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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: Keiths playing on Steel/Urban Jungle tours Return to archive
04-22-02 05:46 PM
Honky Tonk Man Been watching "At The Max" loads lately. What strikes me is Keiths amazing solos on "Happy" and "SFTD" Awsome stuff. Its not like he used to play, but still...., mind you, this was 12 - 13 years ago now. Can he still play like that? I heard from a freind off Kenos board that Keith playing on that tour was crittisiced for been too Van Halen like? Who cares, he played great!!!

04-22-02 06:31 PM
SatisfactionUK Yeah Keith played really great on that tour...listen to Paint it Black from atlantic fucking thing there is.
04-22-02 06:41 PM
the lepper Van Halen Like....Your'e joking right? I think the last person I'd compare Keith's playing with is Eddie Van Halen- not that that's a bad thing. Personally I feel Keith should lay off the long extended solo's, lke the ones he does live lately on Satisfaction and JJF...they're just not good. He's just not that good of a lead player.
04-22-02 07:28 PM
Honky Tonker The Keith-Eddie comparison is a pretty big stretch. Neither can do what the other can. I personally prefer Keith's style over Eddie's, although I certainly respect what Eddie does. Also, I've always been delighted with KR live.

P. S. The first time I saw the Stones was Orlando 1981 and Van Halen opened. When the Stones kicked into "Under My Thumb" to open everybody forgot about Eddie, Dave, etc.
04-22-02 07:31 PM
Honky Tonker Honky Tonk Man, I didn't know about your name when I chose "Honky Tonker". If you'd like me to change it, just say the word. I don't mind any confusion with you as your opinions are usually right on.
04-23-02 07:39 AM
marko yes keits playing was fantastic on this tour,but,i find
this very boring,with few ex shows.They played mostly
same numbers in europe,to me,that musicly the most boring
stones tour,it satisfaction was too fast and the riff on jjf
was the worst version he has done,best part of the tour
was the beginning of the tour.
Voodoo lounge was lot lot better tour.
04-23-02 12:24 PM
Lazy Bones There's always Sympathy For The Devil from 26th February, 1990. This is the performance on Flashpoint but it's editing is enough to make you cry as Keith's solo is trashed.
Still one of my all-time favourites - thanks GG!
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
04-23-02 06:02 PM
WahWahWoody Keith's guitar-playing was superb on that tour, I agree. And for me it was a perfect tour. After such a long break they came back better than before and proved that they still were the greatest - AND THE BEST(!) rock and roll band in the world. OK, the setlist didn't change much, you may complain about the "clean" sound (which I liked) but hearing 2000 light years "live", and with "Almost hear you sigh", "Factory girl" and really fantastic versions of "Rock and a hard place" (much better than in 1994/95!)and "Midnight rambler" this tour was the Stones at their best - and Keith played like hell. I doubt he could play like that today....
04-24-02 07:58 AM
marko Ofcourse he can´t play like that anymore,reason is very
simple,he is 13years older.The older you get,the slower
you´re,,,,steel wheels part was better than urban jungle
04-24-02 04:07 PM
Gazza Its interesting to read complaints about the setlists not changing much on the 89-90 tour ... compared to VLounge,BTB and No security thats maybe correct but at THAT time by Stones standards it was very varied indeed - more so than on practically any previous tours!!

...and seeing them unearth songs not played in over 20 years (Play with fire,Paint it black,Ruby tuesday etc) plus oldies theyd NEVER played like 2000 Light years was quite something at that time...I mean it was also the first time theyd played "Gimme shelter" or "midnight rambler" in 14-15 years..something that these days would be scarcely believable!
04-24-02 06:48 PM
sandrew >>steel wheels part was better than urban jungle

I think just the opposite. Does anyone remember the TV broadcast of one song - "It's Only Rock 'N' Roll" - from one of their concerts in Germany in 1990? I think it was on the American Music Awards. They were unbelievably TIGHT - Charlie's left foot was swinging superhumanly, and Keith's solo was the best he's ever done on that song.
04-27-02 11:22 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! I think Keith's playing was pretty damn good on that tour. He was using a Musicman Silhouette quite a bit and this contributed to the different sound and feel many songs had. I don't remember seeing him play it on any other tours. If anyone knows if he has used it besides 89-90, let me know.
04-29-02 02:46 AM
marko I think,but,maybe!!on his main offender tour?
04-29-02 08:25 AM
Mathijs Keith used the Music Man Silhouette extensively during the X-pensive Winos tour of 1993, and he used the guitar for the first couple of shows of the 1994 tour. After that I haven't seen him play it.


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