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Topic: Stones questions for your consideration Return to archive
04-09-02 03:39 PM
latida My son just enlisted, off to Lackland, then school in Mississippi. Signed up for 6 years, plans on staying for life.

Any words of wisdom for him?
[Edited by latida]
04-09-02 03:41 PM
latida This board seems to have been affected by whatever got a hold of the statesman board. I posted a reply and now I can't see any of the other previous messages.
04-13-02 06:15 PM
Vacendak Greetings and Salutations, Stonesaholics, Stonesians, and Stonesaphobics! Methinks that several lingering wonderments have besieged my brain fibers of late,and it seems as though ya'all might be holdin' some answers to my queries. Thusly, take a moment and spare a thought for this that follows:
....A recent trip to a used record show unearthed a two-lp boot, unmarked except a label which reads "Holy Grail Records; Sermons by Dr. Uriah Lucas." I asked the guy that was sellin' it what it was, and the dweeb responded, "Uhhh, that's the Rolling Stones, from the early seventies when Jeff Beck was in the band." Stifling a smirk at this boob, I thought "what the hey" and talked him into knockin' the price from $7 to $5. So I get this twin LP home and pop it on the dusty ol' turntable. At first, I was confused, as it sounded like the Stones in the studio, playin' "You Gotta Move" and then talking. But suddenly, after hearing Keith say "Minnie says... it's dee-licious," I realized that this boot was, in fact, the movie "Gimme' Shelter." Not just the soundtrack, but the whole flick on vinyl. Has anyone heard of this, and if so, does it have an actual boot "title?" Moving on.... In the book "The Rolling Stones: A Life On The Road," on page 218, there's a picture of Woody onstage, playin' sax next to Bobby Keys. Any info on when, where, and why? Still more....I've read that in '79, the Pointer Sisters, believe it or not,cut a version of "Happy." Anybody heard it? Onward...In "The Rolling Stones Chronicles," it's reported that in 1982, "... the newly re-formed Mamas and Papas have cut seven demo tracks, four of which are produced by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Backing musicians include Keith and Mick Taylor on guitars and Ron Wood on bass." Ever hear any of this? Finally, I swear..... IF, and I hope it's not, but IF this is the final tour, do ya'all think the shows oughtta be sorta like a retrospective, like starting with "Come On" and chronolgically going through songs of the sixties, then seventies, etc., up to now? Just an idea... now howsabout some bloody answers!?! Sorry to ramble. Rock Onnnn...
04-14-02 12:21 AM
MarthaMyDear HEY, VACENDAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU!!! AND, IT'S GREAT TO SEE YOU AROUND AGAIN!!! Now I have to go and read your post 'cause I like to spend time reading your posts, and shit... HE!!! HE!!! lol.................... :P Anyways, ROCK ON AND TAKE CARE!!!

*** Martha ***
04-16-02 07:32 AM
Vacendak Geez.... didn't think I'd stump everone with this...
04-16-02 07:53 AM
Honky Tonker The Woody and Bobby Keys picture is probably from the New Barbarians tour. Ronnie played some sax then.
04-16-02 08:41 AM
Cardinal Ximinez That Mamas & Papas thing sounds remarkably similar to the Half Stoned project that finally saw release as "Pay Pack & Follow", by John Phillips....I'd wager that is what the article is talking about...
04-17-02 07:56 PM
Vacendak Thanks for the info, fellas. Still wonderin' 'bout that "Gimme Shelter LP, though.... hello, Gazza?
04-17-02 08:28 PM
Gazza Have to be honest and say Ive never heard of that bootleg!

( I'm not really one for rhyming off bootleg titles off the top of my head - whilst Im a collector and try and gather every show and studio session i can,Ive tended to concentrate on source tapes (and latterly CDR's) down the years as oposed to bootleg Lp's and Cd's as they are simply too numerous to keep track of and so many of them replicate the same material over and,whilst i could probably tell you with a reasonable degree of accuracy what songs were played at specific concerts,what songs were recroded where etc...listing all the bootleg titles from a specific show isnt my strong point!

just checked a couple of old books and cant see one listed with that description - it includes the whole soundtrack,dialogue and all?

It must be an old one if its on vinyl - problem is most of the online boots listings tend to just list CD's these days. I do know theres a bootleg CD called "Gimme shelter" which features the songs from the movie..including some by the Flying Burrito Brothers,Jefferson airplane etc

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