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Topic: Ronnie Wood Inspiration!? Return to archive
04-10-02 05:04 PM
KEEFNTHAT Oh + In the sleeve of It's only Rock'n Roll Ronnie Wood is listed as being the inspiration for the album. why is this?
I know he was hanging around at the time but why thank him for inspiration? They must have been well sick of Micky Taylor or something?
ANYone know why?
04-10-02 05:59 PM
Gazza It actually refers to the SONG "its only rock'n'roll", not the album. I guess "inspired by" is a subtle way of saying "co written by ..but we're not giving him full credits"

Ronnie actually plays on this track. Mick started work on it with Ronnie in late 1973 at woody's home studio around the time Woody was cutting his first solo album (which featured most of the Stones). The basic track (see the credits on the album for the original musicians) was then overdubbed by the Stones although the rhythm section remained (Bowie is supposed to have played on the original track but his contribution isnt on the finished version)
04-11-02 03:35 AM
Mathijs Gazza, that's not correct. IORR was done in Ron Woods studio in 1973 with Willy Weeks and Kenny Jones on bass and drums, Jagger and Wood on guitar and vocals, and David Bowie on backing vocals. The tape was taken to the Munich studio were Keith erased ALL guitar tracks, and together with Taylor over-dubbed new ones -so Ron Wood is not on the album. According to Charlie "I couldn't have done better" se decided was to leave the original drum track as it is. According to Jagger to original background vocals remeained intact, so most probably David Bowie IS on the album -although he can not be heard.

In the liners of the "Jump Back" CD there are some mistakes: Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman are named as playing drum and bass, and this is clearly wrong. Also, Ron Wood is mentioned playing guitar, and David Bowie is missing at all. Then Keith sais: "we recut it, but the original rhythm tracks remained original", indicating that also Wood's part was cut.

04-11-02 04:04 AM
L&A Great ! Today's classic track on a belgian national radio station is just IORR. I'm listening to "TILL THE NEXT GOODBYE": next tour opening song?
04-11-02 12:24 PM
Cardinal Ximinez File this under useless info...

You know that silly video for IORR...the one with the guys in sailor suits...and all the bubbles...That was filmed at Ronnie Wood's house in the back yard.
04-11-02 06:14 PM
Gazza No problem,Mathijs - I knew Charlie wasnt on it and some of the backing track remained,just wasnt sure exactly what was left in or out - the album credits are as usual a bit confusing! Thanks for clearin' it up
04-11-02 06:40 PM
Maxlugar I read a long time ago that David Bowie is on accoustic guitar on IORR.
04-11-02 06:51 PM
Mathijs wrote:
IORR was done in Ron Woods studio in 1973 with Willy Weeks and Kenny Jones on bass and drums

No Mathijs, Willie Weeks wasn't present at this session, he overdubbed his bass-part in Spring 1974 at Stargroves (Mick Jagger's house) in Newbury.
04-11-02 07:09 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This is from Nico Zentgraf's research

Date: December 4-6, 1973
Studio: Ronnie Wood's home studio (London, The Wick)
Musicians take 1: Mick Jagger (Vocals), Ronnie Wood (Guitar and bass), Kenny Jones (drums), David Bowie (Vocals and handclaps)
Sound engineer: George Chkiantz.

Session 2
Date: April 10-15
Place: Newbury, England, Stargroves (Mick Jagger’s house) with Rolling Stones Mobile Studio
Musicians: Take 2 Willie Weeks on bass, Kenny Jones on drums, STU on piano, Ronnie Wood on acoustic guitar (THIS IS THE TAKE THAT MADE IT ON THE ALBUM)
Musicians Take 3 Willie Weeks on bass, Kenny Jones on drums, STU on piano, Ronnie Wood on acoustic guitar(THIS TAKE WAS USED AS A PROMO EDIT)

Nico Zentgraf's website is full time in our links, go directly from here

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
04-12-02 06:55 PM
RonniesDarling Going over to useless information, it was? I did not know that, how neat! Anyone else ever notice that in the I know it's only rock and roll video Charlie gets completly covered in the bubbles and later has to stand up, and yet his drum beat is still going! *LOL* Mick explained in 25x5 that they forgot Charlie was head shorter than the rest since he was sitting down at his drum set.

04-16-02 09:11 PM
Soldati David Bowie NOT sang Backing Vocals on IORR.

Mick Taylor replaces with his vocals the Bowie´s part, but in all IORR David Bowie play HANDCLAPS (look the part "I LIKE IT" around 3:30, but he is in all the song).
04-16-02 10:46 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl The take that made it on the album (take 2 above) has not Bowie singing but he was in take one in 1973.

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