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04-14-02 07:17 PM
Sitting On A Fence The hand of fate is on me now,
It picked me up and it knocked me down,
I'm on the run, I'm prison bound,
The hand of fate is heavy now,
I killed a man, I'm highway bound,
The wheel of fortune keeps turning round,
Turning round, turning round,
I should have known it was a one horse town

From English to Spanish to English

Hand but in my now,
Gathering my and striking my to swallow,
I to be an operation, I to be prison limit,
Hand but to be heavy now,
I to kill one man, I to be wagon limit,
Wheel fortune to keep to give return around,
To give return around, to give return around,
I to have to have to know to the being one one horse city
04-15-02 07:49 AM
Maxlugar "You fell out of the clear blue sky, to the darkness below.
One smell of your flesh excites me, the blood starts to flow"

From English to Pakistani and back:

"Joey is a hack poster and wouldn't know a good album if it bit him in the ass".


Maxy Von Lugy Lug! (C 9.2)
04-15-02 08:28 AM
The Worst (repost)
"Can't You Hear Me Knockin'" into German and back:
"Yeah received you to plastic loadings"
04-15-02 01:00 PM
The Worst This is from the song, that is known for making the Cardinal throw things, into German and back:
"They are meins, pit, pit, pit, pit, all pit you could meins be, could meins be are you my, all pit (..) Yeah should you meins, pit, whew its could you meins be"
So let's hope it also makes the Cardinal throw the CDRs!
04-15-02 02:12 PM
TT We used to shine, shine, shine, shine
Say what a pair, say what a team
We used to ride, ride, ride, ride
In a long black limousine

to Italian and back becomes

We have used to polish, to polish, to polish, to polish
the opinion that what a connection, as an example that what a square
we has used to guide, to guide, to guide, to guide in a black limousine along

04-15-02 03:14 PM
Sitting On A Fence Original English:
Under my thumb,
The girl who once had me down,
Under my thumb,
The girl who once pushed me around.
It's down to me,
The difference in the clothes she wears,
Down to me, the change has come,
She's under my thumb.

Transmogrified by Spanish:
Under my thumb,
The girl under whom me tapeworm once,
Under my thumb,
The girl who I push myself once around.
This down to my,
The difference in the clothes which it wears away,
Who swallows to, the change has come,
She this under my thumb.

And transmogrified by French:
Under my inch,
The girl in bottom of which has me by the master key have,
Under my inch,
The girl who by the master keyhas me around growth.
It is to the bottom A me,
The difference in clothing which it wears,
Swallows has me, the change came,
It is under my inch.
04-15-02 10:35 PM
beer From the song "Family"
"here comes a girl, she's got her head screwed on, but it aint screwed on right. her ambition is to be a prostitute, but the breaks just weren't right."

english, spanish, english

"Aqui comes the girl, she has his cabezza screwed ignition. But aint screwed in the ambition of right.Her must be prostitute, but hardly the correct breakage."
04-15-02 11:00 PM
beer From the song "You dont have to mean it"

"Sweet lies dripping from your lips"

English, german, english

"Drop is appropriate for roast fat of your lips"

04-16-02 09:17 PM
beer From the song "Sexdrive"

"I will lick the fuzz right off the peach."

English, french, english

"I will lecharai the just of sleeping bag in addition to fishing"
04-16-02 09:21 PM
gypsy All the more reason to have a sleepover at my house! Bring your sleeping bags...if you want...
04-16-02 09:45 PM
beer "I am a lonesome school boy and I just came into town...Where can I get my cock sucked?"

english, spanish, english

"I am a solitary boy of the school and finish coming in the city....where can I obtain my inhaled hammer?

04-16-02 10:43 PM
beer wrote:
"I am a solitary boy of the school and finish coming in the city....where can I obtain my inhaled hammer?

That was a good one LOL!
04-17-02 12:01 AM
Cardinal Ximinez gypsy...I can think of two VERY GOOD reasons to have a sleepover at your house....and neither reason needs a sleeping bag!
04-17-02 12:13 AM
gypsy Why, thank you...I'm flattered...but, everyone has to keep their hands outside of their sleeping funny business!
04-17-02 01:13 AM
KeepRigid "everyone has to keep their hands outside of their sleeping funny business!"

Everyone needs to read the above twice to make sure that they understand the groundrules.

KeepRigid will be the only one sleeping in bed with gypsy, and the wife-beater will be the only article of clothing worn. This will insure that there is no funny business from the rest of you directed towards fair gypsy.

I, of course, will be under the guise of KeepFrigid, with the exception being the game I have invented called 'Keith and Anita'.

I also expect Saturday to be the most wonderful of all. All summer in a day for Keeph and Gypsy and Friends.

Saturday night, we will see if Mayweather is to be the next upset, and afterwards I will walk Gypsy and Co. to the local Dairy Queen.

When we become hopelessly lost (hey, I don't know this town), we will simply lie on our backs and rename the stars.

Sunday morning will find us looking for a little religion. I like to take from a weekly radio program- it's a half-hour of hurdy-gurdy and also a canary that can sing "Just As I Am".

Sunday night, and neither one of us want to be the first to say goodbye. A thousand kisses, a million new friends, and one day closer to losing it for good.

What a wonderful memory I will have as my ideal of perfection. Something to forever strive to recapture during the coming years of personal unhappiness.

If it rains we may have to cancel, though.
04-17-02 07:18 PM
Cardinal Ximinez OK, you lost me...when is the part where I disipline gypsy by spanking her bottom until it glows sunset red? Friday? Sat.? Sunday morning?

I'll make you all scream for Jesus!

You still haven't qualified to win a damn thing yet.
04-17-02 07:37 PM
gypsy Of course we are going to play 'Keith & Anita' sans heroin, right? It's much more fun that way!
04-17-02 08:05 PM
KeepRigid "when is the part where I disipline gypsy by spanking her bottom until it glows sunset red?"

Apologies, Cardinal. We weren't certain whether or not you would be back from Rome in time.

"You still haven't qualified to win a damn thing yet."

04-17-02 08:06 PM
KeepRigid "Of course we are going to play 'Keith & Anita' sans heroin, right? It's much more fun that way!" may be right.

Practicing withdrawal and playing with the little black box does sound like much more fun.
04-17-02 08:17 PM
gypsy I thought you were shunning me, KR...
04-18-02 09:19 AM
Cardinal Ximinez OK, I'm leaving this contest open til tomorrow...

I will then pick out 5 translations as finalists...and let the board vote on the best one.

The winner may then pick any two(2) discs off of my trade list as a prize.

This is your last chance to get in on this contest! Get busy!
04-18-02 02:36 PM
The Worst Into German and back:
"Recess, those sound so sweet
I had probability to take itself
rose from my seat
I had only dances"
The German translation also says "Rose", and in German, "Rose" means the rose flower. A rose on the seat-> ouch!
04-18-02 02:53 PM
The Worst Again into German and back:
"Tear this connection up and go storing your soul
I are Tampa and Memphis also branched,
short of fat Fanny are on to draw.
Dig this tone on the radio,
sliding you it then quite over here into buffalos.
Thickly and flip into ole DC,
wells come it to something scheisse for me to hold"
04-19-02 05:25 AM
Byram Hi folks, I'm new here. I just read all of these posts and
laughed meself silly! I figured I'd jump in the fray.
Here goes: (English-Portuguese-English)

I had a good sniff around along old hunting grounds
but I have never found a woman so hot

I had one around sniff good to the long one of old lands of caca
but I never found the woman of the thus hot one

That is my official entry. I'm also including another translation which
turned out sounding rather like erotic poetry.
Check this out:
Slinky like a panther you can hear her purr
Touch her on the seat go on, feel the fur
Slinky as a panther which you can hear that his humming
to touch it on the siege
continue, feel the fur

Oh My!!!

04-19-02 08:07 PM
Cardinal Ximinez This contest is now closed.

Vote for the winner on the Voting thread....

Thread closed and hyperlink added by Admin
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