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"On the Road" World Tour 2002-2003

Announcing The Tour - NYC May 7, 2002
By Peter Morgan
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Topic: non US tour dates Return to archive
05-04-02 04:11 AM
Stonesdoug FEBRUARY
6, 7 Mexico City
18, 20 Brisbane - arena
22, 24, 26 Melbourne - arena
28 Sydney - arena
March 2003:
2, 3 Sydney - arena
7, 8 Perth - arena
13 Shanghai - arena
17 Beijing - arena
21, 22 Tokyo - stadium
26, 27 Osaka - stadium
June 2003
The band will go on break for April, May and part of June
18 Athens
21 Milan
26 Barcelona
28 Marseilles
July 20031 Munich
3 Vienna
5 Paris
6 Paris - arena
9 Zurich
11 Hamburg
13 Hanover
19 Helsinki
22 Gothenburg
24 Copenhagen
26 Hockenheim
28 Leipzig
31 Nuremberg
2, 3 Amsterdam - stadium
6, 7 Berlin - stadium, theater
10 Brussels - stadium
11 Amsterdam - theater
14, 15 Rotterdam - stadium
18 The Hague - stadium
21 Cardiff - stadium
23, 24 London - Earls Court
27 London - theater
29, 30 London - Earls Court
05-04-02 08:06 AM
The Worst Thanks for posting this, Doug! I'm glad to see, that this time the Austria concert is in Vienna again (unfortunately, I couldn't visit the Austria concert of the No Security tour, because Imst was too far away for me). I will probably start my community service in June, but in July 2003 it will be over, and I will have holidays and occasion to go to the gig then.
05-04-02 09:47 AM
Gazza Great - thanks Doug....after having the list of cities for the last week its great to finally see the dates!!

At least THIS time when they put the tix on sale for the theatre gig (presuming its at short notice) we'll actually be in London when they announce it instead of Sheffield, 250 miles away!

..and Mick will be celebrating his 60th birthday onstage in Germany with about 70,000 of his closest personal friends. How cute....

It all seems a long way away but the planning starts here!
05-04-02 10:55 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Stonesdoug rules!!! No dount about it.
05-04-02 11:12 AM
Stray Cat I've not posted for a while,but just had to comment on the "Blimp" (not a word used in England,as far as I know).
Only the Stones could think up something so spectacular for a tour launch !
I presume they will add more UK dates later ? It's all go from now on. START SAVING !!!
05-04-02 11:40 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Be sure there will be more dates in Europe, just remember the 1997-1999 tours, when the US tour was announced only some Eureopean dates were confirmed, then a bunch were scheduled and LOL a bunch were moved or cancelled
05-04-02 03:04 PM
Scot Rocks The Stones better do a show in Scotland, or at least the north of England. Lets hope, but i'll be going to one of them anyway.
05-04-02 03:06 PM
Honky Tonk Man Thanks Stonesdoug. This is all famtastic, especially the UK dates. Im gonna have to jot those down so i can have a head start on the rest of the general public
05-04-02 04:31 PM
Gazza I doubt there'll be any extra UK shows,Stray Cat.. there doesnt appear to be too many gaps in that schedule (and they dont play different cities on successive nights..)

Cardiff's only a couple of hours west of london - they SHOULD have played somewhere in the north of England, Scotland or especially Belfast...!

The Cardiff show will almost certainly be at the magnificent new Millennium Stadium - which holds about 72,000 for sports events,and I guess over 60,000 for a concert. Surprised its on a Thursday though.

Quite a few days off in the "London week"....lots of partying to do that week ...!!
05-05-02 06:45 AM
WahWahWoody Thanx, Doug, you are our definitely our man here!!
But i can't believe these European dates are more than just rumours at the moment. I'm sure this schedule will have a lot of changes in the next months. Also I'm quite sure that the Ruhr area will get one or two shows (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund....???) But the thought of Mick's big birthday party at Hockenheim is!!!
05-05-02 10:52 AM

Athens, I can't believe it! And the first gig after the break After the last time they came here, in 1998, I knew it wouldn't take them another 31 years like the first time, hehehe I'M HAPPY!

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