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"On the Road" World Tour 2002-2003

Announcing The Tour - NYC May 7, 2002
By Peter Morgan
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Topic: Chuck Levall Return to archive
04-30-02 06:53 PM
Honky Tonk Man Im in a ranting and raving mood tonight, so here goes

Cardinal bought up in a post down below about the Stones not inviting this guy to tour with them. Well in my opinion, that would be the greatest achievment the Stones have done in years. The guys a joke. I hate the way he just sits there and tinkers away at the keyboard. He ruins the bands overal sound. Listen to recent versions, ie BTB version of "Sympathy" That damn piano intro spoils it completley. I mean i know why they hire him. They most likely figure that he can cover Keith and Ronnies ass when they mess up. Having him there gives Keith and RONNIE especially the excuse to not play. I say, boot him off. Bernard Fowler, Darrel Jones can both stay. I dont mind Lisa Fisher as long as she doesnt sing on "Gimmie Shelter" The singing on the original was outstanding. I hate the screeching shit she comes out with.

The Stones sound used to be about roaring slashing guitars and sex. Chuck Levall tinkering makes it sound like a cocktail party, or worse yet a friggin Kareokee
04-30-02 07:15 PM
MRD8 You need to understand that these are the "Vegas Stones" you have been seeing on tour since '89...they have their horns and background singers...blow up dolls and lots of pyrotechnics ala KISS! Bernard sounds just like Mick so he can take over down the stretch when Mick starts running out of gas from dancing around instead of singing! The only thing we owe to Chuck is that he is their "musical director"...he is responsible for them playing some of the great stuff they played on B2B/NS...look at the setlist page on this site...up till B2B they rarely varied the setlist at all...if they played 2-3 nights in one city they might change one song here or there...but most times exactly the same setlist every night! Not that they went crazy on B2B or NS...they sang different songs in slot number seven, Keith did different songs during his set(after the first leg of B2B) and different stuff on the b-stage...I hear the three setlists on this tour(stadium, arena and club) will be radically different...I sure hope they are!
04-30-02 07:44 PM
sandrew I'll have to write my J'Accuse defense of Chuck Leavell. He's a real purist keyboard player, unlike the synth-jockey, Matt Clifford. He plays boogie-woogie and vintage Hammond B3 - no fuss, no muss.

I mean, revisit the solo he did for the Allman Brothers' "Jessica." The guy's a monster. Keith himself said, he's like a spiritual link to Ian Stewart. I think, in addition to Stu, Leavell does a good job with Nicky Hopkins's melodic style.

Leavell is today's Sixth Stone, pure and simple.
04-30-02 07:54 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Since Stu and Nicky won't be there, they must ask Mac to join them
05-01-02 10:57 AM
Honky Tonker As I've said before, the only power Chuck has is the power given to him by Mick and Keith. Yes, he's there to cover Keith and Ronnie's ass when they screw up, but I"m pretty sure he doesn't tell either of them to "lay out" and let the keyboards dominate. Mick likes him being there to try to sound like the studio versions. Most fans, including myself, would rather it be a little raunchier. Damn! this is the Stones. That said Chuck didn't overpower Dickey Betts or Gregg Allman in the ABB. Don't forget, in the ABB he was hired instead of a guitarist after Duane's tragic death. Turn up Ronnie's guitar (mistakes and all) and let Keith pick the set list.
05-01-02 11:10 AM

Neue Seite 1


Can you imagine the 89-99

sound with Ian Stewart?

Or Mac?


05-01-02 11:13 AM
Maxlugar I think when we hear that Chuck is or isn't going to there, will be the moment we know just what kind of tour this will be.

If he's there: More of the same.

Not: Perhaps something WONDERFUL.

Oh and by the way, I think Darryl is there to pick up for Keith not singing. Not to bail Mick out.
05-01-02 12:18 PM
Honky Tonk Man Maxy, i agree with what you say about Darryl, Mick doesnt need supporting, but Keit cant really do back up singing anymore. Shame, before the drink hit in, he could do quite good back up. I remember on Kenos board, i think Keno said that he'd rather Keith didnt sing on the next tour. Well he should. The only song i can remember him singing back up on recently is "LSTNT" from the Bridges tour. Just think this way, thank god RONNIE doesnt sing. I cant remember to much about Shepards Bush, but im sure he didnt sing well. People say he was drunk that night, butr i cant remember that as well
05-01-02 07:13 PM
T&A chuck will be there. there's no question about that. he's been quoted recently as saying so. mac has emailed myself and others personally that he does not expect to ever again play with the Stones...though he said he'd love it. one of the main problems with Mac - he mentions it in his book - is that he's considered a bad influence on Ronnie (drugs, drink). and, with Ronnie is going through, that pretty much ends that discussion.

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