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Announcing The Tour - NYC May 7, 2002
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Topic: Blimp Check Return to archive
05-01-02 10:58 AM
Maxlugar If the Stones were renting something as big and as rare as a Blimp, wouldn't it be easy to find out?

Wouldn't it have gone for a test run or something?

Does anyone know where you can rent a Blimp?

Someone get off their asses and make some calls ok?

I'll be right here waiting for some news, OK?

TIA! (Thanks In Advance)

Maxlugar- Lazy Piece of shit, BL10.
05-01-02 11:05 AM
TomL Acme. The coyote gets them all the time. Where ya from max?
05-01-02 04:01 PM
luxury1 If I come to a NY gig--do I get a spot in the limo? Floor, roof, just not the trunk--claustrophobic.
05-01-02 04:12 PM
Maxlugar Luxury, you get to sit right next to me.

Tom, I'm in NYC.
05-01-02 04:15 PM
nankerphelge Max and I will blow shotguns for ya.
I am having a special strain prepared for the occasion:


One hit and your head will automatically open up like a moon roof so your brain can bask in all the Stonesian goodness.
05-01-02 04:32 PM
Nellcote I saw a blimp today, or what I thought was a blimp
Got all jucied up, ready to rock....
The sky went dark, birds stopped chirping....
OH hell, false alarm, Rosie's on the telly....

05-01-02 04:58 PM
FPM C10 Maxy -

it occurs to me that no less a luminary than Captain Beefheart wrote a little ditty which is completely apropos right about now. It's on Trout Mask Replica and it's called - of course - THE BLIMP.

Master master
This is recorded thru a flies ear
'n you have t' have a flies eye t' see it
It's the thing that's gonna make Captain Beefheart
And his magic band fat
Frank it's the big hit
It's the blimp
It's the blimp Frank
It's the blimp

When I see you floatin' down the gutter
I'll give you a bottle of wine
Put me on the wine hook
Back in the fat rack
Shadrack Meshach Abednego
The somethin' hoop the somethin' hoop
The blimp the blimp
The drazy hoops the drazy hoops
They're camp they're camp
Tits tits the blimp the blimp
The mother ship the mother ship
The brothers hid under their hood
From the blimp the blimp
Children stop yer nursin' unless yer renderin' fun
The mother ship the mother ship
The mother ship's the one
The blimp the blimp
The tapes a trip it's a trailin' tail
It's traipse'n along behind the blimp the blimp
The nose has a crimp
The nose is the blimp the blimp
It blows the air the snoot isn't fair
Look up in the sky there's a dirigible there
The drazy hoops whir
You can see them just as they were
All the people stir
'n the girls knees trembles
'n run 'n wave their hands
'n run their hands over the blimp the blimp
Daughter don't yuh dare
Oh momma who cares
It's the blimp it's the blimp.


I think you'll agree that Captain Beefheart has clearly Nostrodomused us.

Tits, tits! It's the BLIMP!

Hey, me & the Cardinal might come up for the Blimp Bash on Tuesday. Let's do lunch.

05-01-02 05:20 PM
Joey "Hey, me & the Cardinal might come up for the Blimp Bash on Tuesday. Let's do lunch. "

Can I come too ??????

Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Joey

The Joey , BL10

M . Joeyfly

05-01-02 05:33 PM
glencar Where'd this blimp rumor start? The Goodyear blimp is kept in Akron when it's not in use. I think there's also one kept at Teterboro which is somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.
05-01-02 05:39 PM
luxury1 I heard about the blimp from a ticket broker--always reliable, ya know.
05-01-02 05:45 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Mick Keef and Charlie, plus Bill on Bass, Taylor on lead WITH BEEFHEART GUESTING ON HARP. No, No, No not another daft rumour. Just a wild dream after reading The Blimp.
05-02-02 12:55 AM
Cant Catch Me A poster on IORR said his sister works near a blimp factory in North Carolina (didn't know they had one ??!!!??) and she saw them preparing a blimp with the infamous lips and tongue on the sides.
05-02-02 08:13 AM
Maxlugar Nice work FPM, C10!

Yes I'd love to meet up with you guys. Might be better after work but you guys are probably heading back early.

Lunch is cool though. I know a place where we can get great burgers and listen to Midnight Rambler at the same time!

Great for digestion.

Oh the glory. The GLORY!!!!

05-02-02 09:13 AM
Cant Catch Me wrote:
A poster on IORR said his sister works near a blimp factory in North Carolina (didn't know they had one ??!!!??) and she saw them preparing a blimp with the infamous lips and tongue on the sides.

yeah, i saw a similar post in Gasland by Shawn who states it was his coast guard sister that saw this lip and tongue blimp floating out of a factory in elizabeth city SC on monday.
05-02-02 09:43 AM
nankerphelge Ahhh a close encounter of the tongue kind.
Very nice -- its gonna happen people -- and I am gonna be stuck in Memphis. Yes that's right -- Memphis, Tennessee.

Yeah I know, yesterday I was thinking of slinking up to NYC to hook up with a quorum of the C10 and check out the blimp & all. But late last nite I got the call from on high that I will be in MEMPHIS on the 7th.

I am truly sad.
My heart is heavy.
My eyes tearing with the salty tears of missing a historic Stones moment.

And for what.
No offense Memphis, you are truly a jewel, but I will not be there long enough to enjoy you.
I'm gonna be in and out like Bill Clinton on an intern.
Wondering about the blimp -- wondering about my pals

Oh why did I choose law?
I could have been a dentist.
Laying on the pain - watching people writhe in discomfort
I could have been a blimp pilot
and float the Stones right down into C-park.

Oh the sad sad horror of it all...
05-02-02 12:38 PM
Joey "Oh why did I choose law? "

It could have been worse .......

You could have chosen medicine and become a gynecologist in a woman's penitentiary .

Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo
Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo
Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo
Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Joey

The Joey , BL10

05-02-02 01:13 PM
Cardinal Ximinez A gyno doc in the Chick Pen is a BAD thing?

Maybe if you are gay. Are you gay Joey? Did you show up in Cleveland to check out our packages? Hmmmmmmmm. I have to wonder....I don't know if we should have a gay limo driver, I mean, we have to bend over to get in the back...I don't want anyone checking my ass out while they hold the door open for me.

Hey Luxybabe! Do you like Rebel Yell? Rebel Yell makes you make a funny face when you swallow....are you sure you wanna ride ride ride with us?

I know Jaxxy wants to ride ride ride with us too....but I have an idea you gals may NEVER stop slapping us! Months later, you will still be slapping us.

Cleveland was NOT pretty.
05-02-02 01:51 PM
Maxlugar Joey's gay?!?!

Oh shit!

When he asked if I wanted to go with him and "get wood" in the bushes at 2000 Man's house I took it literally. So I got some wood for the fire with him.

Do you think he meant more when he said that?

Moonlight Mile was there. Hey Moonie, did you notice if Joey was acting all gay in those bushes? I didn't notice. Then again I was Chibated and drunk on Milk Stout, so maybe my gay-dar wasn't on.

"Get out the Crisco, Ronnie!"

Max Reed - Of the Stonewall 10

05-02-02 02:18 PM
Moonlight Mile He kept saying he wanted to caress your kneecaps, but I figured it was some line he heisted from you. Looking back all these months later, maybe it was a Stipe-ish gesture. I dunno. I just dunno.
05-02-02 02:20 PM
nankerphelge And I stood there cooking with that big flashlight in my mouth -- that must have looked like .. like .. oh god, I'm gonna be sick

05-02-02 02:30 PM
Moonlight Mile It gets worse Nanky. You kept yelling over to the Circle of Fire "Anyone ready for some more hot meat? Anyone? Anyone at all? Cause I got more for you right here."

I thought nothing of it at the time, but looking back all these months later . . .
05-02-02 02:34 PM
nankerphelge I was talking about the steaks
Oh god, I was only talking about the steaks
05-02-02 02:42 PM
Joey Oh Hell , I am really going to have some fun with this thread .................

Just wait until I get all of you guys in that Limo , with my little Black Nazi Uniform and a big bowl of Crisco .......I hope to God some of you know where Greenwich Village is because you are never going to see MSG with me at the wheel .

" Rock Hudson Me Ronnie "

Joey von liberace '
05-02-02 02:44 PM
Maxlugar Yeah and wasn't Joey yelling back "I like mine red and raw Nanky!"

Oh God!

I think I'm gonna put a frying pan down the back of my pants before I get in that limo!

Jeez! That guy must have been eyeing us up like priest eyes an all boys choir!

It's funny because it was real dark at times in 2000 Man's backyard and at one point I was like "Hey Joey what are you having over there" And he was all like "A hot dog".

Folks, 2000 Man had no hot dogs that night.

Sweet merciful frig!

05-02-02 02:45 PM
luxury1 Cardinal X--I will be bearing my own personal libations--always willing to share tho'.

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