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Topic: What Its Like To Be The Son Of A Rolling Stone - by Jamie Wood Return to archive
04-14-02 07:14 PM
Gazza I started hard drugs at 14...and all Dad said was: Don't overdo it

ROLLING Stone Ronnie Wood took his young son to one side for a fatherly chat...and told him to go easy on the heroin!
Speaking exclusively to the News of the World, Jamie Wood reveals: "It was a drug talk...of sorts.

"He told me, I know what you're doing, man, what drugs you're taking and I only have one thing to say: Don't let drugs rule your life or become everything in your whole life. Make sure you have something else as well to balance it out with!'"

Jamie, now 27, sits with his stunning girlfriend Jodie Shaw and continues: "People used to give me drugs because I was Ronnie Wood's kid. I certainly never had the money to pay for them.

I asked him to

check into rehab'

"When I'd ask for pocket money, he'd give me a tenner. A tenner?' I'd say. I can't even get into the club for a tenner!'"
Drug and drink-addicted Ronnie is currently having treatment at the Meadows Clinic in Arizona as the Stones prepare for their final world tour.

Jamie adds: "I told Dad that I thought it would be a very good idea if he checked into a rehab clinic and sorted himself out. Thankfully he agreed.

"He's 55 and about to do 120 shows. It's essential he gets match-fit. Mick (Jagger) came round to the house, had a chat with Dad and suggested the rehab too. After all, there are millions of pounds at stake with the tour and he can't afford for anything to go wrong."Ronnie and his wife have one of the most solid relationships in rock. They married in 1982 and live with their family on a huge estate in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

Besides Jamie, there are children Leah, 23 and Tyrone, 18, as well as Ronnie's son, Jesse, 24, from a previous relationship.

Although Jamie calls him Dad, Ronnie is his stepfather. Jamie was a year old when his mum Jo fell in love with the guitarist. "It's a real shame he has to drink and do that sort of thing," Jamie shrugs. "The problem is that it starts as a glass, becomes a bottle, and then another bottle.

"But he's always loved me and cared for me. He's my dad and always has been.

"Still, he's doing well in rehab and, of course, Mum is never far from his side. She's booked into the health farm round the corner, getting massaged and going to yoga.

Dad says, Give it to her proper, son'

As he talks, Jamie puts an arm round his girlfriend Jodie. The 22-year-old top model has just finished her first feature film called Dust, in which she ironically plays a nave country girl destroyed by drugs.
"Mum tells me she's made her marriage last by looking after her man emotionally and sexually," Jamie smiles.

"They're always at it like rabbits, and Jodie takes after her in that respect. Mum thinks she's full of oomph and Dad thinks she's got a nice a*se.

"He's always telling me, Give it to her proper, son'."

News Of The World

04-14-02 11:16 PM
the lepper tough life it is.....super models fall at your feet, sponging off step-dad, you're taking heroin at 14, your'e hanging out with Keith Richards and Charlie Watts. I pity this poor boy. I'm sure Ronnie is well aware when he gave him "tenners" that the kid could get anything he wanted, and then some- for free. After all, it's worked for him. I just wish dad would take his own advice about things "taking over your whole life". I hope it's true Ron's rehab is going well, and he gets off the sauce once and for all. Not only would it prolong his life, but it would guarantee a good tour. At the price they'll be charging for this tour, it better be good.
04-15-02 08:12 AM
TomL Hopefully everything is starting to fall into place.
04-15-02 08:46 AM
nankerphelge IORR reporting that there are strong rumours of a tour announcement within a couple of weeks. Yeah buddy -- info, the skinny, the dope, what up, 411, that's what I'm talkin bout.

Let's get some good news goin'

Ximy may be hoarding cashola, but i want the fucking deal on the table right now...
04-15-02 05:53 PM
KeepRigid "I started hard drugs at 14...and all Dad said was: Don't overdo it"

"Give it to her proper, son."

Jr. would bode well to listen to the old man on both counts.

04-15-02 06:29 PM
Honky Tonk Man Yes i think ive read somwhere before about R
04-17-02 05:13 PM
RonniesDarling *LOL* If Ronnie turns you on go to right where it says Ron Wood in bright red letters is what I think the hottest pic of Ronnie.

Going at it like rabbits, the thought makes me blush. But my word what kind of advice is that? *give it to her proper son*

That's sweet he calls him Dad

I'm glad he's in rehab, maybe he'll be cleaning up and be an even better Ronnie.

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