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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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04-24-02 07:01 PM
MRD8 I hate to disappoint you all but the Stones won't have a new album, per se...they are releasing another greatest hits album that has three new boxset or new album...very disappointing!
04-24-02 11:32 PM

But "something" is almost ALWAys
better than nothing!!!

Later, mooch!

04-24-02 11:45 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! And just where did you get this info?
04-24-02 11:54 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Thanks for the info Bob!!
04-25-02 12:20 AM
Jaxx oh. you sound "so" in the ~know~ it makes me sad. i was hoping these recent jamaica sessions would amount to so much more than just a few new trax. i would agree with AzQb when she says, sumthin is certainly better than nuthin.
04-25-02 05:12 AM
MRD8 You knew that as time went by and there was no news of them being in the studio working on a new album that there wouldn't be one! Mick spent too much time promoting his album to make one with the Stones...but three new songs are slightly better than none!
04-25-02 08:01 AM
The Worst Again, where do you get this information from? I would hate to buy a compilation for only three new tracks, to me the only reason to do such a thing is the case of disbanding (hopefully, this is not a sign of that). I would rather like to see those tracks saved for a completely new album, even if it still takes years. Please not again a compilation! The last one was released before only two new studio albums, from which only one song (Anybody seen my baby?) seems to have been a really well-known hit (still in the top ten of the world charts at the end of 1997).
04-25-02 08:26 AM
TT To say three new tracks are better than nothing is as disappointing as the fact.

As a real fan I want new stuff, they are musicians, creative persons. To do nothing in 5 (five) years is nothing a creative mind does. If they donīt put out a new album with 10 songs it IS disappointing and worth boycotting the tour.
04-25-02 09:50 AM

i'd much rather 3 or 4 new ones on this BEFORE the tour, and a proper record AFTER ; )

So, you see, either way we get the goods....and i kindly say, f*** off, ya know?

Yer arrogance is unwarranted, indeed.

04-25-02 10:16 AM
Joey "So, you see, either way we get the goods.... "

And you are definitely getting the goods my Queen .

I put something special in your underwear drawer last night

Enjoy !

04-25-02 10:17 AM
T&A Since MRD8 hasn't revealed his sources, I think we can only classify his information as more rumor. I stick with my intuition - you will see a Tattoo You-like release - 3 new tracks sprinkled in with older, unreleased tunes like Fiji Jim, Gangster's Moll, etc.
04-25-02 10:22 AM
Scot Rocks Boycott the tour...No way, shit, unthinkable, because of no new album i would rather wait for something really good than have something which is rushed and could be dissapointing.I am dissapointed as anyone that no new album is coming out however, the guys are at the other end of their careers. Lets just look forward to the tour because there may not be many more, and after all "You can't always get what you want"

04-25-02 10:55 AM
sandrew There's no way they're going to release tunes from the late '70s like "Fiji Jim." They're subpar and won't likely see the light day - except maybe in box set years from now.
04-25-02 11:04 AM
T&A FIJI JIM - subpar?! Bite your Stonestongue! This would have been the best tune on any album since Tattoo You. Anyway, we already know that these tunes had been readied for release 3 years ago under the working title "Leftovers." That release was pulled because of sales concerns. So, I think it's entirely plausible the Stones would consider it a good candidate for release, packaged with some new tunes to tour behind.

04-25-02 12:29 PM
Cardinal Ximinez To anyone who wants to boycatt the tour...please do!

Less people I have to joust with for tix!

04-25-02 01:01 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Why would The Stones want to tour if they don't have new material? Every tour has supported a new album and I don't see them changing the game at this point. If it's a "leftovers" type album, that works just as well. The general public has no idea that the songs on there could have been recorded in the past. There is just no way that the Stones are going to hit the road promoting a "greatest hits" package. Fuck that, they are still The Stones and way to cool to be pulling an oldies number like that. New tour, new album in Sept. If I was a betting man, I would lay my money on it!!
04-25-02 01:15 PM
sandrew It was my understanding that the "Leftovers" or "Memory Hotel" package consisted of outtakes from the Voodoo Lounge and Babylon sessions...
04-25-02 01:43 PM

There WILL be some "new product" to tour behind, but not much. 5 songs max, i would think.

A proper record FOLLOWing is, indeed, strange, but given my druthers i'd rather have something GREAT and not a clip&paste record, which at THIS juncture in time, would be inevitable at THIS point...{rushjobs suck}i mean, remember, rehearsals start in August.{ That's not all that much time. }

"better late than never" you know ; )

04-25-02 01:49 PM
Joey wrote:
"So, you see, either way we get the goods.... "

And you are definitely getting the goods my Queen .

I put something special in your underwear drawer last night

Enjoy !


I do sincerely hope it's that hairy Bud with the purple & red coat ; )

Thanks babe!

04-25-02 02:14 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer C'mon you guys, buy some cream.
04-25-02 02:19 PM
TT Hey, wake up:

04-25-02 02:59 PM
KeepRigid Okay, this is one rumour that I'm hoping doesn't pan out.

For one thing, bonus tracks on greatest hits albums don't have a very good track record. The new stuff doesn't have much of a chance when stuck side by side with the standards.
04-25-02 03:12 PM
Nasty Habits I can see the point in touring and releasing a new album afterwards - hopefully the tour will unite the band creatively and turn them into a real unit rather than the disjointed aggregation that recorded Bridges to Babylon. In terms of total creative satisfaction, the "record an album and then tour" formula hasn't yeilded what I personally would deem a completely brilliant album product for the Stones since they "reunited" in 1989, so the idea of doing it differently appeals to me.

The 1975 tour was done without a brand new album to support and while it was probably the least musically satisfying tour of the 70s it lead to a real recording renaissance - Black and Blue and Some Girls are much better records than It's Only Rock and Roll and Goat's Head Soup.

And I would much rather have a new studio record at the end of the tour than another live album. In business terms, maybe it makes sense to put the band before the "marketplace" with a really kick ass show to remind people that the Stones are the best band ever to grace the planet and then put a great record in front of them - more momentum for the band.

If the band is slaying on stage with an exciting setlist and a raunchy, full on Stones sound the absence of a new album won't matter that much. Voodoo Lounge songs, for instance, didn't add much to the general vibe of that tour (are there any good live versions of I Go Wild?).

04-25-02 03:32 PM
KeepRigid I definitely would like to see them capitalize on the chops they build up while touring and channel some of that playing into new material, like they used to.

04-25-02 04:53 PM
Gazza I dont think theres any grounds for expecting a new album of new material - I'm pretty sure the original post is right regardless of whether he/she got it from a reliable source or not.

A greatest hits package (finally - one spanning their entire career and maybe a double CD or so) has been the strongly rumoured "product" for this summer for quite some time. Anyone who saw the press kit that was circulated a couple of months back will have been aware of that.

Expecting a new studio album of NEW songs at this stage is unfeasible.

Mick still has film work to do in Australia in a couple of months.Theyre due to start rehearsals in about three months and the tour is going to officially begin in the first week of wheres all this hope of an album of new songs coming from ?

They havent been in the studio in years,after all. If Mick & Keith are doing something in Jamaica then its not recording a new Stones album - after all,the rest of the band werent there. Maybe theyve been writing and working on demos - if so,that might mean those songs will be cut in time for this "hits" album - after all,it'll hardly take too long for the band to churn out 3 or 4 new numbers - although it would be nice to believe (although unfounded right now)theyre working on songs for a yet to be recorded new studio album - its about time as its been five years,after all...and theyre hardly going to have the opportunity to make too many more.

Dont forget,there WAS talk several months ago that theyd tour behind a greatest hits album and a boxed set of unreleased material - with a new studio album to MAYBE follow at the end of the tour (although WHEN they planned to RECORD it is another matter entirely!). I think we'll get a boxed set eventually - a few weeks ago,I think Woody all the band members were going through tapes with such a project in mind - but I'd hope something like that would be released BETWEEN studio albums,during some Down-time to keep the public interested - not as something to tour behind. I dont think releasing an album of leftovers from the last couple of studio albums makes sense - the material wouldnt be of a high enough standard to carry an album on its own and would also render releasing a career retrospective of unreleased songs pointless.

Releasing a hits album with some new songs on it is standard fare these days. I'm not sure it'll be the blockbuster everyone presumes it will be though. Theres been so many compilations already - even "Jump Back" is back in the UK charts having now become available at a lower price...

If the tour is being billed to be a 40 year celebration of the band's history,then the album promoting it will be of a similar nature. Sad,but not surprising. Unfortunately it does seem to be a cash-in tour based on nostalgia. Something I hoped theyd never do.

Now....I'd be happy enough with that if they went further and sold the tickets at 1960's prices!!!!! Thats one part that'll DEFINITELY be up to date though - nostalgia aint what it used to be!!
04-25-02 05:28 PM
MRD8 I should've told you where I'm getting my info from...sorry about that! I'm a big time bootleg audio/video trader, last year I hooked up with a guy who has worked the last four Stones tours starting with Steel Wheels...he has been selling me uncirculated video's...the first one I got last August was the Double Door proshot...the second deal was for three vids...the 47 minutes of rehearsal footage from Chicago on 9-20&21-97...the first B2B tour show in Chicago on 9-23-97(missing six songs) and the 10-16-97 Giants Stadium digicam shot...he's currently on tour with CSN&Y...when he's done next week he's selling me the Brixton Academy Stripped show proshot...when I talked to him on Monday he gave me several tidbits...dates for several shows that I'll go to...the date for the tour announcement(May 7th in NYC)...the greatest hits album is along the lines of the Beatles One...songs from their whole career, including the Decca years...they have made a deal with Allen Klein to use the stuff he owns as well...
04-25-02 05:47 PM
Joey 'I'm a big time bootleg audio/video trader, last year I hooked up with a guy who has worked the last four Stones tours starting with Steel Wheels...he has been selling me uncirculated video's.'

I have a favor to ask .....Is there any way this gentleman could possibly get me a VHS copy of the " Jones Beach Summer 2000 WHO show " ???

I had a copy , a real good one too , but my girlfriend stole it from me .

I would really appreciate it . I love the WHO almost as much as the Stones .

Thanks ,


04-25-02 05:51 PM
sandrew I have no problem with the Stones not touring behind new material. But something like Bruce Springsteen's "Tracks" would be fantastic - maybe even preferable to a new album. For Springsteen fans, that package was a goldmine.
04-25-02 06:11 PM
Nasty Habits Good point about Springsteen. He and the E Street band toured with no new product to great financial and critical success a couple of years ago, and he even started playing new material in the middle of it that generated publicity and controversy.

I guess the question is whether the Stones want to celebrate their vitality as musicians or revel in the potential return of milking the bilkable American audience just one more time. It's the start and stop / start and stop attitude that I think has eroded their critical and public perception over the last few years . . . Everybody knows they still play great but what the fehk is their motivation beyond the bottom line? Rock and roll is about getting paid, but it's about something more than that as well.

The Stones touring on something like "1" does seem a betrayal of certain Stonesian principals. But then again so are lyric sheets and playing Satisfaction after 40, so once again, we are in the uncharted breach . . .

I hope Jagger's noticed the amount of support, bucks and hype U2 are getting out of their "back to basics, back to integrity" schtick on the Elevation Tour.

As far as the band recording only four or five new songs - that's all they've played from any new album from the last 15 years - what's the difference?
04-25-02 06:13 PM
T&A Joey - couldn't help but think of a song on Mac's latest album, Best of British. It's called "She Stole It" about a chick who runs off with the guy's record collection. Might help soothe the pain for ya!
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