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Topic: I hope its not the last Return to archive
04-16-02 06:15 PM
Honky Tonk Man Im in a posting state of mind tonight!!!

Since they announced their 89 Steel Wheels tour (And maybe on the previous?) the Stones have always being asked whether this will be the last tour. I was just wondering what they plan to say this time. There are several factors to consider. Firstley, this is being billed as an aniversery tour, or is it? They publicly announced it yet remember. Id hate them to say its going to be the last. I cant to be honest see the Stones waiting till say 2005/2006 to do another tour, though you can bet your bottom doller that Mick will still gain tabloids in the Sun. What about Charlie though?, hes always played down his love about playing stadiums and the such, Mick thrives on such a big stage, its who he is. Can you see Charlie wanting to do it for much longer, perhaps in future hed just rather go around playing clubs in a jazz band. Remember though "He said no fuckin' more" after the 69 tour, but he keeps coming back. Id hate to evan contimplate such a thought but i have. Perhaps in the future there could be a mind games kinda thing going between Charlie and Keith (Just like Keith bullied Bill. Perhaps that wasnt the real case though) Id be intrested to know though, whether you guys would rather the band come out and say this will be the last, or just announce it in a few years time. I cant preddict the ends obvsiously

04-16-02 09:49 PM
Stones Jagger has stated in the past he " thinks it is a mistake " for bands to say it is their last tour and have the fans feel sorry for them because they are not going to be around anymore. I think the Stones will never announce thier last tour. The last tour will be the tour before Charlie wants to stop or one of the members dies.
04-23-02 01:15 PM
Vile Dance Charlie just turned 60 last year I believe. Mick & Keith have not even turned 60 yet. The Rolling Stones just turned 40. BB King is still playing. etc might be the "last" tour" but I wouldn't bet on it. The Stones are too stubborn and I think they decided a long time ago to push it to the limit. "last tour" and "Rolling Stones" make no sense in the same sentence...
04-23-02 01:33 PM
Scot Rocks Don't look to far into the future, we have this tour coming up, it will be amazing then we look at the future. However, I can't ever see them announcing that they are retiring i can still see them doing more stuff that as that is all they have done for the best part of 40 years and if they really wanted to stop for ie for family reasons they would have done it already.

However what will they announce the next tour with after a Blimp...well what else is there!!??

04-23-02 02:16 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I think this is the last big stadium tour.

But I don't think this is the end of the Stones as a live act.

Extended engagements beckon......2 months at the MGM in Vegas....a month at the Trump.....2 weeks at the Paradiso.....

They'll still hit the road, just not in the same way as they used to do.
04-23-02 02:21 PM
Vile Dance "last big stadium tour"
Now we need "bigger" stadiums?
[Edited by Vile Dance]
04-23-02 06:25 PM
Jaxx i've heard this tour is being dubbed the "swan song tour" which tells me it could be the last time. lets hope not.
04-23-02 09:54 PM
Stones Everytime The Rolling Stones tour the press automatically say it is their farewell tour, last tour or whatever. The idiots are so quick to have them stop. Every press release starts out the same with some stupid age jokes and goes down from there.

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