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Topic: The Emporers New Clothes Return to archive
04-30-02 01:38 PM
Vile Dance After all this hype, do think the Stones have got any Grammy quality left in 'em?
04-30-02 03:23 PM
Vile Dance wrote:
do think the Stones have got any Grammy quality left in 'em?

as tainted as the grammys are, i wouldn't want them to!
04-30-02 03:32 PM
sandrew "Grammy quality" - I wouldn't say that's synonymous with "great."
04-30-02 03:51 PM
Vile Dance "tainted" ?????
Well Dylan got one, should he throw it away? Why wouldn;t anyone want the Stones to get a grammy? These mixed messages confuse me.
04-30-02 04:12 PM
WahWahWoody Who cares about Grammies or a certain "quality" one should have to get one? We want to see the boys rock - forget about the rest!
04-30-02 04:25 PM
Vile Dance No one cares. Dylan pulled off an album or two that sent him into the statosphere/ Olympus...lately. The "grammys" recognized it and put a rubber stamp on it. I don't know how to measure this stuff either. But the Rolling Stones need to pull something out besides hype ...grammy or no.
A song here or there isn't good enough, If they really want to out on top they'd better go back to the basics (whatever that is).... I guess it's the blues. In that case I guess maybe Brian Jones will have the last laugh.
(I get sooooo tired)

05-01-02 05:30 AM
stonedinaustralia they already have one if i recall correctly...'85 i think it was, biut i forget what it was for... lifetime achievement perhaps... i didn't feel entirely comfortable wiht idea when ifirst heard it (uh oh i htought what's this all about esp. as it was around the time (i think) that stu left but in the end they pulled it off (i thought) in typical stones style the ceremony was in the states so the stones all met in london to accept the award... as i recall eric clapton in the states (ny i suppose?) presented the award via satellite and mj's acceptance speech took the piss out of it all quite nicely (while the rest looked eihter bored and/or distracted...

i recall reading keith was disappointed in the trophy (as it were)that he received... a miniature grammophone that fell to bits like a $2.00 tourist souvenir...

as for dylan, well, in my view its a whole different thing probably to do with the fact, IMHO, that dylan (like elvis)is far beyond everything even remotely connected with the (and you'll pardon the expression) "music industry". The stones at least can be categorized as a "rock 'n' roll band"... judgmentrs on dylan will still be made when we have all long gone and my bet is they will be, at the leat, on shakespearian terms...
05-01-02 10:20 AM
gypsymofo60 As Bill remarked concerning the music establishments be lated nod to The Stones, "Too little ,too late!" As Keith remarked concerning The Beatles and thier MBEs," We were never interested, we dont give a fuck about that",and that Keith said "riled 'em somehow!" Shit people! The Stones are above the poxy Grammys, they have something far more important, the loyalist,and most dedicated music fans bar none..... The Grammys!, I shit'em!.......Ahhhhh New York you talk alot, let's 'ave a lookatchya!
05-01-02 12:44 PM
Stones The Stones won a Best Rock album grammy for Voodoo Lounge.
05-01-02 01:54 PM
Stones wrote:
The Stones won a Best Rock album grammy for Voodoo Lounge.

out of all their excellent albums they win one for VL. 'nuff said.
05-01-02 01:56 PM
Maxlugar Hey! VL is in my top five.

Max "The Moon Is Up" Lugar.
05-01-02 01:58 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
Hey! VL is in my top five.
Max "The Moon Is Up" Lugar.

i know....but not in mine.......and believe me i have tried, and i've tried, and i've tried, tried, tried tried tried, but VL gets me no............!
05-01-02 01:58 PM
Scot Rocks Voodoo Lounge is a quality album.
05-03-02 01:48 PM
Vile Dance VooDoo Lounge won a 'grammy'??? Shows how much attention I pay to that. Actually "grammy quality" was a bad choice of words. I forgot the point I was trying to make anyway. Be that as it may, I liked the record allright. In fact if any of these hammer head writers want to keep rehashing the "aging rock star" nonsense, why doesn't someone take them into a closet someplace, and force them to listen to You Got Me Rocking for 24 hours?

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