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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: Hey! Stonedinaustralia, Return to archive
04-27-02 09:39 AM
gypsymofo60 When you come back make sure you let me know where you are!I'm intrigued to know , especially what you meant by "who do you love"? Do you live close to Frankston by any chance?......So I'm sittin', sinkin', superficially thinkin', about that rinsed out blonde on my left.
04-27-02 02:36 PM
stonedinaustralia gypsymofo60, yes i'm from australia, over the border in the adelaide hills... as far as all that "who do you love" stuff, well i wasn't exactly winding you up but maybe i was being a little facetious but i was interested to hear you are australian (or at least living in australia - (do you count yourself as an aussie or a pom?) - so i thought if i was gonna ask you any questions about yourself i may as well "drop the big one"... hope i wasn't being too "in your face"...

who do i love?...well it used to be my ex common law wife of 13 years but she left me (cue lonely teardrops)so that's all over now... now i'm working on something new... and of course i love the stones and their music and all music generally (music being the food of love and all that)...

anyway welcome to the board i'm sure you'll have a great time coming here, as i have over the last two years,

sorry to bore the rest of you but i couldn't get this through on gypsymofo's e mail...
04-27-02 02:39 PM
stonedinaustralia gypsymofo... just saw your other post about the football... i guess that answers my question about whether or not you count yourself as australian...


04-27-02 06:48 PM
robbluedog Hey guys. I'm also an Australian, living in Brisbane.
04-28-02 12:40 AM
gypsymofo60 StonedinOZ!, no I don't mind the question at all(who do you love), I didn't take it as being facetious.I consider myself predominately as a pom, but I'm becoming an Aussie over time. Anyway I am sure I shall enjoy the board, P.S, thanks to your post last night I didn't miss the game, cheers.
04-28-02 12:46 AM
gypsymofo60 To robbluedog in Brisbane Hi! good to kmow there are some Stones fans left in OZ, everybody seems so down on them here, like in The UK. Anyway cheers!
04-29-02 08:43 AM
corgi37 i too am an aussie. I live in Oakleigh, Melbourne. I hope all this tour talk is real, and i cant wait for May 7. I'm just worried that our low dollar (the Pacific Peso), will prevent a down under tour. And the insurance problems here in Australia might also weigh in to prevent it. The only bright hope is a recently announced consortium that has been started to get major acts like the stones and mccartney to Melbourne. We have a fairly new stadium that is becoming a white elephant. Its mostly used for aussie rules footy (go the Saints), but has been used for shows by Streisand, Bon Jovi and Ricky Martin. It has a retractable roof and seats 55,000 (probably up to 70,000 for a concert). And with Sydney's Olympic stadium mostly empty and seating 110,000, some serious bucks just might get them over the equator down here. Fingers, toes and intestines are crossed in hope.
04-29-02 11:04 AM
gypsymofo60 Hiya Corgi! I did alot of work out Oakleigh a couple of years back , installing co-axial cable for the internet. Yeah! I'd like to see the Stones one more time but I think we'd be looking at around 150.00 to 200.00 a ticket this time 'round, and if it's going to be a case of sitting around next to a sad bunch of old nostalgists bemoaning that Oh! it's not like 1973, then I think i'll have to forgo. Still time will tell, hope if it does come off they don't use Colonial Stadium, as Roger Daltrey said "Yeah! it's OK for football, but it's no good for rock concerts!"...........The bands on stage, and it's one of those nights...the drummer thinks that he's-- dyna mite!
04-29-02 06:55 PM
robbluedog I disagree that everyone in Australia is down on The Stones.

The Voodoo Lounge tour was a huge success in every way - the band played truly great, there was sell out crowds (60,000 each night for 2 nights running in Sydney alone. Not bad for Australias small population), everyone I know of had a great time. To me that denotes a successful tour in a market that has stayed loyal to the band over a long period - after all it had been about 22 years since the last Stones Aust tour
04-30-02 11:44 AM
gypsymofo60 To a large extent Aust. follows Britain, and I'm afraid as much as it pains me to say it, only America have truly appreciated the band over the last 25 years. Read the record reviews! The Sydney crowds I can't comment on, I saw them in Melbourne, and although the guys put on a great show in abyssmal conditions the crowd on both nights sucked! They couldn't have been less enthusiastic had they been attending a funeral, and worst of all were the 60s & 70s nostalgists, not as good as 65, not as good as 73, ad nauseum!
04-30-02 07:26 PM
robbluedog So the Melbourne crowds sucked? I'm suprised to hear that. Melbourne is supposed to be the traditional rock'n'roll stronghold whereas Sydney is supposed to be disco town.

Be assured the Sydney shows did indeed go off. The band put everything into it. They did not just turn up and coast. They put out LOTS of energy. The crowd was into it, picking up on that energy.

Melbourne sucked? Sounds strange, very strange.....
05-01-02 03:22 AM
gypsymofo60 As I said the weather was terrible pissing down! but that didn't deter the band, no it was the crowd, they were just so sedate. That night driving home I thought , well maybe everybody just gets too old to really rock, but like you say I heard the Sydney crowds were much more up for it!
05-01-02 03:59 AM
corgi37 The 1st melbourne show was awesome. The weather was perfect. The 2nd show was a little wet, and the wind was blusty. I must agree with the crowd though. But what do you expect? Most of the good seats went to qantas, ansett, mmm/fox/gold/rrr radio stations, football clubs, the afl, all the tv channels and all the society crowd (read freeloaders). I had pretty crappy tickets, but managed to get down to the ground section. The crowd acted like they were watching the 3 tenors. As stiff as cardboard. But the stones themselves put in a ripper of a show. I do think they would play colonial though, cause of the roof and the insentive that Glenn Wheatleys mob will offer them.
05-01-02 04:07 AM
gypsymofo60 Yeah Corgi! your right about the corporate contingent, maybe that was the problem! I was six rows back, and like you say the crowd were like cardboard. Also I was told by an MCG employee that on the Tuesday night the show was cut back nearly 3/4 hour! Still The Stones gave a good show and so did The Cruel Sea, LOVE that TEX!
05-01-02 04:11 AM
gypsymofo60 By the way I noticed your " I aint no peace creep " signiture. Have you read Sonnys' book?

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