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Topic: Keith, and Britt Bashing Return to archive
04-27-02 03:25 PM
Honky Tonk Man Ive just been reading through the archives on this great board and i came across a post by some guy asking why Keith spends nearly all his time in the US, It then sprawled into a "I hate the Britts, Americas better" affair. Heres my view.

Keith lives in America because its a great place. Its on such a vast scale. Its just quite simpley a great place. Though ive heaerd that where he lives is just full of old folks? Anyho, it has nothing to do with him prefering Americans or the such, as i think Gazza poiinted out, hes had a problem with brittish taxes and so on. He still has Redlands. I remember rading in the newspaper about a year ago how he was very concerned about that area. Something to do with trees or something. Personally, i couldnt give a damn to where the fuck he lives. Some of you (Mr Maxlugar) are obvsiously so proad that hes choses your country to live in. If we were going to talk like that, all id have t say is that "Keiths Brittish" He comes from Kent!!!, get over it!!!" But, im not like that, so i dont know why you or anyone else on this board. Look at people like Marko, hes from Finland, Keith doesnt have any connections with that country (or does he?) I bet Marko couldnt care less.

Has it ever occured to those who Americans who blurt out "USA USA" that errm....., you were once Brittish, or errm from Europe. Thats why so many of you have foreign surnames. Just think about it. Despite all this, im not a particulary patriotic person. He he, i will tell you what. I work for the Passport Offie (Gazza can vouch for that) A little while ago Jaggers passport came in for renural ,wouldnt it be funny if wiped all his data. Can be done you know.

Anyway, i dont want to make any enemies by what ive said, Americas a great places, so England and so are the Stones. (Britts or Yanks, doesnt matter)


God Save the Queen, "The Facist Regeime"
04-27-02 07:53 PM
gypsy Huh? I didn't know people were bashing Britney Spears on this board...
04-27-02 09:05 PM
Scot Rocks We have both got our good points and bad points...however i am very drunk so i can't be bothered listing them...we all like the greatest band in the lets just chill on both sides of the pond put on Still Life and thank God that everyone in the world can listen to

04-27-02 09:42 PM
Cardinal Ximinez What I'd like to know is why is this being brought up again?

That thread died and was buried, as it should have...why dredge it back up now? It was a stupid thread then, and time hasn't changed a thing.

Why couldn't you guys have just let well enough alone?
04-27-02 11:58 PM
gypsy Well, I was just making light of the thing to assuage others' tempers, Cardinal. Am I forgiven?
04-28-02 02:10 AM
Stonesthrow HTM-- What did you hope to accomplish with that post?
04-28-02 01:50 PM
gypsy Maybe he thought Keith would move back to England...
04-28-02 07:46 PM
Cardinal Ximinez gypsy, I wasn't talking about you. I was basically talking to HTM. No use bringing up ugly ancient history.
04-29-02 02:27 AM
gypsy I knew you weren't talking about me, Cardinal.
04-29-02 05:16 AM
Honky Tonk Man No Keiths better of in Coneticat. As i said though, he spends about two weeks in England a year. Basically hes in America because its a nice place. I suppose you know, hed lived in England for what? 29 years? Hed seen it all. I wanna do the same someday

04-29-02 09:20 AM
jb I've said it a million times, the Brits attitude toward our heroes is disgusting! 99.9% of Brits not only hate the stones,but they go out of their way to put them down.Thank god for America were the Stones legend started and remains steadfast.
04-29-02 09:28 AM
Scot Rocks need to dignify that with an answer.
04-29-02 10:39 AM
Honky Tonk Man JB, you stupid cocksucker, your obvsiously a complete moran who cant get it up!!!congratulations, youve just prooved your a complete tosser. The Stones Legend didnt start in America, America helped the Legend for sure. For christs sake, Americas great, but Americans like you are most definantly not. I can garantee you that The Stones will most definantly not agree with you on that one.
04-29-02 10:51 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Now, do you see why it was stupid to flog this dead horse?

This whole thread should get deleted IMO.
04-29-02 10:52 AM
TomL Boys, boys, boys. Can't we all get along. One mission, one goal, STONES. I've been in both places, there both great. Don't tread on us baby. USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA.
04-29-02 11:12 AM
Honky Tonk Man USA USA USA for sure. Besides. UK, UK ,UK, doesnt have the same ring to it. I like the States and Americans except that looser JB. He obvsiousley was experemented on as a baby.
04-29-02 01:29 PM
gypsy Cardinal, this entire thread should be deleted solely for the amount of spelling errors...
04-29-02 03:23 PM
gypsymofo60 I know You want this thread ended but, there is a mind set in Britain that tends to ignore not only The Stones but many of the great 60s & 70s bands that were originaly from Britain, don't ask me why I have no idea but I saw it whenever I have gone home to Britain, As for Keith, he has always had a much greater love affair w/ America than the rest of the band, it comes from British children during the war seeing America as one huge Disney land or Rock n' roll heaven/ hamburger drive-in. Britain always has to be seen to be you know up with what's hot. They strangle thier real talent with absolute rubbish that seems Oh! so hype. By the way before you Brits attack me I was born in London.
04-29-02 03:40 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah, who are these "Britt" people anyway...

04-29-02 03:52 PM
jb HonkTonk Man-it is easy to call me names via the anonimity of the internet. While you may disagree strongly with what I said, you personal attacks on me and my family are not appreciated.
04-29-02 05:04 PM
Gazza >I've said it a million times,

yeah you have and it got tedious after the first time...

>the Brits attitude toward our heroes is disgusting! 99.9% of Brits not only hate the stones,but they go out of their way to put them down. thats about 58 we have nothing better to do with our daily lives than to do that. How well thought out. Youre a xenophobic idiot,and you have a real nerve whingeing when someone atacks you for posting crap like that.

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