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Topic: Mick and Kate Winslet today at the Enigma Premier in NYC Return to archive
04-11-02 10:25 PM
moy just in, taken some minutes ago

Mick Jagger and actress Kate Winslet arrive at New York City's Beekman Theatre for the New York benefit premiere of "Enigma," Thursday, April 11, 2002. Some of the proceeds from the screening will go to benefit the International Rescue Committee, which provides long term aid to refugees in 30 countries. (AP Photo/Tina Fineberg)

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04-11-02 10:27 PM
04-11-02 10:28 PM
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04-12-02 08:56 AM
Sue Nice pix thanks for posting!
04-12-02 09:11 AM
CS Jagger's 'fatherly' hug for Winslet

by Standard Reporter
He's old enough to be her father but that didn't stop Mick Jagger putting a comforting arm around Kate Winslet's shoulder during the premiere of her latest film.

Jagger, 58, a notorious womaniser looked relaxed as he smiled for the cameras during the first showing of Enigma in New York last night.

Aware of his reputation, film beauty Winslet, 26, looked a little apprehensive. Perhaps she didn't want to make film director lover Sam Mendes jealous.

Wartime drama Enigma stars Winslet and Saffron Burrows as two employees caught up in a world of espionage and double-crossing as they help to crack Nazi codes.
04-12-02 12:36 PM

...Yes, beautiful, baby! Thank You! Mick looks relaxed-- the most relaxed in a loooong time! {hope it's not those "little yellow pills" ; }...but really, he looks great-- and again, thanks for posting them

04-12-02 03:31 PM
Scot Rocks Maybe now Mick can get down to real business, like getting the tour sorted out!!!!!!
04-12-02 08:07 PM
MarthaMyDear Nice pix!!! Thank you!!! Nice couple, also... Except Kate looks like she's saying, "I still remember Being Mick, Mick"... lol..................... :P Just kidding...

*** Martha ***
04-12-02 11:50 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Here's another with thanks to Sue

Kevin Mazur

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04-13-02 12:11 PM
nanky Looks like chiba-face to me.
I think Mick had one on the way to the ball.
Speaking of ball - do ya think Mick made a play for Kate?
I do.

What Would Jagger Do?
Keep this in mind as you come across life's lil' forks-in-the-road.
I do.

my head hurts

04-13-02 05:00 PM
Joey 'Speaking of ball - do ya think Mick made a play for Kate?
I do. '

Oh Yeah , Jagger is definitely balling her .

He is fucking her right at the very moment you are reading this ......on all fours too ( let that vision stick in your head the rest of the day )

I bet Kate gets a tattoo on the back of her neck that spells J A G G E R so Mick can see his name during sex .


04-13-02 05:41 PM
Fabio Hot Stuff Yeah!
Nice pics, Mick looks ok
Thanks MOY
Fabio Hot Stuff from Roma
04-13-02 06:07 PM
CS Check the new updated official site for the movie

04-13-02 06:32 PM
04-13-02 06:45 PM
Scot Rocks LOL, good pics

Yeah Mick looks like he's up to his old tricks,

By the way I can't remember what Mick said about Kate in 'Being Mick', I remember him doing the impression of her, but what did he say? anyone got a better memory than me?

04-14-02 12:06 AM
MarthaMyDear Mick was making fun/taunting, or whatever it was (lol................. :P ), Kate Winslet when she had to cancel the premiere of Enigma that Prince Charles attended, etc., because she was getting a divorce and basically didn't want to go-out, which, to me, is understandable... He was reading a letter from Kate Winslet (or was it a press release???)... Oh, please don't make me watch Being Mick right now... UGH!!! lol......................... :P I love it, but I'm too tired to work the VCR right now... lol............................. :P That's my interpretation in a nutshell, but most of the time I'm way off, so whatever... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Yes, what a smart couple they make but I still think he looks great standing next to Liz Hurley... OH, BEHAVE!!!

*** Martha ***
[Edited by MarthaMyDear]
04-14-02 03:24 PM


April 14, 2002 -- The release of the new thriller "Enigma" this Friday marks the culmination of a most unusual collaboration, a sophisticated WWII spy flick produced by "Saturday Night Live" founder Lorne Michaels and legendary rocker Mick Jagger.
The idea was hatched when Jagger and Michaels were enjoying a friendly dinner together, and the subject of Robert Harris' 1995 best-selling novel came up.

"Mick mentioned that he'd read the Harris book, and that he'd tried unsuccessfully to secure the rights to film it," remembered Michaels. "I said to him, 'Is this something you'd like to do together? If so, I'd be happy to do it with you.' "

"Enigma" tells the story of code breakers working in Britain's top secret Bletchley Park in 1943. When Nazi U-boats unexpectedly change their codes, a brilliant young mathematician named Tom Jericho (played by Dougray Scott, fresh from "Mission Impossible 2") is enlisted to lend his expertise.

At the same time, Jericho desperately searches for the woman he loves, Claire Rommily (played by Saffron Burrows), who has seemingly disappeared into thin air.

What started as a casual dinnertime offer took more than five years to complete. The delay prompted "Enigma" author Harris to joke recently that production of the film lasted longer than the war itself.

But the effort was apparently worth it.

Michaels believes that after Sept. 11 moviegoers are ready for a film profiling the intelligence game that takes place behind every major conflict.

"I think making a World War II movie, a relatively austere one at that, couldn't have been a worse idea until recently," said Michaels. "But after Sept. 11, this movie is so much more relevant."

As for his partnership with Jagger, he says it couldn't have gone more smoothly, despite the rocker's perfectionism.

"He was very much a presence on the set. When Mick works on something, he throws himself into it - he's a brilliant problem solver."

For Michaels, who's produced such light fare as "Wayne's World" and "Coneheads," "Enigma" is a stark departure, but he believes audiences will embrace the challenge.

"Mick and I were hoping first to get all the details right, and also to make a taut thriller," he said. "This is a movie where you're rewarded for paying attention."
04-14-02 03:44 PM
gypsy Yeah...Mick said something like "Look at Nicole Kidman. She got divorced, but she managed to make it to all of her movie premieres." He was pissed that Kate wasn't "as tough" as Nicole...
04-15-02 10:34 AM
Scot Rocks LOL

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