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Topic: Don't Put Your Arms Around Me Return to archive
04-24-02 02:16 AM
DCStonesFan To all you who for the past few months who have been maligning Micks album...burn it!!! And allow me to enjoy it in peace with a sweet cuban and a nice Sierra Nevada!
04-24-02 02:23 PM
gypsy I guess I'm in the minority...I like Mick's album!
04-24-02 02:46 PM
Joey "I guess I'm in the minority...I like Mick's album! "

Gypsy , I would like to nibble your elbows .


04-24-02 04:20 PM
gypsy Joey, first off, you need to purchase some of that 'miracle salve' that Keep is now selling...then we can talk about you nibbling my body parts.
04-24-02 05:01 PM
Scottfree You sure this miracle salve isn't a balm? I love Mick's new album, maybe you don't have that eclectic Stones/Jagger taste.
04-24-02 05:43 PM
Joey 'Joey, first off, you need to purchase some of that 'miracle salve' that Keep is now selling...then we can talk about you nibbling my body parts '

Gypsy , you make young Joey say , huh ?????

Still , I would like to caress your kneecaps .

04-24-02 05:51 PM
gypsy Joey, did you ride the short bus to school?
04-24-02 05:55 PM
Joey No My Queen .....

I DROVE the short bus to school .


04-24-02 05:56 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer What a great slogan!

"Are you tired of riding the short bus to school? Buy your man new..."
04-24-02 06:45 PM
gypsy Good one, counselor!

So, Joey DROVE the short, that's scary!
04-24-02 08:08 PM
Joey Scary ?????

You want scary my Princess ??????? Check out the " 04/23/71 " thread below .

Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Joey
04-24-02 08:23 PM
gypsy Joey, my dad was a sniper in Vietnam...1965-1966...he doesn't talk about it...most people that have been there, in the real shit, don't talk about it.
04-25-02 09:16 AM
Joey Gypsy ........where was he stationed ???? What location ??? I would love to talk to him to hear what he went through and how he feels about the war today . Is your father a Stones ' fan ??????

My dad fought in the Korean War and he never talked about that war either .............until I asked him !!!

He was not a Stones fan ..........poor guy !

Because I am a fan of the Rolling Stones I am above all other human beings , but understand that I respect other's tastes though .

Joey Cong


04-25-02 01:31 PM
gypsy Like I said, he doesn't talk much about it...I know that he does like the Stones...One time, I played "Magic Carpet Ride" by Steppenwolf, and he said that they listened to that song all the time in Vietnam...Oh, and interestingly enough, my boyfriend is half-Vietnamese (his dad was a medic, and met his mom in Saigon, as it was known then, and married her and brought her to the states), but my dad likes him, and they get along very well.
04-25-02 03:26 PM
Maxlugar I too like Goddess. I have no problem with it and enjoy quite a few of those tunes. I still play Hideaway often.

Oh and Gypsy, don't fall pray to that shit stinking hack poster and his Vietnam stories. You see, he not only steals what everyone says around here but also steals from Howard Stern. Stern has been doing that bit for years.

For God sakes, the piece of shit was 11 when 'Nam ended.

Maxlugar - Internet Idol.

04-25-02 04:31 PM

she'll figure it out--- eventually ...

~i hope...
04-25-02 07:57 PM
Bob Tamp seven of the thirteen tracks on Goddess are Jagger's best work in 30 fucking years. I hate people slagging this cd when they have probably not even heard it. Being a fan for a long, long, long time( I was still a todler when they started) I am still listening to these 7 songs daily after 6 mos and they get better and stronger with each listen.
...And I haven't done that with any Stones album or solo project since TATTOO YOU
Joy-Mick and Bono sound great together
Dancing in the Starlight(you will surely fall-how great is that)
God Gave me Everything( a great rocker)
Hideaway( a great funk song)
Don't call me up( you can't hear "Winter" in this one?)
Too Far Gone( it's like an updated "Sway")
Brand New Set of Rules- classic, classic classic JAGGER

People who are slagging this cd are pure wrong. Any of these songs you'd rave about if it was on a Stones album.
Since it's Mick solo, it's so easy to rag on.
Yeah, there are some sucky cuts, but when it's good, it's fucking real good! Sales mean shit with older acts. Jagger is not going to outsell Britney or any of those stupid teenage boy bands. Who cares? The 7 songs I mentioned stand completely on their merit.
04-25-02 08:06 PM
gypsy I agree with you, Bob...I love it, it's a great album!
04-25-02 08:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Bob...

Since when is your opinion the gospel truth?

I've heard every single track on Goddess many times...and I STILL don't like it! I think it's insipid, boring, fluff.

Opinions are like assholes Bob...everyone's got one.

And one other thing...the only reason that those songs would deserve ANY praise on a Stones simply because the Stones would have played the songs much better, and Keith would have helped Mick kick the songs up a couple of notches. You put those same songs, performed as they are, on a Stones album and I'd tell you it was filler at best.
[Edited by Cardinal Ximinez]
04-25-02 08:37 PM
Bob Tamp nasty, nasty, nasty

It's only music, but I really dig those songs....

sorry, but we will agree to disagree
04-25-02 08:48 PM
gypsy different strokes for different folks, eh...
04-25-02 08:53 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Yep, different strokes for different folks.

That's why my opinion is every bit as valid as anyone else's..and why it's NOT "pure wrong".

I'm glad you guys like that drivel...I just wish I could.
04-25-02 09:06 PM
SatisfactionUK Those songs were purposefully tailored to younger folks like me...I understand fans who were around when Tatoo You was released may not like them. Everybody Getting High is a great party song.

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