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Topic: Top 3 -- Rolling Stones solos albums Return to archive
04-25-02 01:58 PM
Soldati For Me:
Number 1:
The Best solo album for me. Is also the best album since TATTOO YOU to this moment. The more variety album of any solo Stone: disco-dance ("Sweet Thing", "Out Of Focus"); Stone Classic ("Wired All Night", "Put Me In The Trash"); Beautiful Ballads ("Evening Gown", "Hang On To Me Tonight", "Angel Of My Heart"); Traditional songs ("Handsome Molly") and "Wandering Spirit", "Mother Of The Man"... The Rolling Stones never got this level in more than 20 years.

Number 2:
The best album since 1981 to 1993. Keith in his best moment: the great songs "Make No Mistake", "How I Wish" and "Locked Away" (by name only 3) show to Keith in a level that regrettably won't reach.

Number 3:
If this album would have come out in 1985 it would be probably a great hit. A good collection of songs like "God Gave Me Everything", "Lucky Day", "Too Far Gone" and "Brand New Set Of Rules" is good reflection of the maturity of Mick.

and...Main Offender?

well, for my this album was written in one day: "Running Too Deep" and "Will But You Want" is the same, the drums is the same. The bases of the songs are very similar among if. For my it was a step behind of Keith in their solo work. He was not in their best creative moment but.. "999" and "Hate When You Live" save the album.
04-25-02 02:20 PM
T&A 1) Gimme Some Neck (Got My Own Album was a "pre-Stone" release, otherwise I would rate that #1)
2) Talk is Cheap
3) Wandering Spirit
04-25-02 02:27 PM
KeepRigid "I've Got My Own Album was a "pre-Stone" release, otherwise I would rate that"

No, this definitely makes the cut.
04-25-02 04:48 PM
Larry Dallas Top 3 solo albums:

1. Talk is Cheap. Mick should be blamed for ruining what's quite possibly the last great Stones record. The album begs for Mick and Charlie. Just listened to it last week after about a year off and it's been playing ever since.

2. Warm and Tender. Charlie's solo standards piece with Bernard Fowler on vocals. It's easy to listen to and it doesn't knock you down with obvious attempts to sound current and cool.

3. Live at the Hollywood Palladium. Keith's live album that he should listen to before he goes on this next tour.
04-25-02 08:21 PM
the lepper 1. Talk Is Cheap -just a great record in all its ragged glory. Keith delivered some great SONGS on this one, and showed almost every style of music he can play.
2. 1234 - Way overlooked IMO...Great chiba music
3. Now Look- When Ronnie could actually kinda sing-check out "If You Don't Want My Love".
04-26-02 07:01 AM
Mathijs 1. I've Got My Own Album To Do. The best Stones album they have never released. Stands up right beside Sticky Fingers and Exile, if it was released by the Stones in 1975 after IORR they would have reached mythical status 3 years before Some Girls. Incredible songs with Richards, Taylor and Wood at their prime.
2. Talk is Cheap. The last true Rock and Rolling Stones album, the last album to hear raunchy and aggresive guitars. Even though the album sounds quite 80's to me now, it still has some beautiful moments, like the stand out Make No Mistake.
3. Wandering Spirit. A 90's Exile in my opinion, covering all the influences of Jagger and the Stones: Blues, Rock, Soul, disco and gospel. Produced by the 90's reincarnation of Jimmy Miller, Rick Rubin. If only he produced Voodoo Lounge...

Worst albums:
1. Primitive Cool. This is just a painful album, full with worthless 80's crap. Shamefull to listen to.
2. Goddess in the Doorway. A painfull attempt to score hits, again full with 80's crap, and full with Matt Clifford. There's only one guy worse than Chuck Leavell, and that's Matt Clifford. There's just one reason this album didn't sell at all: IT'S REALLY BAD.
3. Main Offender. Too many open G jams that never really work and fail to catch, too simplistic. Most songs needed a couple of more months tossing around in rehearsel studio before they were put on the album in my opinion. Most tracks however did work live.

ps You can throw in "Slide on This" in the top three of best albums any time for me.

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04-26-02 08:42 AM
TT 1. Talk Is Cheap
2. Wandering Spirit
3. Slide On This

Charlieīs albums arenīt my cup of tea, though they might be good if I was more into Jazz. Wyman solo sucks.
04-26-02 09:24 PM
CousinCocaine 1) Wandering Spirit (it was so unexpected good, that Goddess
had to be a disappointment - but some of those songs I really like!)

2) Slide on this Great songs from Woody and even the guitar playing is fine.

3) Talk is Cheap Good album, rough playin, diff. styles and some good songs but like always with Keef a bit too much jammin.

( + Woody's I've got my own album . . - great stuff !!)
If only he would've done someting like this in the Stones!
04-27-02 04:47 AM
stonedinaustralia as always hard to say and depends on yer definitions...can i count "a stone alone" ?

i echo the comments re "i've got my own album"... "cancel everyhtimg" has it all...keith & ronnie just nail that everly brothers thing... beautiful... .... also shades of "exile" in its making... ronnie's backyard cf. nellcote... high times indeed

i agree "running too deep" and "will but you wont" sound a bit too alike but that's cool... "hate it when you leave" though is, IMHO, a great take on Mowtown and, if you can hear, keith cops a few vocal licks from robert johnson... como se dice (if i may mix my (stones)tounges) a tour de force

but i'd have to go for "talk is cheap"... "locked away" with its shifting position "i oughta be... we oughta be... they oughta be"

does "wingless angels" count?... cos it should... far be it from me to speak for another ( but i bet he's as proud of that as anything he's done... and so should we all be...

i enjoyed "she's the boss" although the stone's out-take of "lonely at the top" leaves mj's solo effort way in the shade (jeff beck notwithstanding)... the title track showed, perhaps, the last gasp of the stones keeping up with the hardcore of black american music ( can i say that these days?)... but it ain't "public enemy" is it?... now there's a thought... did hip hop kill (or at least supercede) the spirit of the stones...even though the stones helped bring it all into the arena of the white middle classes - remember it was performance that put the lost poets & "wake up niggrers" right in the public eye (thanx anita... well she claims it was her idea - at least that's what i read on the internet)...

i am out of my head and could go on all night...

04-29-02 05:36 PM
RonniesDarling Yah I can't decide for 1 and 2 which should go first ok ok got it

1. Slide on This

2. Not For Beginners

3. She's The Boss

Aww I can't wait to be able to hear "I've Got My Own Album To Do" someday I will get that one. Oh Ronnie can still sing in my oppinion such a nice gritty liquorice kind of voice.


PS. I am deffinetly curious about Charlie's solo works, but wouldn't it be neat to hear Charlie sing something for once? Even if he can't sing a note it could still be kinda funny.

04-29-02 05:41 PM
Joey Easy....

# 1 . ) Empty Glass -- A downright classic

# 2 . ) All the Best Cowboys have Chinese Eyes -- verbose and constipated at times , this contains some of the Pete's most treasured moments .

# 3. ) White City / Psychoderelict -- toss up as to which is better . Both are vastly underrated and underplayed .

04-29-02 07:40 PM
Gazza er...Joey.....???

Good thread here,some fine insights into the solo stuff

My personal fave is "main offender"..been playin' it a lot again in the last week after an absence...readin' these threads,maybe its time to unearth "talk is cheap" too..I always loved that one anyway when it came out. I adore the "Wingless angels" album,although I guess its a solo "project" as opposed to a solo "album" - either way,its a beautiful piece of work.

Wandering Spirit runs it a close second. In fact,in the space of about 4 months, Mick,Keith & Ronnie all put out pretty good solo albums ("Slide on this" was a fine album too). "Goddess" is quite good IMO,the first two are patchy -very good in parts but havent aged well..

I think Woody's done 3 pretty good solo albums - and the other 3 have their moments too,I guess...- namely "Slide on this", "Gimme some neck" (MUCH underrated IMO,that intro to "We all get old" is especially magical)..but I agree that "Ive Got My Own Album To Do" would be the best of 'em...

I was surprised how "out there" Charlie's last album was!! When yer in the mood,it aint bad listening although "warm and tender" is easier to chill out to! I'm not a jazz fan however....

Ive never really cared for Bill's solo work,the early ones especially. "Bill wyman" has its moments though and the last Rhythm Kings album was pretty fact,most of their stuff is OK.

Oh and Joey....."Empty Glass" ?? Great choice..after Whos Next and Quadrophenia,the best thing Chairman Townshend ever graced us with. Every home should have a copy. As someone once said..."thank me later.."
04-30-02 03:29 PM
Joey "Oh and Joey....."Empty Glass" ?? Great choice..after Whos Next and Quadrophenia,the best thing Chairman Townshend ever graced us with. Every home should have a copy. As someone once said..."thank me later.." "

I hear you my Brother........

The Complete Pete had some real " Hellhounds " on his tail back in them days .

....makes for great songs .

I wonder if Pete has any " Hellhounds " on his tail these days ?

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