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Announcing The Tour - NYC 1997
By Fernando Aceves
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Topic: The Wonder that is Watts Return to archive
04-11-02 04:47 PM
sandrew I've been listening to some '89-90 bootlegs, and the thing I'm noticing most is how great Charlie's drumming is - really crisp, swinging, lots of pop in the snare drum. He's got the best left foot of any rock drummer.

On the last couple tours, he's still been great - but there was something unique about the way his kit sounded on Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle. Anyone else notice this? Am I imagining things?
04-11-02 05:16 PM
nankerphelge That is Max's extra giddy-up coming through in '89-'90. Chaz was off smack, on the road, you can hear it in his drumming.

I don't know really, but I do know this:

Chaz is the man
04-11-02 05:36 PM
sandrew Yes he is. He's what makes them sound like the Stones - even more than Keith does. I'm sure that'll set off a debate.
04-11-02 05:36 PM
Joey Tokyo ' 90 is outstanding !

Charlie's drumming on " Almost Hear You Sigh " is magnificent .

04-11-02 06:35 PM
Maxlugar Almost Hear You Sigh is for loser hack posters.

Maxlugar, C9.
04-11-02 09:13 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Wooooooooooooooooooooodoggies!

One thing you can always count on is that Chaz will swing.

And "Almost Hear You Sigh" is interior decorating guru, Christopher Lowell's fave song from the '89-'90 setlist. Maybe Chris and Joey have more in common than we all know? Not that there's anything wrong with that!

04-11-02 10:56 PM
sandrew wrote:
Yes he is. He's what makes them sound like the Stones - even more than Keith does. I'm sure that'll set off a debate.

I could be wrong, but I don't think that WILL set off any debates. I agree with you 100%, and I think Keith would concur. Really, the ONLY guy who would argue the point might be Charlie.

His STYLE sets him apart, even more than his steadfastness. Trace an arc from "Get Offa My Cloud" through "Paint It Black" , "Ruby Tuesday" through "Honky Tonk Women", from the trashy crash of "Neighbors" to the sublime last moments of Bridges to Babylon when HE gets to, it's a range comparable to Duke friggin' Ellington.
04-12-02 06:45 PM
RonniesDarling Charlie's drumming is the main reason I like Honkey Tonk women!

Wasn't he hansome in the 60's??

Bye the way I'm new here

04-12-02 07:21 PM
RonniesDarling wrote:
Charlie's drumming is the main reason I like Honkey Tonk women!

Wasn't he hansome in the 60's??

Bye the way I'm new here

Welcome aboard!

Actually, I think Charlie gets more handsome - or more distinguished looking - every year. He seemed a bit ill at ease with himself in the early days, but he's got that same ugly beauty that all the Stones have. None of the others will EVER run the risk of looking respectable, but Charlie looks like he could be the distinguished ambassador to Sri Lanka.

Ah, I can't wait for the chance to cheer myself hoarse when Mick says - "And, on drums -- CHARLIE WATTS!!!"

Ever see the Stones, Ronnie'sDarling? Tell us about yourself.
04-12-02 08:08 PM
RonniesDarling No I've never seen the stones in concert, but can you tell me where I might be able to find information on their upcoming tour??? I despreatly want to see Ronnie and Charlie!!!

I agree that Charlie is more distinguished looking than he used to be, I think he looks rather sophisticated these days. But in the 60's I don't know he was just really pretty. I'm glad he's doing something diffrent with his hair these days then he was doing back in the 80's, big improvement in my book.

Well I became intrested in the stones when I saw this 25x5 documentary and I was just completly enchanted by Ronnie so I got to know more information on him and soon I found myself also enchanted with Charlie, I don't know why.

I'm 16, a girl, from North Carolina, currently in the process of inviting people to join my rolling stones role play group so if you're intrested in that send me an email!

Um I enjoy drawing,writing,music,etc and am planning on copying a picture I drew of Charlie for Charlie and sending it to him along with a letter and pray he responds! *Laugh*

So what about you? Tell me about yourself.
04-12-02 08:49 PM

Oh....this is gettin' good....

~ ; )
04-12-02 09:40 PM
Honky Tonker Hey RonniesDarling,

This site is great, so is It's Only Rock and Roll, which is the Rolling Stones fan club of Europe. You really missed a great show in Charlotte in 1999. Be cool!
04-13-02 08:35 AM
KEEFNTHAT "White drummers don't swing, accept Charlie Watts"
- Keith Richards
too right!
04-17-02 05:08 PM
RonniesDarling Honkey Tonker!! Just got your email today!! AZQB love your pic!!! Hugs to everyone
04-17-02 05:37 PM
RonniesDarling Honkey Tonker!! Just got your email today! AzQb I love your pic!

*Whines* Blah I know, but it does give me hope if they've come to NC before why not again like this year?? Hopes
04-17-02 08:03 PM
gypsy I'm going to be Anita...come on, can be Keith, of course!
04-17-02 08:16 PM
KeepRigid "I'm 16, a girl, currently in the process of inviting people to join my role play group"

I've heard this once before...

But it appears that Keith has been taken...I suppose I could be George Harrison, or perhaps Eric Clapton on mandrax?
04-17-02 08:18 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer NO! I must be Keith.

I will challenge Piotr if I have to.
04-17-02 08:18 PM
gypsy So, you've heard that one before, eh? Damn!
04-17-02 09:24 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I want to be Allan B Klein....or Andrew Loog Oldham....I'd make everyone insane, and have to go to a "rest home".

Then I would have sex with that allowed?
04-17-02 10:04 PM
gypsy Who gets to be Tony Sanchez?
04-17-02 11:19 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Given his recent meltdown, I think Maxy should be Spanish Tony....either him or Steel Driving Hammer.
04-17-02 11:21 PM
gypsy Good casting, Cardinal...I like that choice...
04-24-02 06:58 PM
RonniesDarling NO! Having sex with monkeys is not allowed! Do I really have to put that up in the rules?*LOL* My sister actualy told me I should put that up, no joke.

Gypsy you're Anita??

Oh sure everyone can be anyone they want to be who's not currently taken. So if someone wants to be Andrew come on over! I misspelled his name on my site blah. Anyway anyone wanting to join just go to the site or email with questions

Actualy once joining I prefer to be emailed and let me know who you would like to play.

Also a challenge for Keith sounds like a great idea!! Piotr hasn't been posting for quite awhile, and things are actualy starting to liven up around there, so if you want to challenge him that's fine with me. I was just thinking about if I needed a new Keith or not? But how to tell him? I asked if he still wanted to play and he never responded, because if he dosen't I just want to know so I can free up the charchter.

04-24-02 07:59 PM
gypsy Well, KeepRigid is just the man for the role...just ask his attorney...I'm sure he will draw up the necessary paperwork so that Piotr can't sue KR...
04-25-02 12:08 AM
Martha Back to the original thread for a moment...Charlie Watts. I remember the first time I saw the Stones a stadium in Columbus OH. And when Mick introduced Charlie the crowd went crazy, screaming...for seemingly ever.

I have been listening to Charlie's drumming on three live Stones cd's this past two weeks and agree wholeheartedly, he makes the Stones the Stones..or is the backbone of the group, with his great sound. I certainly don't think he could ever be replaced. I love his beat/ moves me all around the dance floor.

"it's just a shout away" now folks!
04-29-02 05:54 PM
RonniesDarling Well I certainly can't wait for KeepRigid to join and become Keith then I'll just take Pitor's name down. Normaly I wouldn't replace people like this but Pitor dosen't even respond to my off list emails anymore, so I don't know what's up with him, he just dosen't do anything anymore. Anyway Rigid does seem like he will be a good Keith.

Also going back to the original thread anyone ever notice Charlie taking sophistication to the extreme?

Here's a pick that explains it all:
04-29-02 11:09 PM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
Then I would have sex with that allowed? No that is not allowed.

Sex with monkeys is only an option for les dames.

Perhaps Cardinal Law can hook you up with something moist and meaty.
04-30-02 08:59 AM
Dandelion* [quote]FPM C10 wrote: No that is not allowed.

Sex with monkeys is only an option for les dames.

Yeah right....Now I KNOW what the real plan for your little trip to NYC together is all about...

As for that role playing thingy - count me in for Mandy Smith, Yoko Ono, and Bono.

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