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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: More info about the album-tour Return to archive
04-28-02 12:37 AM
Soldati This is from very reliable source:

Mick Jagger & Keith Richards passed the last week of February and the first of March writing 4 or 5 songs for a future album ('Greatest Hits') in Ocho Rios (Keiths studio). 'High and Low' (Keith) is very probable that is in the album. The process went similar to when they recorded 'Steel Wheels' in January of 1989.
The band will meet at the end of May and principles of June to record these songs, the presence of Ronnie is not safe (Jagger has doubts about Woddy). MICK DOESN'T WANT TO RECORD A COMPLETE NEW ALBUM (he only wanted to record only 2 songs). The shows in stadiums will be spectacular (Mick thinks in 3 scenarios!!!)
He is thinking a tour with a great quantity of guests on where the only musicians that will be in all the shows will be Mick, Keith & Charlie (we make speculations about Wyman, Taylor, Woody...)

There is a possibility that they record new versions of outtakes songs as the impressive 'Fiji Jim'.
If this idea (of Keith) prospers we will have a new Tattoo You that will mix songs like 'Fiji Jim' (Version 2002) with 'High and Low', for example.

These doubts sure will be clarified May 7 in an "IMPRESIVE" Press Conference.
04-28-02 12:52 AM
gotdablouse from SFM:
"KYW 1060 AM, an award-winning Philadelphia news radio station reported that when Mick and Keith were in Jamaica last month they were working in the studio. Other sources report that the Rolling Stones will go in to the studio to record four new song for a new album to be released this September before their tour begins in Philadelphia.

Word has it that many of the songs the Stones will be releasing this September were recorded over the past dozen years or so and the band mixed many of them just before the No Security Tour in 1999. This evolving project should be a great hit album that will top the charts!"

Doesn't make a lot of sense...either it's the rehashed 1999 "Memory Motel" with a few more tracks or ti's a greatest hits album...not both !

It's interesting that "High or Low" wasn't deemed good/finished enough for Sheryl Crow's album (not sure I believe her though 'cause she would probably have sold her soul to have a Jagger/Richards track on her CD) but could be on the new one.

Another thread mentioned a new album AFTER the tour. How likely is it that they can't be bothered to record a new album before a ww tour, something Mick's always been adamant about (not wanting to be an oldies act) but they'd somehow be able to muster enough energy and motivation to put it out after the tour ?! Not likely.

We should know on May 7th !

If it's a greatest hits album, I'll probably be saving my hard earned cash. That would make it clear that it's just for the money and that ain't the Stones...
[Edited by gotdablouse]
04-28-02 10:25 AM
Gazza I cant imagine they WONT have the same second guitar player regularly throughout the tour..makes no sense from a professional standpoint...this is the Stones,not a pick up band - they dont get on a stage unless theyre well rehearsed. You cant do that with people who just drift in and out of the tour - it can be done for a few songs maybe but not on a 2 hour stadium show every night. Maybe they have the idea of a "sideman" guitarist to double up on a nightly basis just in case Woody isnt well enough to make the tour - after all,hes just out of the clinic - only time will tell if he will be fully recovered or not,but the early signs are encouraging. I 'm sure he'll be there!

Im a bit amazed that after 5 years since a Stones album, that Keith's vocal contribution may well be a reworked leftover from five years ago!! The rest of the band have been more active (release and concert wise) in the last 3 years than him and we know he HAS been working on stuff at home...surprised THAT hasnt taken more precedence

04-28-02 12:21 PM
Vacendak Gazza makes sense. First of all, it would be quite difficult for a "hired hand" guitarist to learn all the Stones' songs that the band would select a setlist from for each gig. With the numerous "surprise" songs they've dusted the cobwebs from occasionally on the last couple tours, which may be done even more on this "40th aanniversary" rumble, who knows how many songs they'd have to learn. Forty? Fifty? Sure, most professional (and even amateur) guitarists already would know some of the songs, they're almost a required learning if you learn to play. But they'd also have to grasp the new stuff, from Steel Wheels numbers to the three or four rumored tunes on the upcoming package. Actually the larning of the songs would be the easy part. Then they would have to learn how to mesh with Keith. I can just picture it, just like when stubborn ol' Chuck was pissin' Keith off when they were rehearsing "Carol" in "Hail, Hail Rock and Roll." "No, that's not it, son. If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right. Here, let me show you..." Man! THAT LOOK Keith had on his face when he looked away.... I don't think even Jagger's gotten one of those looks before! (Maybe in the "One Hit" video.) But at this point, I don't know if Keith would have to patience to "train" someone to take Ronnie's spot, nor would he want to. Keith and Ronnie are buds, probably tighter than Keith and Mick have ever been. No matter how low Ronnie's part is in the mix, he's still Keith's main henchman....
04-28-02 12:34 PM
Scot Rocks No Ronnie

As that famous literary genius Arnold Schwarzenegger once said

"Don't be ridiculous!!!!"


"I will be back!!!!!!"

04-28-02 06:40 PM
TT >the presence of Ronnie is not safe (Jagger has doubts about Woddy).<

Even if this is half true: its a shame and shows how loyal Jagger is to his bandmates if they have problems (remember Keith 1977).

The more the rumours/the truth gets in shape the more Im not interesting in whats gonna happen. Three Stones only and the rest on stage are puppets on a string? 4 new songs on greatest hits album? Blah.

Im really afraid of losing touch with MY band.

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