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Topic: magic moments... Return to archive

04-17-02 03:46 PM
A few thoughts (very personal).

Do YOU have magic moments on Stones songs?

Tell us.

There are a few
moments during a lot of Stones tracks where I get shivers
everytime I hear it.


Here are a few:

1. Start Me Up (Still
Life): a) Keith´s riffs at the beginning; b) Charlie
joining him; c) the first riff after "You make a
grown man cry" Arrrgggh!

2. Imagination (Still
Life): a) Keith´s riff after "Running away with
me" in the second refrain; b) Keith´s riff again
after "Ev´ry night I hope and pray"

3. Saint Of Me
(Babylon): a) Mick´s lyrics and voice; b) Ronnie´s
guitar; c) Billy Prestons organ, especially at the end;
d) Charlie´s drumsound

4. Street Fighting Man
(Banquet): a) the second acoustic guitar joining at the
beginning (sounds like a bell); b) the instrumental
preludes before a new verse starts, especially the last
one after "Get down!"

5. Gimme Shelter (Let
It Bleed): a) the whole beginning incl. Charlie joining
with his entire set; b) the lines "Mmh, the flood is
threat´ning my very life today"; c) the words
"Gimme, gimme shelter!"; d) Mick´s harmonica

6. Beast Of Burden
(Some Girls): a) "You can put me out"; b) the
chords after that; c) "...on the street"

7. You Got The Silver
(Let It Bleed): a) Al Kooper´s organ during the
instrumental part between second and third verse

8. Rocks Off (Exile):
a) the piano joining the song shortly before
"What´s the matter with the boy?" b) getting
back to the hard beat: "The sunshine bores the
daylight out of me!"

9. You Got Me Rocking
(Voodoo Lounge): a) Keith´s killer riffs; b) Ronnie´s
slide, especially during the last 30 seconds

10. Sister Morphine
(Sticky Fingers): a) the piano after 2nd verse; b) slide
and drums joining it

04-17-02 04:52 PM
Cardinal Ximinez ...anytime I hear "She's So Cold" reminds me of the first time I got my knob was the song playing on the radio during the blessed event.

Does that qualify as a magic moment?
04-18-02 12:53 AM
Stonesthrow Did he or she do it around Halloween time? If so, it might have been a Knobgoblin.
04-18-02 02:37 AM
TT His Ximinezness,

please a bit more precise:

a) When did she gobble your knob? The whole 4´12"? Or just a few seconds?

b) As you can see in my list: It´s about parts of the songs where the shivers come (NOT by knob gobbling, you see?)

So come on. At least from you I expect the inquis..., ah, eh, a good answer.
04-18-02 07:04 AM
KEEFNTHAT respect - did she swallow!! LOL

yeah magic moments:

Gotta be first few bars of gimme shelter and the backing vocals around 3/4 of the way through where she just sings so high its like screaming almost.

Midnight rambler from YAYAs - midway through the first part when Keef and taylor fuck up but pull it back together, sometimes you can't even tell. spine tingling stuff! As Ronnie put it "sometimes we go wrong and it turns out sounding good!"

Also Stray Cat Blues from YAYAs; Taylors guitar and Keefs going so well togther.
be back soon with more
04-18-02 09:08 AM
Cardinal Ximinez OK...memory bank search...

Uhhhh...I don't remember it lasting for the whole song, but it was more than a few seconds...but I can't really remember the exact moment of climax either...I'd love to say that it was right when Mick goes.."I'm a bleeding volcaaaaanoooooooo"...but I honestly can't remember...and yeah, she swallowed.

As an aside...this chick was later murdered in a three way lesbian love odd is that!

Sometimes truth is stanger than fiction.
04-19-02 08:18 AM
Honky Tonker No way too top that story! Cheers!

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