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Topic: Please allow me to introduce myself, Return to archive
04-25-02 03:27 AM
gypsymofo60 Yes I've been around for many along year, following the Stones(the devils), and I came across your site and thought I would maybe haunt it for awhile. Actually it has been given quite a good report. At the moment I am living in Australia, though I was born in London.I often sing & write in Stones inspired bands, when I can find like minded musicians that is. Anyway I hope you don't mind my satanic intrusion, of course if I should offend you can always count on the services of your resident Cardinal to exorcise my presence. look forward to conversing with you all. gypsymofo60.
04-25-02 07:39 AM
The Worst Pleased to meet you, too, but perhaps you should change your name for not being constantly mistaken with another poster on this board, who is called gypsy (or is the similarity to her nickname intended?).
04-25-02 01:09 PM
The Worst wrote:
...but perhaps you should change your name...

No problem! We can have our own Band of Gypsys as we already have a Voodoo Chile!

BTW, This was posted on a new thread by gypsymofo60, I'm reposting it here for continuity

Yes! you are absolutely correct, this may cause some confusion, and I must admit the lady in question did warn me of this. So I shall now depart and amend my username and hope to avoid nicking another user name . Thanks for the welcome .

04-25-02 01:23 PM
gypsymofo60 Sorry chaps! and especially you Miss gypsy but for some reason the register wont allow me to change my name, so i'll make sure that i always use the full user name to avoid confusion. Anyway it's great to be aboard......"you got a cut throat crew...yeah! I'm gonna sink under you...yeah ! it's gonna be the death of me!"
04-25-02 01:52 PM
~AzQb , of course if I should offend you can always count on the services of your resident Cardinal to exorcise my presence. look forward to conversing with you all. gypsymofo60.

He IS a bit of a control freak, eh, gyp ; )

04-25-02 10:19 PM
Jaxx hola! we are happy to have you and look forward to hearing from you. don't forget to check out all the cool links located under the header picture.
04-27-02 04:05 AM
stonedinaustralia pleased to meet you ... where are you at... Australia wise?... are you staying long... what's the name of your band(s)?... who do you love?
04-27-02 06:47 AM
gypsymofo60 To Jaxx, I'm pretty much permanantly based in OZ, I live just south of Melbourne in the sea side town of Frankston, The last Stones type band I put together was called "Thick As Thieves".
04-27-02 06:58 AM
gypsymofo60 Jaxx, what do you mean by Who do you LOve?
04-27-02 07:04 AM
stonedinaustralia gypsymofo60 i asked you that question (and the others)not jaxx (but so what)... i thought it was a pretty straightforward question... a bit "up close and personal" i admit but then no-one's going to know (except yourself) the truth of your response... let it loose...
04-27-02 07:04 AM
gypsymofo60 Sorry! those replies should have been directed to stonedinaustralia, my apologies!
04-27-02 07:08 AM
stonedinaustralia please don't apologise, least of all to me... but tell me who do you love?
04-27-02 07:10 AM
stonedinaustralia also, if you live in frankston vic. it is now approx. 9.00 p.m. saturday... so why aren't you watching the football?
04-27-02 07:25 AM
gypsymofo60 Dear stonedinaustralia I'm sorry for the confusion, but I still don't get what you mean by who do I love, do you mean within the band?
04-27-02 07:30 AM
gypsymofo60 Stonedinaustralia, I'm English the real football comes on in about four hours ,It's called soccer!
04-27-02 07:33 AM
gypsymofo60 The love of my life is a lady that i have not seen in many a long year, her name is Susan, she lives in London, I think!

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