradise. I think you can find a couple of songs off any Stones album that was aimed at the youngsters. Mick likes to add a few new things. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Most of this album is clearly a self help project for Mick. He had lost his girl and his mother and I find these songs dripping in heart break and reflection.

Then you have Everybody Gettin High and God Gave Me Everything which would fit on any Stones album.

I love my C9 brother Xims, but no one will ever convince me that Dancing in the Starlight, Hide Away, Too Far Gone, Brand New Set of Rules, Goddess in the Doorway, Joy and Don't Call Me Up were aimed at the N*SYNC crowd. Joy and Goddess are newish sounding but much more adult thinking.

I put it on Saturday night after a long day of yard work with a glass of wine. I skipped to all the mellow songs and had a fully enjoyable listening experience. And I know that is just my opinion but I really don't see this as aimed at the teeny boppers. It clearly failed but I don't think that is why. I think the public at large just does not care about Mick Jagger on his own. He is a vital cog in the classic car that is known as The Rolling Stones. That is all the general public wants to see his as. God bless them, they're right. But I don't see why people would actually hate Goddess. The Stones are now beyond breaking up and any solo stuff is not going to push back anything anyway. This band is like the 7 year locust. They are about to crawl out of their hole right on time. They will cover our bodies and devour us alive. Ripping our flesh and leave our bones to bleach in the sun. Then they go away for a long time and allow our flesh to grow back for the next killing. Goddess will not and has not prevented this.

Anyone see any blimps coming? (Besides Mick Taylor, that is?)

Maxlugar - God-like Poster.
04-29-02 01:05 PM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
If he would just be Mick, instead of what he thinks that other people think Mick should be,

funny you should say that. i was thinking as i watched him that he looked like a charicature of himself....too much makeup, too forced and yeah, the band was, well..what can i say? it leaved ~something~ to be desired.
04-29-02 01:12 PM
Maxlugar That performance was horrible. He is totally forced.

They played it on the radio that next day and it sounded great though.

Anyway, I wish Mick would go back to that relaxed groove he had in '69 and '72.

I don't think I want to see him move so much anymore.
04-29-02 01:13 PM
T&A Maxy:

Excellent points and ones I completely agree with. GITD has it's faults, true, but I think that too many people associate commercial success (or lack thereof) with artistic success. I think GITD largely succeeds on the latter. Time will tell, of course. In 10 years, though, I suspect I will spin GITD at least as often as Wandering Spirit.

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