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Announcing The Tour - NYC May 7, 2002
By Peter Morgan
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Topic: Last tour? & Prices Return to archive
05-03-02 05:23 AM
Mathijs Just heard that Madison Square Garden prices will range from US$300 to US$800. The club gigs will be virtually free entrance as they are held for promotion purposes, just like the Paradiso, Amsterdam and Shepherds Bush, London gigs, were entrance was 10 Bpnds.

Also heard that Europeans should expect US$100 prices for large stadiums and US$150 for arena's.

And the very last inside rumour is that the Stones will announce themselves this time that this will be their very last ever tour.


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05-03-02 07:39 AM
TomL At those prices they better say something to get people in.I sure hope everyone is wrong about the prices.
05-03-02 08:37 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl According to Bill German (see post) "Ticket prices may range from 50 to 150 bucks for the stadium shows, 90 to 350 dollars for the arena shows, and $100 or $150 for the theatre dates."

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05-03-02 05:13 PM
Gazza German's info better be right. If Mathijs' info on prices is correct, theyve seriously overestimated the gullibility of the public and they'll bomb - last tour or not. Free entry to club shows wont help because the same people who can pay any price for an arena show will be in the running for club dates and it'll just be seen for the publicity stunt it is. They'll flop in europe too at those prices - Americans may be getting used to those kind of prices but thats double what anyone will have paid in Europe before for those kind of shows.

The prices Bill German has quoted are certainly overly expensive but pretty much in keeping with what other acts at the top end of the market will charge. If thats accurate (And Bill's sources are usually good - not that I'm doubting Mathijs' credibility because he's a pretty reliable source of info!!) they should do OK,and the special package for all 3 shows offer sounds like theyre at least FINALLY making an effort to accommodate the hard-core fans who like to go to more than one show and who would appreciate seeing them in an intimate setting..
05-03-02 11:46 PM
Martha Gazza...I agree with you. I think the tour will flop if they try to charge that outrageous amount of money. It is such a bunch of crap having the prices continue to climb so high. My hubby abd I got 20th row center floor first section seats for the '97 stadium show in Charlotte NC for 60 bucks apiece. We got there right as the first song was happening and this section opened up in the floor?? A dream come true, yet how many people bought their tx early and didn't have access to these seats because they were obviously being held for promoters/radio stations/??whoever. It is madness to get good seats in the first place, let alone having to pay extrodinary prices. I can 't do it and i LOVE to see live shows...especially the Stones. It saddens me. If I had something to hock...but I don't. Sigh!
05-04-02 12:20 AM
gotdablouse Yeah this is truly outrageous...especially since this time they didn't even make believe they still had something to say by putting out a new album...
A lot of people have already blown a fuse with the prices McCartney is charging, but he hasn't toured in 10 years and he was playing in arenas...and he has a new album (pretty much ignored in the setlist though) and a new band.
I for one will not attend any of the larger shows if they're touring behind a greatest hits with 3/4 new tracks.
I would of course attend a theatre show...but since the odds of that happening at close to zero...
What's this package deal ? You can buy a package that will give you a ticket for each type of show ?
05-04-02 01:48 PM
AlexanderHic Also, McCartney pays a fee to Michael Jacko in order to perform Beatles songs. "Driving rain", his latest, concerns the death of his wife Linda --too personal and aching to be performed arena-style.
But my main goal, of course, is to finally see the Stones in concert. Yep. I don't care how many people I'd have to beg for money, even if the price approaches the thousand mark. In that case, they better put up a hell of a show! (Or was it that the fucking blimp was too expensive and Jagger needs to pay for his non selling albums??)

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