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Topic: Tour Announcement Soon!! Return to archive
04-18-02 12:44 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! This was sent to me this morning by a ticket broker:

The rumours are starting to surface. Sources close to the

group are telling us that the Rolling Stones will officially

annouce their upcoming tour personally in early May with an

extravagant blimp descent into Central Park.

Ticket on sale dates will follow shortly after the tour

announcement. They are expected to begin the tour in


Stay tuned for additional information that will be provided

to you as it becomes available.

<<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>>


Rare unused tickets and backstage passes!

Rare magazines and posters!

Jessica Thompson
04-18-02 12:58 PM
Maxlugar Holy shit! A blimp?

That is genius!!!

Blimps move slow. It could have a gigantic tongue logo on it. Millions would see it and flock to its descent!

Will I go?

Frig yes!

I am seven blocks from Central Park.

Sweet mother of baby Jesus!!!

I am so excited I'm typing this with two of the larger goose bumps that suddenly appeared on neck!

Go Stones!

Go Rocks Off!

And, more importantly, Go ME!


Mmmmmmmaxy! (M. Lugarfly, C9, M.C. Lugar)
04-18-02 01:09 PM
sandrew I'd say the odds of the blimp scenario being true are about infinity to one.
04-18-02 02:04 PM
Martha Holy mudder of gott!!

I got up hoping to get a bit of fabulouos Stones tour news...and I want it to be TRUE!!! Blimp and ALL even though i'm far, far, away in Ohio, and will only catch a glimpse on the telly...lets do it!! I'm rushing just imagining it too!

I am reliving my attending the Babylon show were I miraculously got in the 20th something row dead center floor at Ericcsson Stadium in Charlotte NC. We got there late and ended up purchasing these incredible seats for 60 bucks each...our seats were to have been a million miles up in the nosebleeds but my friends credit card didn't go through and weren't told...thank jeezus i'd shoved $120 in my pocket as we jumped outta the car to make the show...all after driving in hideous traffic and gettin g there as they opened the show.
My friend who met us there from Raliegh/Durham had similar problem in traffic jams and got ther late...and was in the same area as we were...although we didn't find him unitl after the show. he was in a dream spot right next to the B stage and got to see his idols from a few feet!!!! He's a drummer and was in hog heaven watching Charlie and crew! Holy Shit!!!

I'm jammin to No Security as I write...and I CANNOT wait! There is truley no other concert experience like the one and only Rollin Fuckin' Stones! You gotta go to understand it! I'm hitting at least two shows Gott willin and the tickets don't sell out!

Flipped my switch!
04-18-02 02:24 PM
Honky Tonk Man A Blimp? Oh wow, this is sounding really great. Only the Stones could make an entrance like that!!!
04-18-02 04:39 PM
Angiegirl I've read something on the Dutch mailinglist about the date: May 14. Don't know anything more. Don't know if it's true, but where there's smoke...
04-18-02 06:14 PM
Gazza Ive heard that same blimp rumour too..sounds quite a logical progression when you think about it

1989 tour announcement - the Stones arrived by rail

1994 tour announcement - by boat

1997 tour announcement - by car

2002 tour announcement - by air

At this rate,expect the NEXT world tour to be announced from either outer space or by the band being fired from a rocket from the centre of the earth,landing in the middle of Yankee Stadium.....
04-18-02 06:59 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I just pray that Keef and Ronnie don't decide to light up when they are on that damn thing!


Roasting Stones...
04-18-02 08:28 PM
Scot Rocks May 14th, just looks like I'll have to skip that exam, the stones arriving in a blimp, that I have to see.

Maybe the owner of Virgin Richard Branson will pilot it as flying air baloons and shit like that are his speciality.

This is great news YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
it is getting closer

04-18-02 11:52 PM
MarthaMyDear First Aerosmith on MTV's Icon and now THIS?!?!?! It must be MULTIPLE ORGASM-TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** Martha ***
04-19-02 06:54 AM
nanky Branson's only specialty is ditching his balloon in yet another failed attempt by some spoiled brat millionaire playboy to circle the earth.

Then the U.S. Coast Guard, using my hard-earned tax dollars, can pull his sorry ass out of the drink so he can try it again.

Fucker has more money than god and he never reimburses anyone for saving him. I hope he does pilot the balloon -- and I hope Mick tosses his goofy ass out somewhere over Rikers Island. But I hope he survives long enough for bubba to stick it way way way up his ass. Then he can die.
04-19-02 08:19 AM
TomL By air, by land, by rail or by sea just get the ball rolling. My pie hole is starting to pulse. My balls are so hard they sound like klick klacks when I walk.
04-19-02 09:04 AM
Maxlugar Nice one TomL!

Klick Klacks!

Joey? You see that?

04-19-02 09:08 AM
TomL A little age comes with the term Klick Klacks.
04-19-02 04:55 PM
Dan <>

Believe it or not, the U.S. Coast Guard actually charges for this service.
04-19-02 06:35 PM
Gazza Richard Branson actually SOLD Virgin over to EMI about ten years he doesnt own the record label anymore,as its a subsidiary of EMI

He sold it just after he'd signed up the Stones. That was his main bargaining tool!
04-21-02 10:25 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 I can't wait till may 2, 2002 to see if the tour is announced.
04-22-02 03:02 PM
Turner You made this motherfucker happy.
04-22-02 05:17 PM
Joey I am so excited that I am E- Mailing this with my nipples .

M. Joeyfly

The Joey , C9

04-22-02 08:37 PM
be true May 7 or 8. See you at there
04-23-02 05:42 PM
Angiegirl And to add another date: Dutch fanclub man Peter Kramer said 'not earlier than May 15...' Just stay sharp in May is the answer I guess!

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