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Topic: Jagger/ Richards in Jamaica Return to archive
04-23-02 07:24 AM
Maxlugar NY Post reports they were jamming in a studio a few weeks back.

Tingle tingle.
04-23-02 07:48 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Fuck yeah! That's so fucking great!
04-23-02 08:54 AM

Told ya ~ ; )

Don'ti always ? ; )
04-23-02 09:17 AM
Joey Was Mick Taylor with them ?

04-23-02 09:32 AM
Scot Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hApPy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04-23-02 09:58 AM
sandrew "Are you ready, everything seems to be ready, for the first time in three years, the greatest rock and roll band in the world..."
04-23-02 10:13 AM
Fabio Hot Stuff "Are you ready, everything seems to be ready, for the first time in three years, the greatest rock and roll band in the world..."' Rolling Stones! [THE ROLLING STONES!]
[first riff of Jumpin jack Flash is goin' to go out...]

------------I was born------in the crossfire hurricane-------
04-23-02 11:02 AM
nankerphelge They were stocking up on Jamaican chiba -- some of the finest face-melting herb in the world.

04-23-02 11:11 AM
Jaxx i just read that post article and ran right over here to post it. thanks for getting it here so fast! here's that lovely bit! not much, but at least something to go on. i'm creaming my jeans over this...and on a mick taylor header day too. yeah!


~Start ’em up!~

RICKETY Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are trying to roll out a new album. The rockasauruses were spotted jamming at a recording studio in Jamaica a few weeks back, and now music insiders are buzzing about a new CD. Though the Stones haven’t put out a really good record since 1981’s "Tattoo You," diehard fans will ensure that a new disc sells respectably. The Stones are set to announce their final world tour next month, which coincides with their 40th anniversary.

04-23-02 11:13 AM
sandrew Since we're all so desperate for news, I guess we'll forgive the snarky "no really good albums since '81" comment.
04-23-02 12:16 PM
Turner Hate to say it but the comment about Tattoo You was correct.
04-23-02 12:45 PM
Martha YEAAAAAA!!! I can feel this tour coming's only days away from announcing...I think.

I take offense to the stereotyping of our dear rock n rollers by the media. Can't they write one fucking article without referring to them as aging or rickety..(rickety for chrissakes haven't they ever seen Jaggar running all over the stage)...I defy them to keep up the stamina it takes to perform like they do.

Last night on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings...(how bloody old is he by the way?) they did a piece on The Osbournes. The show went over the top in viewer numbers (6.3 million) this past week and the conservative media cannot afford to ignore that! Cha ching!

Anyway, as they were describing the show and the latest news, they threw in a line calling Ozzy "washed-up" and of course they had to also say "aging 30 year Rocker"...I couldn't refrain and shot an e-mail off to them..I know who cares, but I had to defend, not only Ozzy but all of the great Rock stars of that generation.. I mean they aren't 80 years old they're in their 50's (most anyway).

I find it is tiresome constantly hearing the same stereotyped crap each time a review comes out. Get over it mediamachine...rock and roll is as respectable as any profession...age has NOTHING to do with anything!

Ok...I got my rocks off...thanks for listening.

Totally psyched for this upcoming tour...and I love ALL the Stones efforts. Currently listening to the live albums and getting jiggly!

ps the Rolling Stone features The Osbournes on the cover of their current issue and the short article is worth a read if you are an Ozzy fan.

Keep rockin' and THANKS for the post with the great news!
04-23-02 01:01 PM
Vile Dance Yeah..who isn't "aging". Thanks for the thought.
04-23-02 01:18 PM
KeepRigid "they threw in a line calling Ozzy "washed-up" and of course they had to also say "aging 30 year Rocker"..."

Big Daddy's going to be pissed...
04-23-02 01:24 PM
Scot Rocks YEAH

I wish these people would see some sense, everyone is aging all the time, you don't need to be old to be aging, i hate the atitude of the media that once you reach 50 you should buy a house in florida and sit in a deck chair and watch the world go by.

Thankfully the stones don't listen to this crap.

Not R.I.P. Stones

Lets RIP THIS JOINT!!!!!!!!!

Time to put on Exile again
04-23-02 01:46 PM
Joey wrote:
Was Mick Taylor with them ?

C'mon POWJOE!!! You know better {by now i hope!!!}

04-23-02 02:57 PM
Jaxx tour news next month is what i'm hanging on. screw rockasauruses, rickety and not a good album since '81. i wish the media would let all these rock icons be F@#$ING musicians. regardless of how old they are, they are still making music.

to say they haven't had a good album sincd '81 is purely subjective. its not the seventies and these guys aren't in their 20s anymore. as a result, i don't mind the mellowing of the stones. the morphing of their music reflects the state of mind they are at the time they are creating it. i am actually thankful that they dare to be innovative and dare to try something different. they are still the Rolling STones, the worlds GREATEST rocknroll band.

there will be alot of bitching and moaning about the new album. i know i'm going to like it and i will purchase it unheard and get my thrill at once. i'm optimistic...LOLROTF...hopefully nothing could be as bad as emotional rescue or dirtywork. but then again, as bad as those albums are(imo) they are still Rolling Stones Albums and better than alot of other crap they sell in those record stores.
04-23-02 03:31 PM
Honky Tonker Maybe Keef will find some herbal inspiration.
04-23-02 06:14 PM
the lepper Mick n' Keef need to get chibaized, and just ROCK......No "Out Of Tears" or crappy dance bits Mick has such a hard-on for, just freaking two guitar, bass and drums, (with some harp, of course) rock n' roll. Some Girls II as it were. That's the record I'd like to see. Sometimes it just seems like they think too much...just go from the crotch!!
04-23-02 08:57 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Here he is again, our old friend and nice regular, el señor yerba buena, lima-limón de Michoacán cousin of las señoritas Acapulco Gold and Roja de Jamaica walking down the street looking for Keith and Mick to have a good time jamming and recording new material for all of us

The animated gif is available for avatar!!!
04-23-02 09:15 PM
Mickjagger1963 Hey guys, first time poster here, anyway, I hear the aging stereotype more than anyone ( i think) becasue I am only 15 and everyone at school thinks that the Stones arent even a band anymore, they dont remember when they were the premier rock n roll ticket to have on 3 years ago for No security, they just know thye started in in the 60s it pisses me off, anyway I cant wait until they tour it will be my first time seeing them----I'm pumped!
04-23-02 09:21 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Welcome aboard and get ready for the tour, everybody seems to be ready... are you ready?
04-23-02 09:44 PM
nankerphelge I'm pumped too -- except for the idiot that wrote the story. The "Rickety" rockers? What "wrinkled rockers" is no good any more, now they are close to falling down? i don't think so.

And no good release since Tattoo You -- first off, someone clue in the author that TY was a patchwork quilt of leftovers. Second, I have two words for ya - Voodoo Lounge.

God I can't stand mediots
04-23-02 11:18 PM
Scottfree "Conservative media," What on earth are you talking about Martha? Last time I checked Pete Jennings and every fricking news anchor are as socialist as it gets! The media is dominated by liberal ideology, and these are the same people that call the Glimmer Twins, Ozzy, etc. washed up because it's sheik to bash them.
04-24-02 12:00 AM
MarthaMyDear Rockasauruses??? Is that the same as Steven Tyler being a Lickalotapuss??? lol.............................. :P OH, I COULDN'T RESIST!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, I MAKE MY OWN DAY!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE!!! HE!!! lol..................... :P I run-off laughing... IT'S TOO MUCH AND JUST SO ***FRIGGIN'*** RIDICULOUS!!! ;D

*** Martha ***
I LOVE YOU, RONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
04-24-02 12:32 AM
beer "Ya see, I don't really give a damn what the media, or whatever you call em, write about me. I'd just like to see all those cocksuckers spending an hour on stage doing what I do, and see how they stand up to it. I just presume they have nothing better to do, or that they're hard up for a story." -- Keith Richards

04-24-02 12:34 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl oooooh... aaaaaah... Thanks Master Keithfucius!

04-24-02 12:17 PM
Martha "Conservative media"

Scottfree> I stand corrected. I didn't choose my words correctly...I was thinking along different these press yankers don't even know what a rock concert is...and act at least "above " being affiliated with any of the rock n rollers. I wasn't thinking political ideaologies.
Your point was well put.

On Ozzy, I read he has earned 74 million of his solo albums! yea, that's washed-up...
Does anyone know if The Rolling Stone mag is the mag that Sharon Osbourne HATES? No opinion, just facts please...thanks!

I will earnestly try to use the term "mediots" from here on out..I really like that one!

I smell a tour announcement!

Love the reefer walking! I laughed like mad when it came up in the threads.

Keep posting the good news..

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