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Topic: 2003 UK Tour Return to archive
04-15-02 06:22 PM
Honky Tonk Man This is one for Gazza me thinks. I was just curious as to how things work. As far as im aware, the US and UK (Europe is suppose i should say) are announced seperatley and are considered different tours. So what im thinking is that when the Stones announce in a few weeks their plans for the US, they wont mention they're "home gigs" I take it, id be right in presuming that they will be announced in early 2003?. Theres so much i dont know really. For instance, i have no idea how long their US tour is going to take. Sure, i cant wait to hear their plans but i just want to hear about their UK plans. I guess i will just have to wait patiently while the r4est of you guys have a fantastic time seeing the Stones later this year. Im not all confussed and paranoild about getting tickets anymore, as i was when i posted on Keno's board months back. All i need to do is get them off "T
04-15-02 06:26 PM
Honky Tonk Man Damn, sorry about that, i got my Dylan tickets off Ticketmaster anyhow. I figure as long as i get tickets whithin a couple of days of going on sale i should be safe. I couldnt give a hoot about kick ass seats or anything like that, or how many times i see the band (seeing them at Shepards Bush or Brixton would be amazing though, hope you keep me posted about that Gazza!!!) All i want to do is see them.


04-15-02 07:12 PM
Gazza far as the last three full scale European tours are concerned

the 1990 tour was announced on 22 March 1990

the 1995 tour was announced end of November 1994

the 1998 tour was announced late Nov. or early December 1997

Obviously the 1999 shows were different as they arose due to the postponement of the August 1998 UK shows - which was announced on 7th June 1998. Additional continental European shows were added much later (mosty early 1999 I think)

In general,they tend to announce one "leg" at a time,so whilst they'll probably announce a world tour whenever they launch it in the coming weeks,they'll probably only confirm some North American dates to begin with - and even at that, most likely not all of them. If the gossip is anything to go by,indications are they'll be in North America until December or maybe January.

If theyre playing stadiums in the UK,you'll have NO problem getting tickets. Keeping your eye on fan websites like this,IORR etc should give you a head start on most of the masses for any arena shows.

Theatre/club shows are often word of mouth and just depends how helpful your friends are!! When they played Shepherds Bush - it was an open secret there WOULD be a small show on June was just a case of a) knowing which venue and b) where and when the ticket sale would be. It was a bit of a catch-22 because whilst I wanted to help people out with getting tickets and share info - getting tickets was really going to be a case of every man for himself,and the less people that knew the inside info the better (We didnt know how many tickets were on sale to the public for shepherds bush - 1,000 as it turned out - until we were actually in the queue and the guy who was stamping numbers on our hands told us. There was gossip beforehand that they were maybe only releasing 400 publicly so you can understand the need to keep it quiet!) However,1000 tickets (the place held 1800..the rest were friends and relatives) is quite large by the standards of some club shows (afer all,shepherds bush empire is a theatre,not a club..)so I can only imagine how hard it was to get tickets for the 1997 club shows in Toronto and Chicago as they were attended by half that amount.

Dont worry Alex - if & when I hear anything on a UK small show,I'll let you and anyone who needs it know! Then again, I bet others have much better contacts than I have! However.its a temptation to overexpose news like that that can be the problem though sometimes,because its natural to a) want to get tickets for yourself and b) help others you know. I guess one way round that is for people living in an area where there IS going to be a small show with very limited availability to make contact with others in their area and share the info privately - either by e-mail or the private message facility!
04-15-02 11:12 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 the north american and european tours willl rock.
04-16-02 08:39 AM
Scot Rocks My mission in lfe in 2003 will be to get tickets for the UK shows. Do u think that they will return to Murrayfield again?
04-16-02 08:50 AM
Cardinal Ximinez OK, here's what I heard....

No UK shows on this tour. The tax thing is insurmountable, and the Gov't won't budge. It would actually COST the Rolling Stones to play the they are going to skip it.....As much as they want to wind everything up in London, Mick just refuses to have to PAY to play there.

This comes from a very good source inside the Stones office.
04-16-02 08:53 AM
Cardinal Ximinez OK, now that you had a hemorrage....

April Fools!

It was a joke....I don't have a contact inside the Stones office, and as far as i know they'll play the UK....

I can hear the gaskets blowing all the way across the pond!
04-16-02 09:09 AM
Joey My sources inside the Stones' camp tell me that while Ronnie is away in Rehab , the band is busy cutting tracks with Mick Taylor .

04-16-02 12:06 PM
Scot Rocks Joey I take it that ur 'sources' are the same as before.
04-16-02 03:04 PM
Honky Tonk Man Thanks Gazza, what i hopefully plan to do, is to go to a show with my mate, one with my dad and one by myself (the show where i can take a notebook, and really check on Ronnies playing!!!) That was a joke. We are all mad on the Stones buy we are hardly geeks
04-16-02 03:24 PM
jb The Stones should not play England. The English hate the Stones and ridicule them every chance rthey get.
04-16-02 04:01 PM
sandrew JB - It's funny you say that. I think it's more a case of the English press, not necessarily ordinary English folks. Funnily enough, Stephen Davis's book pointed out how popular they were in Paris when they were first starting - the ever-snooty Franks welcomed a bad-boy alternative to the Beatles. He also noted how they were instantly popular in Boston - a true-blue Anglophile town.

I think today the most enthusiastic and loyal Stones fans, at least in the States, are urban-inclined Irish and Italians. New York is THE Stones town. I don't why that is, but I'd love to hear what you all think.
04-16-02 05:06 PM
Gazza >The Stones should not play England. The English hate the Stones and ridicule them every chance rthey get.

yeah and living in Florida I bet youve spoken to all 50 million of them. What a stupid generalisation. Thank God I dont stereotype Americans based on "Jerry Springer"!!

04-16-02 05:53 PM
Honky Tonk Man Oh i hate that programe, i used to kinda like it, but really its awful. It doesnt show you Americans in a good light, just like theres so many things which make us Britts look stupid!!!

And as for the comment above, thats the biggest load of bullshit ever, the press doesnt really dislike the Stones, they just take the micky out of Mick for the way he still parades around. I find it all rather funny. Remember the Stones are a BRITTISH group, so not playing their would make no sense whatsoever
04-16-02 06:23 PM
Gazza well..thats my point - you cant and shouldnt generalise a nation of people based on one extreme example...thankfully, I know enough Americans to get a more pleasant snapshot !! God forbid if this country was a mirror image of its journalists.

Fact is,the UK tabloid press do have a mentality of "build them up to knock them down" mentality about everyone who becomes successful,so I dont think they single out just the Stones for that kind of treatment.Mick attemting to pork anything with a pulse these days doesnt exactly help his or the bands image - if anything,he sets himself up for ridicule. However,Jagger actually got a lot of really good press in the UK for "Enigma" (not least because he didnt sell out to Hollywood and allow them to rewrite the story and make it an "American" story - he kept the movie historically accurate even though it made it less commercial)...and I can assure anyone that despite all the jibes the Stones get about their age and whether they should retire and that old crap..when they DO play live,they make the press here eat their words and give them great reviews. Happens every tour.

Theres still a lot of affection for the band here and we do have a "hardcore" base of Stones fanatics just like everywhere else - maybe not as much as some other countries,but its still there. Its also a quite different market than that in the US,I think and the press do tend to be very "ageist" (The American press is too from what I've seen and read as a collector of Stones material down the years - but maybe not in as vicious or mocking in their tone)

04-16-02 10:54 PM
Martha Thanks for giving some of us in the usa a nice word. I can attest though, that we americans can be pretty awful beasts , and our press is no exception.

And as far as the US press goes ..they do the same shit...when someone is on top they rip them down with something personal...or whatever..they even make shit up entirely!!!.... like the recent episode with Will Smith and Ethan Hawke..who they reported had a go around after the Oscar bash...when in fact they hadn't even seen one another all evening..AND Will went off early during Oscar to the hospital as his child was ill with a high fever.

The two later posed in a mock photo with their fists clenched and drawn to each other to rebute the bullshit. They had a laugh, but this boundaryless shit isn't funny...i would freak if I looked in t he papers and saw a totally untrue story written about me or a loved one. We have no privacy or respect when it comes to the meantality<
And i used to think ...hey..they're celebs so they asked for this it is part of their gig...and later I realized that is one should be put through that one works public relations 24/7. It's inhumane and intrusive.

Ageism is horribly rampant in this country as is racism and naseum. Bottom line though...if you can bring in the bucks..they will suck up to you for a bit anyway.

The Stones have that sewed matter what. I personally LOVE that my rock n rollers are getting older and STILL jamming on home. I feel I get a rejuvinated kinda blood transfusion when I see a live show...especially the Stones. They could bring me back from the dead.

Since I'm about 15 years their junior I also look to them for where I'm headed...if I make it that long! It will be dreadful when they are no longer here...forget I mentioned such a terrible thought.

And on rock n roll...retiring stuff...just WHAT the FUCK could these people do besides what they do best???

I don't think the guitar is ever far from any of our beloved rockers. Thank god, and old gods, almost dead.
04-17-02 12:27 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I hate to tell you guys this...but at least where I live...there is a big section of the population that IS a Jerry Springer Show waiting to happen.

I work at a 911 Center...I listen to good ol' US Trailer Park Trash for 8 hours a day....I live in one fucked up community.

I've also seen how Americans act when they are overseas(I lived abroad for a couple of years.)...atrocious is the only word I can think of to describe it. No wonder we are known as "Ugly Americans". Yeah, some of us are decent human beings...but I'm afraid we are outnumbered.

The US press is no different that any other press corps...print what sells...who gives a fuck if it's true.

Good Lord I'm one cynical son of a bitch!
04-17-02 09:01 AM
Scot Rocks A question that I ask often ask myslef is Why is there not more stones fans in the UK?
well where I live, stones fans are not very prominent and the usual reaction I get when I reveal that I am a stones fan is usually one of ridicule for liking those 'old men'. Could it be the press coverage that they get? I don't think so. It makes it harder to believe when you look at new bands. How anybody can like the modern bands is beyond me they are boring, bland and write boring music, maybe that is a bit of a generalisation, however in terms of British bands such as Travis, Coldplay, Starsailor etc i think that this is the case...yawn. Wheras bands like the Stones and the Who rock.

People are so ignornant today!!!!!!!!
04-17-02 09:37 AM
Maxlugar Cardinal Ximy,

I hear ya. I have two examples from this morning on my way to work:

1) Me and about 7 people are standing on the corner of 6th ave and around 36th St. waiting for the light to turn green so we can cross. The light turns green but anyone with half a mind sees a cab trying to beat the light. He doesn't and has to stop abruptly nearly hitting some idiot who stated crossing the street the second the light turned green. This guy goes nuts screaming "You FUCKING ASSHOLE...." Right in the face of the young upstanding middle eastern cab driver. It was just embarrassing. Even though the man is a terrorist, we need to show some class here people.

2) Then about 10 blocks later I am passing this photo store that has a gigantic four foot by four foot enlargement of the World Trade Center, post Saudi Arabian suicide bomber remodeling, on its front window. Every morning I stop to take a look at it as it's a satalite photo and its extemely sharp and detailed. Well, this morning, there happens to be some guy standing in front of it and I decide not to stop but I do look at it as I'm walking by. About five steps away I hear "You got a problem asshole?" I figure that can't be directed at me. Then I hear "YOU GOT A PROBLEM ASSHOLE" Real loud. I know it's for me now. So I stop and turn and sure enough he's looking at me. I take a few steps toward him and yell "I was looking at the picture behind you, you fucking idiot!" He looks behind him and gives me a little wave like "Oh, It's cool man".

Fuck people like that. Unfortunately, I encounter people like that all the time. Mostly by people who can not back up their mouths with physical action.

And this is why you all will read about me someday after I rip someone's head off and kick it down 6th ave. singing Emotional Rescue wearing my briefcase on my head.

Good day, sweet friends.


Maxlugar, C9.
04-17-02 12:16 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Having seen them numerous times in the UK, Europe and USA since 1965 I would say that the general public in USA are more open minded and look at the positive side of a Stones Tour. The press, (except O'Reilly), speak positively and the audience goes there to enjoy the spectacle. The Brits in the main are prepared to be over critical and the press are looking for a negative angle. Above all the enthusiasm of the Dutch is top of the league. Don't ask me to explain that. My views are based on reading press and travelling to countries without tickets, (pre internet!)
04-17-02 06:42 PM
swapwoodfortaylor wrote:
Above all the enthusiasm of the Dutch is top of the league. Don't ask me to explain that

Yeah, oh yeah...! Completely agree with you there (I'm not totally objective though). But, I must say, Germans are ok too, and Belgians, and... Every country has its crazy audience and its not-so-crazy audience I guess. NYC was cool too, just hate the seats on the 'pitch' area. Can't help it. Queueing outside the gates all day, building up tension, meeting all nationalities, running your lungs out en being squashed by people (and don't forget those beautiful plastic wristbands) is big part of the fun for me. Just habit maybe, who knows.

And besides, Mick said himself that we, the Dutch, ARE the best audience he'd ever seen...LOL
04-17-02 07:01 PM
Gazza have to agree - The Dutch fans and their enthusiasm for the Stones is the best I've ever experienced. I love seeing the Stones there. Considering how small the country is,the amount of tickets they sell there per head of population just doesnt make any sense at all!

The Argentinians seem pretty enthusiastic too...anyone who's seen that Buenos Aires '98 video will know what i'm talking about!
04-17-02 07:12 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Philadelphians are pretty Stones crazy too...
04-17-02 08:11 PM
Vacendak Does the British press make it a point to refer to the Stones as "wrinkly rockers" or otherwise make disparaging comments about their age like the hacks in the States do? Funny, you never hear Clapton's age brought up in such a light, or even McCartney. Why so?
04-17-02 08:43 PM
Gazza Yes they certainly do...the tabloids (generally The Sun,The Mirror and The Star - the three tackiest of the UK tabloids)will rarely refer to them without that oh so original phrase. The thing is,theyve been saying it for about 15-20 years....theyre the only ones who cant see how played out it is..I mean,maybe it was remotely funny for about a week in 1986 when they were talking about Bill Wyman having a girlfriend young enough to be his its become almost as tedious as Tony Blair's patronising....)

Funny you said that because in actual fact,just a few days ago there was a story in the tabloid press here and I showed the piece to Mrs Gazza and said "notice anything unusual about that piece? It mentions Mick Jagger and DOESNT refer to his ageing physical appearance - no "wrinkly rocker" in sight". I might frame it.

Maybe they think (not without justification!) that McCartney and Clapton havent aged as noticeably as the Stones have!
04-18-02 12:53 AM
Martha And maybe they see Clapton and Sir Paul as less threatening and more mainstream...whilst our Stones are still the bad boys of rock n roll!!!
04-18-02 08:49 AM
Scot Rocks They just don't appreciate that they have the best band in the world originating from their country...and they still think the Beatles are God's gift to planet earth.

>>And maybe they see Clapton and Sir Paul as less threatening and more mainstream...whilst our Stones are still the bad boys of rock n roll!!!

>>Would agree with that statement as well!!!!!!!!


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