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Topic: Contest Finals! Vote Now! Return to archive
04-19-02 05:57 PM
Cardinal Ximinez OK Rock's Off, here are the finalists for this months contest. Vote for the winner!

In a tie, I pick the winner.

Finalist #1...Jaxx!
i had to go with english to italian and back to english. what a scream.

It's too bad, she's got you by the balls
You can't break loose at all

It is too much defective, she has got you from the spheres that you cannot rompersi liberations at all

Finalist #2....Beer!
"got to scrape that shit right off your shoe"

English to italian to english

"it has obtained to abrade that right of the shit outside of your ice skate."

Finalist #3....Nasty Habits!
From Live with Me

"When she strips, the chauffeur flips."

From English to Spanish and back:

"When she eliminates, the driver moves of a pull."

Finalist #4....The Worst
From Cocksucker Blues into French and back:
Where can I obtain my kissed ass?

Finalist #5....Sitting On A Fence!
Original English:
Under my thumb,
The girl who once had me down,
Under my thumb,
The girl who once pushed me around.
It's down to me,
The difference in the clothes she wears,
Down to me, the change has come,
She's under my thumb.

Transmogrified by Spanish:
Under my thumb,
The girl under whom me tapeworm once,
Under my thumb,
The girl who I push myself once around.
This down to my,
The difference in the clothes which it wears away,
Who swallows to, the change has come,
She this under my thumb.

There were lots of other great entries, but I could only pick 5. Thanks to everyone who played...I hope you had fun!

And "Good Luck" to the finalists!

Vote now! You only get one vote...and unlike Florida...they will all be counted!
04-19-02 06:25 PM
moy Beer
04-19-02 06:29 PM
gypsy The Worst
04-19-02 06:38 PM
CS Jaxx
04-19-02 07:07 PM
Scot Rocks Beer
04-19-02 07:15 PM
Gazza Jaxx

..and what the fuck are "rompersi" ?
04-19-02 07:42 PM
The Worst The Worst/The kissed ass, if I'm allowed to vote for myself,
otherwise Sitting On A Fence

04-19-02 07:43 PM
beer Can we vote for ourselves? Haha!! I vote for BEER, his emaciated Stones collection needs to be blessed with 2 new killer boots!

04-19-02 08:03 PM
Cardinal Ximinez No beer, you may not vote for yourself...

....and the prize is 2 discs, not 2 shows. Now 2 discs COULD be 2 shows, but it could also be a single show...mostly everything from 1975 onward is a 2 CD show.

Just to set the record straight....
04-19-02 08:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Beer did a great effort and was as all others, hilarious; however, my vote is for my mate jaxx.
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
04-19-02 08:56 PM
Sue Beer
04-19-02 09:16 PM
Tom Sitting On A Fence
04-19-02 09:29 PM
Stonesthrow Jaxx
04-19-02 10:15 PM
Nasty Habits My absolute favorite of all of the translations -- the one about the animal of the load, did not make the final cut. However, since Beer is responsible for that translation as well as the Sweet Virginia one, I will vote for Beer.

It's hard to top a lyric that seems to be about the abrasions left from cleaning one's hindquarters with an ice skate. My coprophilically inclined driver cannot compete with that.

I notice that I am, so far, the only finalist willing to vote for another candidate. I'm only doing this because I want to appear magnanimous, since I have received not one single vote so far and fear I have NO chance of winning (throws tears on the dusty ground).

It's all just a big fehkkin' popularity contest anyway.

04-19-02 10:44 PM
snot i vote for beer because he lives upside down, unlike me.
04-19-02 11:25 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I'm not gonna let any of the finalists vote...even if they vote for someone else. It just doesn't seem right.

I will allow campaign stumping though.....
04-20-02 12:53 AM
Jaxx damn. here i am late to the friggin party AGAIN!! i had absolutely NO IDEA i was a contender for these awesome prizes. and i didn't even HAVE TO flash! my oh my! EXCELLENT! thanks for the votes. i was curious how "slang" would translate and back again. there were sooo many great entries. i'm dizzy with excitement.

and OMG, gaz--LOL i'm howling here at this one, or was it that half pitcher of margs i kicked back this evening? "rompersi" according to altavista translations means, "to break off itself". O U C H !!
04-20-02 01:29 AM
Cant Catch Me Sitting On A Fence and the tapeworm, ya' can't beat that!
04-20-02 09:52 AM
Goddess i/t Doorway Jaxx
04-20-02 10:18 AM
MotherslilHelper Jaxxy gets my vote.
04-20-02 11:21 PM
Byram Jaxx
04-21-02 12:04 PM
Cardinal Ximinez This is the last day to vote!

Right now Jaxx is up 3 on beer.

I'll make a final count tonight, and announce the winner.

04-21-02 03:19 PM
04-21-02 05:59 PM
kitkat beer
04-21-02 11:47 PM
Cardinal Ximinez OK, the voting is now closed.
04-24-02 07:07 PM
RonniesDarling Blah! I'm so late, I know it dosen't count but I wanted The worst to have my vote, or let the worst know if I wasn't so late he would've had yet another vote


04-25-02 07:37 AM
The Worst Thanks very much, RonniesDarling! I would not have won the contest anyway, but being supported feels good.

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