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Topic: Woody Out Of Clinic ( News of the World) Return to archive
04-21-02 08:26 AM
Gazza Today's News Of The World has a couple of pics of Woody looking in good health in Arizona where he's been receiving treatment for alcohol addiction - the piece says he was due to be released from the clinic yesterday and, according to other patients, he's quit smoking and started taking vitamins....

see the full text and pictures here:

news of the world

04-21-02 09:24 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl DON'T ring the optician just yet, your eyes are not deceiving you. This really is legendary rock boozer and hellraiser Ronnie Wood drinking WATER and picking FLOWERS.
The Rolling Stones guitarist was
snapped in full view of passers-by at the Cottonwood de Tucson
Clinic in Arizona where he is being treated for alcohol addiction.

The rock wildman has also quit smoking and started taking vitamins, according to other patients.

Ronnie, 54, was due to leave the clinic last night...and he's expected to branch out into a new career in heavy petal.

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04-21-02 10:20 AM

You GO, my boy ~ ; )
04-21-02 10:29 AM
Honky Tonk Man Well, i dont know what to say, its good that hes cleaned himself up, we want him on top form for the new tour, however dont expect him not to fall off the wagon again. Thats just my opinion
04-21-02 12:03 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 it's cool ronnie is getting into shape.
04-21-02 12:51 PM
Martha It's really nice to wake up to a news release about Ronnie doing so well. I hope he doesn't fall off the wagon. Some people think that the longer you are addicted the harder the fall...and we don't need Ronnie to go all the way down now do we?! Long live Ronnie Wood..and The Rolling Stones!

peace and serenity to all,

ps. Thanks for posting this Gazza. I hope you got my personal reply last week?.? (Melody/Martha/April)
04-21-02 02:48 PM
Scot Rocks Great News, keep it up Ronnie, lets hope its not premature like the last time though, even so this is good progress is being made and kickass guitar playing will soon commence!!!!
04-21-02 05:38 PM
Vacendak Hmmm.... that was a pretty short rehab stint, no? Hope he didn't just get fed up and tell 'em to screw off.
04-21-02 06:13 PM
Gazza I dont think so - the piece states that he was DUE to be released yesterday - that would mean that yesterday was an end date to his period of treatment which was SET by the clinic. It doesnt imply he checked himself out early - like he did at the Priory two years ago. The wording of the story suggests that the piece was written before yesterday,so there appears to be a scheduled date of release for him that has been known for some time.

I think the story of Woody being in rehab broke around 17th of March - if so,thats five weeks now already. he was already in the clinic by the time it made the papers,so its conceivable he may have been there maybe six weeks. I may be wrong but from what I remember when he went into the Priory in 2000 that was supposed to be the length of the treatment.

Martha - didnt recognise the "nom de plume". Got your e-mail.thank you...will respond when I get the chance!
04-21-02 11:48 PM
Jaxx i hope his dedication to the Rolling Stones and to all of his fans will be enough to keep ronnie sober. we're pulling for ya, ronnie. you go for it.
04-22-02 12:09 PM
the lepper Good god- If Ronnie can quit smoking than so can I......
04-22-02 01:26 PM
Cardinal Ximinez You can quit anything...if you really WANT to quit.

This says A LOT in Ronnie's case, IMO...
04-22-02 02:03 PM


This is true; people do drugs because they like them, and stop using because they don't.

You may need help to fully STAY clean; as it has been said, and i happen to agree: "Getting off drugs ain't the problem; STAYing off drugs is the hard part"...

This shit about "fear" as the cause of drug use and other arguments, are, in my opinion, a bunch of crap.

There may be a physiological component of addiction, but it's a small one compared to the mental state of the person using. The "fear" argument is bullshit; i will say, however, that PAIN is a factor, and thus "the cotton-balling" which is the motivating factor in most souls wanting to get high.

E-mail me sometime; it's been awhile, Cadinal!!

04-22-02 02:13 PM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
You can quit anything...if you really WANT to quit.

i would have to disagree with that. alcoholism is a disease, not a nasty habit.

as far as nasty habits go, not everyone is mentally tough enough to get through withdrawal. for example, i quit cigarettes about 20 years ago. my cardiovascular has improved beyond belief and i am thankful for that, however, smelling smoke, being around friends i used to smoke with, (even tho they quit too,) bars, or whatever i associate with smoking marlboro lights, continue to trigger that urge for me even though i know how sick it would make me feel to smoke it and how much it would decrease my skiing and mountain biking performance. i don't want to smoke, but i get that urge to smoke. there's folks out there that just can't get through that UNCONTROLLABLE urge. lucky you to be one of the mentally tough out there.
04-22-02 03:27 PM
SatisfactionUK I quit smoking, drinking, and snorting pills. It was the WORST 2 hours of my life...How Can I Stop?
04-22-02 04:14 PM

"I've never had a problem with drugs...only with cops"-kr

~ ; )

04-22-02 04:54 PM
nankerphelge I think we all ought to send Ronnie an "atta boy" letter - signed from all of us. Let him know that we all care, want him in top shape, and realize he is battling a difficult thing.

Tell ya what -- if I'm a Rolling Stones guitarist, I would feel obligated to be fucked up most of the time. The fact that he bit the bullet says alot. Maybe a bit of fan support will help him stay sober.

That's my 2 cents
04-22-02 05:02 PM

Dig it, nanker.

Who knows the cat? I don't; can't help here at all. Maybe someone else knows how to get past the red-tape and get him something, or maybe we could send something to him via his web page, i dunno.

But it sounds like a good thing-- maybe make him see he doesn't have to "live down" to some fucked up interpretation the fans have of him, you know ; )

04-24-02 06:50 PM
RonniesDarling I got the news about Ron first from a yahoo email group for Ron, nice place, anyway I have not yet ceased being thrilled to death over Ronnie being clean. Yes he could fall off at any given moment in time but he's doing well now. I would love to send him a letter, but I don't have an address, the closest one I had was an address for the clinic he was staying in but he's out now, slippery Ronnie can't get a hold of him. *Sigh* If anyone has an address for fans I'd appreciate it.

04-24-02 07:27 PM
Vile Dance Why not email it over to his web site, the webmaster, Pines,(or he used to be) seems to be a good guy. He might help.
I don't know what they say in rehab, but the best thing for a "vinegared" liver (bar a transplant) is Milk Thistle.
04-25-02 12:35 AM
Martha I wrote about fear being the driving component..or underlying cause of the addictive process and it's not just crap that I've dreamed up.

I've learned it the hard way. The big book of AA talks all about it...and yes I agree PAIN is also in the mix. That pain comes from a lot of places and is individual to each addict. of the hallmarks of medicating pain means an addict is medicating their feelings...all their feelings, and that becomes a vicious cycle...and the pain they avoid grows until they hit a bottom...or die.

When addicts come into Program (AA/NAOA/etc.) they are encouraged to get a sponsor and to attend meetings daily, (ie 60 in 60) at least initially. Then they are strongly supported to go through and list their searching and FEARLESS inventory (the 4th step).

This is when you list your resentments, disappointments and fears, and the underlying root of each one. And interestingly, the resentments and disappointments are ultimately fear-based...which I know from experience and I've heard countless times in meetings.

I wouldn't have believed this myself before I became involved in 12 step recovery. The Big Book also says that resentment and self-pity are the bigggest offenders for alcoholics, and they can't afford to hang on to any of them for long or they will drink/use again.

I've also seen people in early recovery right outta treatment , and in treatment..and they may act tough..(or not depending) but ALL of them were scared shitless..and eventually that comes out with enough time in recovery.

You don't have to agree with what I'm saying, I'm just sharing what I've learned and witnessed and read. Congrats to those of you who have been able to maintain sobriety regarding any substance..or process.

Prayers of support can be sent to Ronnie without any need for postage. In Program they believe in that and will ask for prayer sometimes. Can't hurt.

Just some thoughts on the serious subject of life and death.

May you all be blessed.


ps I am really enjoying this chat room. Thanks for everyone's comments and info.

The comments on this subject have been particularly thoughtful and!

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