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Topic: I have a question for KISS fans Return to archive
04-14-02 05:50 PM
stone jr. I'm getting into KISS. I still like the Stones. I have 12 favorite bands.I would love to buy KISS CDs. But I dont know witch one to get. I go to this store all the time and this is what I remember what they had.

Hotter than hell
Creatures of the night
Crazy Night

I am surprised that they dont have "Alive!". Sometimes they get more albums. If they have it, I will get it. But for now pick one of these please.
04-14-02 05:57 PM
luxury1 Destroyer did it for me back in the '70's, riding around in the boyfriends' car blasting this on the 8-track, smoking doobies and drinking Yago Sangria. Those were the days.
04-14-02 08:00 PM
The Eggman To get those KISS albums, try the BARGIN BIN at some record store or buried nder some crap in a port-a-potty
04-14-02 09:03 PM
The Eggman wrote:
To get those KISS albums, try the BARGIN BIN at some record store or buried nder some crap in a port-a-potty


04-14-02 09:09 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Jr. save your money and don't waste your time buying any.

Kiss = Piss

Even their version of 2000 Man sucks, they are nothing but clowns
04-14-02 09:28 PM
gypsy Be nice! If he likes KISS, then so be it...
04-14-02 09:35 PM
Cardinal Ximinez What I want to know is why do WE have to keep picking Jr.'s next album purchase?

Make up your own mind kid. Make your own decisions....part of the fun of going to the record store is buying something's like a lottery ticket...sometimes you win, sometimes you lose...

...if you are buying Kiss, like Royal Trux said, "You're Gonna Lose."
04-14-02 10:29 PM
Happy Motherfucker!! Man, if you're going to buy KISS albums, that's cool. If you're going to by Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Aerosmith or any other Rock'n Rollers, that's cool too. Nothing wrong with a little music variety no matter what anyone here thinks. That's what makes music so universal, different stokes. Some people think that The Stones are the only band in the world and that is simply not true. Have fun with music anyway that you want, but just keep your eye on the ball and remember that there is nobody like The Stones! These guys are in a class of their own and everybody else will always be second fiddle to them. Oh yeah, by the way, KISS "Alive" is the best that you're going to get from them. That album is a moment in time and a piece of Rock History, like it or not.
04-14-02 10:44 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh I completely agree Mr. Mofo. The Rolling Stones are certainly NOT the only band in the world...there's lots of great bands out there that have made a lot of really great music....I just don't think Kiss ever made any of it...Now, AC/DC I like...I liked Aerosmith when they were trying to be the Stones...but Kiss??? Just a hair band in scarey clown make up...I thought they were great...when I was in 5th grade!
04-15-02 08:39 AM
Honky Tonker If you're gonna buy KISS, then get Alive or Rock and Roll Over. However, I'd spend my hard earned money on Some Girls, Exile, or Sticky Fingers.
04-15-02 08:50 AM
nankerphelge I could not agree more with that last post. If you insist on wasting your money on KISS, then Alive or R&ROver are the two best ones to pick up. Love Gun ain't the worst either.

But, after a few listens, you will soon get bored. It happens very quickly. It is NOT the gift that keeps on giving.

Oh but the Stones....
there's the deal -- just go get more STones, you'll be happier than with KISS.
04-15-02 10:09 AM
Scot Rocks Don't buy Kiss, if u are looking for stuff other than the stones, I would recommend the Who's fantastic Who's Next, this album kick serious ass!!!! and every time u listen to it, it gets better and better. As the WHO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

04-15-02 12:04 PM
Nasty Habits Alive II is much better than Alive and is probably the only one anybody really needs if they even need that.

The next album you need is an album called Teenage Head by a band called the Flamin Groovies.

And that goes for all y'all.

By the way, Card -- once again your musical referencing shows deeper depth than yr. average soul survivor. If you're gonna get your rock on the ray-o-vac, you may as well get it from the Trux. Thank You is brilliant.


04-15-02 02:19 PM
stone jr. wrote:

There's yer FIRST mistake.

Your first sentence throws some doubt on this second one. They seem irreconcilable.

Are any of the other ones Creed?

Seek help! You're young! The scars will heal!

Well, that's a tough one. Since this question poses an insurmountable problem, I suggest you not buy ANY. Those assholes have enough money. If you insist on obtaining any, buy them at a used CD store, download them, or steal them.

I bet they have other stuff too. I bet it's ALL better than Kiss. If you insist on cartoon character rock, the Archies ROCK. Also, let's not forget the Banana Splits.

All available copies of "Alive" were melted down to create the girdles which the band wears onstage.

>But for now pick one of these please.

I generally live by a "To each his own" credo. But you ASKED for our advice. The advice is: NONE OF THE ABOVE. Kiss is just embarrassingly bad, and people laugh at their fans as much as they do Trekkies. Avoid a life of shame and degradation. Stick to the Stones.
04-15-02 05:49 PM
The Eggman To each his own , ya thats right


KISS still sucks
04-15-02 09:17 PM
nanky I never thought they sucked.
I just hadn't yet got the tingle that only the Stones can provide.
I liked them -- sure they are silly, they always were
but they weren't dancin around like some
one was spittin blood and blowin fire and waggin his tongue
I didn't see anything wrong with that
The other guy walked around a lot and tried to sound like a rock star.
He did alright, considering how silly it was.
They rocked for a few years-- maybe not as well as others, maybe so - who knows.

It doesn't matter.

What does matter is that we still do not have any solid information.

There is a temp at my office -- seems like a good enough young feller. Young whipper-snapper. Overheard me talking tour plans and is wondering himself how to get tickets. has only started listening to them since about VL/Stripped and likes it, likes it, yes he does.
Recognizes difference between a band and the foo foo shit being played all around us.

But still, as much as this young larvae of a Stones fan wants to understand, there is pure radio silence. The band will not tell this young lad where they shall play or when.

Oh Miiiicckkk!

He will take is hard earned cash and spend it on McCartney, Mick!
Better start announcing some dates buddy.
Leavin' cash on the table, chum!
Like a wolf puss unexplored, Mick!

04-16-02 12:39 PM
Joey 'He will take is hard earned cash and spend it on McCartney, Mick!
Better start announcing some dates buddy.
Leavin' cash on the table, chum!
Like a wolf puss unexplored, Mick! '

And Moses came down from the mountaintop and said , "Let no Wolf Puss Go Unexplored . " ....and the people smiled , nodded their heads and began to get fruitful and then multiplied . Unfortunately , many of them became ancestors of Neil Diamond fans .

The morale : Take your cash and buy WHO tickets until the tour dates are announced .


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