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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: Is this real? Ronnie not to play in this tour!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2
04-27-02 11:18 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl From our friends at Le Club des Stones in France (with thanks to Chris for the heads up

Les Rolling Stones donneront une conférence de presse le 7 mai aux Etats-Unis pour annoncer leur tournée américaine. La première date serait Boston, le 4 septembre. De plus, l'état de santé de Ron Wood, sorti récemment de clinique, laisse penser qu'il ne fera pas parti de la tournée, et serait remplacé par un guitariste encore inconnu. Pour plus de détails, sur la prochaine tournée, vous pouvez consulter notre dossier spécial.

The first date is ok as the press conference to announce the tour is on May 7th but the tour starts on September 3rd.

But the bad news (I have not heard from other sources yet) is that Ronnie won't play and that he would be replaced by a still unknown guitarist.

Is this real? I cannot figure out the Stones without Ronnie!!
04-27-02 11:26 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! Just relax, take a big hit off of a spliff and put on some Stones. Ronnie will be there!
04-27-02 11:59 AM
Scot Rocks This can't be true!! surely Ron will be there and before anyone starts Mick Taylor will not replace him.
04-27-02 12:47 PM
hayo very very unbelievable!

If these rumours are trough:

1. No new album before the the tour
2. A "greatest hits" tour
3. No Ronnie this time

What kind of a tour is this gonna be !?

04-27-02 12:49 PM
hayo sorry for the misspeld words guys!,

It was written in the spur of the moment
04-27-02 01:00 PM
MRD8 RELAX! Ronnie is as intricate a part of the Stones family as any of them...they held off on the tour announcement till Ronnie got out of rehab...the touring entourage will be exactly the same this tour as B2B/VL...I have heard there will be FOUR new songs on the greatest hits discs...three Mick and one Keith...four is better than three...almost half of the ten songs they used to put on albums years ago!
04-27-02 03:46 PM
Joey My sources inside the Stones camp tell me that the rumors are very true .....Ronnie is out , Mick Taylor is back in.

" Hit ME Ronnie "

M .C. Joey

04-27-02 04:26 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Joey, you are so full of shit that I can smell the words that you type. Got anything new? This Taylor's back shit is getting really OLD.
04-27-02 05:37 PM
TT Thanks Hayo and Cardinal,

at least a few Ronnie loyalists here.

04-27-02 05:52 PM
the lepper I'll be more than happy to take Ronnie's spot at'lly 100 g a week? I'm gonna go start rehearsing.
04-27-02 06:57 PM
Honky Tonk Man Right on!!, Joey grow up. We need Ronnie. Who is this Taylor guy anyway?
04-28-02 01:03 AM
gotdablouse They base "most of their info" on the old promo document that's been available for months...
Here's a link to the page that's been confusing since the get go:
This gibebreish seems to imply that there will be 3 albums in 2002:
- new album with a few new songs - that's an updated Memory Motel
- A greatest hits
- A Box set shortly after...
This makes little sense which makes you wonder who wrote that thing in a document supposed to attract sponsors for the tour...
Clear Channel Entertainment were probably shopping this thing around and maybe that's just a draft they gave the stones as a proposal. Would be strange for Michael Cohl not to be involved (unless he's behind that firm but I haven't been able to verify that). As a side note CCE organized the current Macca tour. I wonder if they're not in fact a reincarnation of "Bill Graham Presents"...
04-28-02 11:06 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Vey sad news: He probably won't play any show, maybe as a guest.

I have heard now from three reliable sources that he has either liver cancer or a heavy cirrhosis.

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
04-28-02 11:11 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Are you saying Ronnie is dying?!?

Who the hell told you THAT?

And why haven't we heard about it anywhere else?
04-28-02 11:18 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl 1) The French Fan Club (Le Clube Des Stones)
2) The Spanish Fan Club via our partner Marcelo Quatraro in Argentina
3) Someone that I trust, who didn't post it for some reason
4) Also check IORR, they are making contact with Mick Taylor, if it is just for one show, it won't be that way, as a simple invitation as a guest is enough
04-28-02 11:20 PM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
And why haven't we heard about it anywhere else?

Hey Cardinal, check our site, most of the times we give the news before any other, and that's because anybody can post, but those who post rumours, shit, or lies are banned.
04-28-02 11:26 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Can you please tell us your reliable sources? This is a bunch of bullshit, Ronnie will be at the press conference and he will be at the first tour stop, the last and everyone in between. If he had any of the health problems described above, we all would be hearing it in the media. If he had those kind of problems, why the fuck would he be in a rehab clinic and not a hospital? Just some more crap to get people tore up. Don't believe it good people, Ronnie is perfectly fit and ALMOST ready to get on with the task at hand. Get over the bogus Taylor shit man, it ain't happening. Rock On Woody!
04-28-02 11:38 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! wrote:
If he had any of the health problems described above, we all would be hearing it in the media. If he had those kind of problems, why the fuck would he be in a rehab clinic and not a hospital?

If he has liver problems the best way to start is rehab, don't add more poison

I heard the news since the Spanish Fan Club mentioned that last week, we didn't post it as I thought it was just a bad joke or rumours coming from not reliable sources.

I don't have the news coming from the doctor, the hospital or Ronnie's relatives. I am NOT telling you this is real and that I'm 100% sure, but I mentioned that I have received the news from 4 different reliable sources and I posted them above.

Well, let's wait for May 7th for the news. I started this thread asking, and I'm still asking

Just gimme some truth!!!
04-28-02 11:42 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I don't know Mofo....If Gerardo believes it, there must be something to it...he doesn't get taken in by the rumor mill very often.

This is very disturbing.

I'll tell you what though...if this turns out to be a hoax...just a bunch of shit started by people who want Taylor back...well, all I can say is, they aren't very good fans, or very nice people.

Guess we'll all find out in a little more than a week.
04-29-02 02:41 AM
marko I got a phone call yesterday my man,,,,,,and it can really
be true this time,,,,,ronnie is not good form,and i belive
he is badly sick.too much boozing.well taylor might be
getting what you allways wanted?But its ronnies fault,then?
isn´t it?.
Btw marc,i have other news to tell you,,,,,
04-29-02 06:29 AM
Scot Rocks Holy Shit this better not be true...this is an awful shock...I don't know what to think...

04-29-02 09:28 AM
Maxlugar Wow!

I've always pinned for Taylor's return but I didn't want it to happen THIS way.

I was actually more excited for a Woddy return to '75-'78 form more than Taylor return.

My gut tells me this news is partially true. He probably has damage but it's being blown out of proportion.

I think Woddy will be there and better than ever.

I also think Taylor will be at some shows.

This is very sad news if true, though.
04-29-02 09:30 AM
Maxlugar "I think Woddy will be there and better than ever. "

I meant Woody, sorry.

Shit that typo was just a little too close to "Waddy" for my liking.

Shiver! Could THAT happen?

04-29-02 09:40 AM
TomL I hope Ronnie will join the show. Bad news if true. If it is true, his health comes first. Joining the band may cause him to go back to old habits. I gues either way he has to get into the right mind frame. Go straight and keep on playing. Hope the worst is over. Get well Ronnie.
04-29-02 01:42 PM
RonniesDarling I really don't know what to think I sincerely hope this isn't true. I did see pictures very recent where he was walking drinking water, and picking flowers, I even heard he's taking vitamins,he looks to be in good health and I'm sure he'll be on the tour.

04-29-02 02:31 PM
Promo I'm sittin here listening to Tattoo You and it's killin me.

Ever notice the look Mick and Keith get in their eyes when they look over at Ron Wood? Mick and Keith probably wrote better songs because of his inspiration/FRIENDSHIP. He makes Mick and Keith happy. He always has.
04-29-02 02:49 PM
moy what? it's hard to believe this but i think is possible, i think is real and ronnie is very sick

if ronnie wants to play the stones should give him the opportunity to play all shows and only when he can't play, a spare guitar will be there backstage ready to back him up

mick taylor must be a guest just in some shows

other option is to have ronnie miming and mick taylor playing backstage

keep yourself alive ronnie, we want you back and well
04-29-02 03:53 PM
WahWahWoody Ronnie miming and MT playing backstage instead of him? What a lot of bullshit!
04-29-02 05:11 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Ronnie miming and Taylor playing back stage? That is about the most ridiculous thing that I have heard. It's the Fucking Stones, not the Backdoor Boys or whatever. Get real and get over the Taylor shit, Woody will be there, end of story.
04-29-02 05:34 PM
Ronnie miming and Taylor playing back stage?

hey, if you see the happy face at the end IT WAS A JOKE, of course it was a joke come on!

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