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Topic: I met Paul McCartney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Return to archive Page: 1 2
04-18-02 10:50 PM
Cardinal Ximinez *wheeze*

Help me gypsy......*gasp*

things are spinning...going dark.....

Grandma? Is that you, Grandma.....?

Hurry gypsy....time....running...out....soon.....

*hack, wheeze, gasp*
04-18-02 10:58 PM
KeepRigid If only someone qualified could nurse me back to health.
04-19-02 01:13 AM
Cant Catch Me Thank you, Stone Jr., for reporting this meeting to us.
You must be scared and very lonely now, but please do not worry since I can assure you that the best scientists in the world are working on a permanent cure as we speak.
Yes, you have been exposed, but you do not have to let it control your life. The symptoms, while severe at first, can be managed for now with a carefully administered medical program.
In fact, the shots to keep your condition in remission are needed only once daily, all 12 of them in quick succession.
If all goes well, you will mostly recover from this frightful occurrence, although I hope you have learned a valuable lesson. Yes, the sweet lure of the sugary sweet pop siren can be hard to resist, but you must be strong.
If you are lucky and your treatment goes well, you may not have to be held back for yet another year of fourth grade. After all, the fifth year of the same grade must be beginning to wear on your nerves by now.
So, cheer up, and be strong!
04-19-02 01:49 AM
gypsy Since I'm just an x-ray tech, there's not much that I can do...well, I could radiate the hell out of Joey (to prevent him from reproducing...and Maxy too)...but, that's about it...oh, I almost forgot-barium enemas! Ah, Cardinal, you seem very excited about it, so you'll be first...just relax and take in a deep breath...
04-19-02 12:35 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Nope, won't work on my affliction...the dreaded Stonesitis....I dosed myself with some Handsome Girls...but that is just a temporary fix of the my doctor was very specific about what would fix me know what to do...please...mercy...
04-19-02 12:37 PM
Cardinal Ximinez *gasp*

04-19-02 12:52 PM
KeepRigid I just need someone to nurse me...
04-19-02 02:30 PM
Maxlugar Hey! Why can't I reproduce?

Gonna listen to Handsome Girls soon.

I don't want no radiation on my Custard Cups!

Gonna watch Seattle '81 soon.

I'll take one of them there enemas, though.

Gonna play High and Dry at maximun volume soon.

Maxy likes to piss his poop!

Gonna drink and get weeping during Winter soon.

When I'm angry I can shit like a fire hydrant and boy have I been pissed lately!

Gonna feel the Drive soon.

Maxlugar, God's gift to posting.
04-19-02 03:03 PM
Joey "Since I'm just an x-ray tech, there's not much that I can do...well, I could radiate the hell out of Joey (to prevent him from reproducing...and Maxy too)... "

You make little Joey scared ( and the big giant was sleeping so soundly too )

Why can't I reproduce ?

Gonna listen to Tokyo ' 90 soon .

I don't want no radiation on my gonad buttermaker

Gonna watch Double Door ' 97 soon .

I' ll take one of them there enemas , though .

Joey likes runny sh##s !

Gonna drink at Charlestons and get weeping during Brussel's Angie soon .

Gonna feel the springtime breezes in the blue , red and grey .

" Build a swimming pool Ronnie "

Bunny Joey

Established , 1999 ( March 6th , 1:20 AM )

04-19-02 08:05 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Uh-oh. This is trouble.
04-20-02 12:41 AM
Cardinal Ximinez wrote:
Uh-oh. This is trouble.

yeah, and flooding and spamming? at least the flaming is minimal. thank god its all contained in this nice tidy little folder. i have my eye on this one and so do my compadres. thanks for the "fatherly" advice waaayyyyy above this flood.
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