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Topic: Stones Vinyl Return to archive
04-10-02 11:14 AM
Lazy Bones Doing some surfing and I noticed that Tower Records has Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out, on vinyl for $9.99 (US).
See the link below.

Also available, for $9.99 on vinyl, is Out Of Our Heads.
See below.
04-10-02 11:47 AM
moy those who love vinyl check lpnow as they have No Security, Bridges to Babylon, Stripped, Voodoo Lounge in vinyl, new, sealed

some weeks ago they had exile on main street with the postcards and everything

vinyl rules!
04-10-02 11:49 AM
moy this is the link
04-10-02 01:06 PM
Nasty Habits All of the 60s LPs are in print in 10-12 dollar remastered versions.

Vinyl completely rules. Rock and roll was meant to be listened to on vinyl. The only Rolling Stones album I own on CD is Voodoo Lounge, on account of Mean Disposition wasn't available on vinyl. There is no substitute for a hot mono copy of England's Newest Hitmakers or Out of Our Heads.

Nobody was better than the Stones at making and pacing LPs. 20 minute sides, each with its own opener and closer, pace and ideas. Exile is four sides, not one 70 minute experience, although the whole thing coalesces into one huge whole if you listen to the sides back to back. I think that if they thought of Voodoo Lounge and especially Bridges of Babylon in terms of a single vinyl LP - 10 songs, 45 - 50 minutes max running length, killer opening tracks for two sides, they would be much better records. As a single LP, Bridges would be a masterpiece.
04-11-02 08:44 AM
Lazy Bones
Nasty Habits wrote:
As a single LP, Bridges would be a masterpiece.

I share your love for vinyl. However, re: Bridges, I think it's a masterpiece in any media!
For the fellow Neil fans, it's rumoured that Reprise will re-issue his back catalogue on vinyl. Apparently, Tonight's The Night and Decade are already released. I can confirm Decade's release with a purchase last weekend.
04-11-02 10:47 AM
Nasty Habits Bridges is certainly a very very good release -- no doubt in my mind that it approaches a great Rolling Stones album more than anything since Undercover -- but with a slight bit of pruning - axe Always Suffering to the permanent boneyard, and (in vinyl fantasy land) release Anybody Seen My Baby and How Can I Stop? as a non-LP 45 like good ol' 60s England, and it would gain momentum and thematic focus that are denied it in its present incarnation. Ludicrous to second guess, natch -- the album is the way it is, but 45-50 minutes is the ideal length for any new rock and roll record, and stretching to fill the space of CDs has botched many an artist's sense of discipline -- one thing that was always promoted by the glorious LP. Since I mainly listen to vinyl it drives me nuts that an album like Bridges has got three song sides and never really achieves proper pacing.

Re: Neil Young: There's going to be a heavy vinyl double LP release of his new album next month. Tonight's the Night has, for some reason, been available for the last five years. If only someone would rerelease On the Beach . . .

04-11-02 11:02 AM
Lazy Bones
Nasty Habits wrote:
If only someone would rerelease On the Beach . . .

Amen!! My favourite Neil album. Have you signed the petition for it's release?!
04-11-02 11:15 AM
Lazy Bones Shit, it's starting to sound as though my hopes and dreams are accomplished through!

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