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Topic: McCartney Says He Won't Quit Even When He's 64 Return to archive
04-21-03 08:16 AM
steel driving hammer I say quit what? These piddley tours?

But for those who still dig the brown noser...

Mon Apr 21, 7:49 AM ET
By Erik Kirschbaum

BERLIN (Reuters) - Paul McCartney (news) has no plans to quit even "When I'm 64" -- and said on Sunday he'll keep singing in small-town taverns if that's the only place anyone will have him once his concert-playing days are over.

Reuters Photo

"And if the day comes when they even throw me out of the pubs, I'll keep on singing outside the door," McCartney said in an interview in Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

"I'm always going to be a musician."

"It's strange -- I'm approaching the age when people officially go into retirement. But sorry, I don't feel like that at all. Retiring is not something I'm thinking about."

The former Beatle, who turns 61 in June, said he couldn't imagine becoming a pensioner because he feels fitter now than he did a decade ago -- thanks in part to his new wife Heather.

The author of the 1967 pop hit "When I'm 64" isn't at all worried about "losing his hair" or any of the lyrics in his song on the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album.

McCartney told the German Sunday newspaper that applause from crowds is a fountain of youth for him. McCartney said his new wife Heather, 34, has also keeps him young.

"I love my job, the public loves me and the band," he said. "I feel like a boxer -- when you're winning, the punches don't hurt. Only when you lose is it hard and difficult. My body has learned to cope. I'm used to working hard up on the stage."

Speaking ahead of a concert tour starting in Cologne on April 27 and ending in Hamburg in late May, McCartney said he had had a lot of good fortune in his life and that kept him fit.

"Perhaps it's just luck?" he said when asked how he had managed to remain so vital at 60. "Another reason is certainly my wife Heather. For her I watch what I put on and what I look like. Love is a wonderful thing. It keeps you young."

McCartney is on a 16-nation world tour from the United States to Japan. He grossed $70 million in the United States, breaking box-office records in 21 cities, won Billboard's Tour of the Year and has made him the highest-earning celebrity ever.

McCartney has been performing 22 Beatles songs at each of his world tour dates, almost twice as many as the pioneering 1960s-era band ever played during its own British shows.

"It's just magic," he said of the crowd's reaction to his music. "It's a great feeling, every artist does it to get the applause. It sounds so simple but that's the whole story."

04-21-03 09:00 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Now if only Paul would ditch the nostalgia tour and take a page from The Stones's book, he might actually have the best concert in town. As it is, it's just the same songs over and over, and while that's an accomplishment and a lot of them sound great... doesn't it get boring? I mean, you pick up a live album and that's it, then. (The live album sounds terrible, by the way, Geoff Emerick was right about it, it doesn't sound like real music, it sounds like music fed into the computer to give it that squeaky-clean sound)

I would sell timeshares of my soul to go to a Paul McCartney soundcheck and hear him do stuff like "Matchbox", "Midnight Special" and "Take This Hammer". But he doesn't play 'em live. Yeah, a majority of his fans would scratch their heads at first... then they'd get into it.

-tSYX --- Oh let me go into the ocean...
04-21-03 09:01 AM
nankerphelge Well thank god -- I was sure losing a lot of sleep worrying that Paul wouldn't be there!!

Paul sure seems to be one of those ultra-vain types that is convinced the rest of the world just can't survive without knowing everything he is up to!

I have a question for him, in case anyone bumps into him, does he ever hide his wife's prosthesis and then watch her hop around the house all pissed off???

04-21-03 09:45 AM
Joey " I have a question for him, in case anyone bumps into him, does he ever hide his wife's prosthesis and then watch her hop around the house all pissed off??? "

Nanky , I would like to clutch you to my bosom , softly and gently stroke your young , sweaty , moist , quivering Nanky Forehead and just say " Thanks " for being , well .......YOU .

You make " complete " my Stones' World .


04-21-03 09:48 AM
steel driving hammer LOL, yeah he doesn't know yet because he doesn't know what the public opinion is yet!

Too early to say if Iraq war was right: Paul McCartney
26 minutes ago

Paul McCartney thinks it's too early to judge whether the US-led invasion of Iraq (news - web sites) was the right thing to do.

AFP Photo

Interviewed on BBC radio, McCartney said he was a "pacifist," but added that only "time will tell" whether going to war to overthrow Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) was the right thing to do.

"I felt that the UN all agreed that Saddam should be made to disarm. They didn't agree on how to do it," he said.

On the coalition's use of cluster bombs, however, McCartney was unequivocal: "It would be great to outlaw these cowardly weapons."

McCartney, now playing a four-night stint at Earl's Court in London, is among 17 artists featured on album released Monday to raise funds for Iraqi children.

Produced by the War Child charity, "Hope" also features tracks by David Bowie, Moby, Avril Lavigne, Travis, George Michael and Yusuf Islam, previously known as Cat Stevens.

04-21-03 10:19 AM
Joey Steelie ..............................

Have you seen Gypsy anywhere ???????

I haven't heard her raspy purr anywhere on this board for days now .................................

Shiver ..........................

Developing .......................

JACKY !!!!!!!!
04-21-03 10:36 AM
steel driving hammer Maybe she went to the Fortune Teller...

04-21-03 12:30 PM
Joey " Maybe she went to the Fortune Teller..."

Steelie ..............Have you ever heard " THE WHO " do their cover of " Fortune Teller " ??????

Spellbinding ..................

Illuminating ..................

Raspy .........................

04-21-03 01:44 PM
JaggaRichards The 'Cute One' still on tour???????
Thanks for the warning!
04-21-03 02:21 PM
parmeda jb's not touching this one today?

04-21-03 03:18 PM
LadyJane You know....I just can't stand this guy!!

And I'm so sick of all the praise heaped on "Sir Paul" while the Stones continue to be underappreciated!

04-21-03 03:38 PM
steel driving hammer Parm did you see this?

Or hear the sound of the Crack?

04-21-03 03:45 PM
Joey wrote:
" Maybe she went to the Fortune Teller..."

Steelie ..............Have you ever heard " THE WHO " do their cover of " Fortune Teller " ??????

Spellbinding ..................

Illuminating ..................

Raspy .........................


Joey ..............Have you ever heard " THE WHO " do their cover of " The Last Time " ??????

Horrifying ....................

Mortifying ....................

But still raspy ...............

On the other hand, their cover of "Fortune Teller" is without peer.

As for Sir Paul and the leg, does she get revenge on him at night by putting the cold leg on him while he's sleeping?

-tSYX --- It's an invitation... to make a reservation...
04-21-03 04:17 PM
nankerphelge Your question presumes that the rest of her isn't cold!!
I'm not so sure.

SHIVER! (literally!!)

04-21-03 04:24 PM
steel driving hammer [quote]nankerphelge wrote:

Pause for bus'ness, hope you'll understand...

What song is that from you bastard?
04-21-03 04:47 PM
nankerphelge Casino Boogie
04-21-03 04:55 PM
nankerphelge wrote:
Casino Boogie

"Left shoe shuffle, right shoe muffle..."

I love that song. The boys unwittingly (I think... maybe Keith had some idea) wrote that song using a French avant-garde system of poetry that caused riots in Paris and so forth. Then again, back in those avant-garde days, you could eat your dinner with your salad fork and there'd be a riot.

Yeah, they chopped up bits of magazines and so forth and took bits at random. That's why the song sounds all choppy. And that's why there were riots in the south of France when it was written!

Well, no. Any riots that did happen were probably due to the shortage of heroin and/or cheeseburgers.

She is quite the ice queen, isn't she, that Mrs. Paul McCartney 2.0? I don't think it's gonna last. I think Paul just needed to reach out and marry someone... he just picked the wrong someone.

Then again, everyone hated Linda McCartney, too, and as long as she didn't open her mouth to sing, she was alright.

-tSYX --- It's a struggle, baby...
04-21-03 05:15 PM
steel driving hammer "Left shoe shuffle, right shoe muffle..."

Whew! Fucking Damm Straight You Bastard!


Word to your Mother!

That is one Kick Ass Song!

Great Sax as well!
04-21-03 05:46 PM
Joey " Then again, everyone hated Linda McCartney, too, and as long as she didn't open her mouth to sing, she was alright."

<----- She DID have Wolf Puss though .

That's right little buddy ..............I almost forgot !

Nothing " Raspy " there .....................

04-21-03 08:35 PM
steel driving hammer Anyone know who the bastard in the middle is?

04-21-03 08:36 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Umm... not Don...

Who is it, steelie?

-tSYX --- Million dollar sad...
04-21-03 09:01 PM
steel driving hammer
TheSavageYoungXyzzy wrote:
Umm... not Don...

Who is it, steelie?

-tSYX --- Million dollar sad...

Correct, not Don, nor Cohl...

I don't know who it is. Thats why I'm asking you.

Sky diver insider her, skip rope, stunt flyer...

Oh Yeah! LOL!
04-21-03 10:00 PM
04-21-03 10:14 PM

Hahahahahaha... ah, man, I'm gonna giggle about that one in class tomorrow and my teacher's'll gimme bad looks.

-tSYX --- It's hard... it's very very very very hard...
04-22-03 12:25 AM
steel driving hammer wrote:
Parm did you see this?

Or hear the sound of the Crack?

Ouch, Steelie...YES!
...and my heart went to my throat.

(read on)

Chicago SunTimes
April 21, 2003

PITTSBURGH--Reliever Juan Cruz grew up a little more Sunday in the eyes of the Cubs. He retaliated in just the right way for Sammy Sosa being knocked out of the game when Salomon Torres hit him on the left side of his helmet.

After entering in the fourth inning in relief of Shawn Estes, Cruz waited for Torres to bat in the sixth to exact revenge. Cruz plunked Torres just above his left knee. No one on the Cubs was publically crowing about Cruz's purpose pitch. It's bad form in baseball to acknowledge revenge, but privately Cruz was applauded for doing the right thing.

Torres took his base with two outs and scored after the Pirates followed with two singles against Cruz. But Torres didn't seem to mind all that much. He knew he was going to get hit.

"A blind man could see it coming,'' Torres said. "I took it like a man. But he didn't have to hit me with a 95 mph fastball. I'm glad I got hit rather than one of my teammates.''

Torres left the game in the seventh after he went to the mound and seemingly couldn't pitch because of being hit. But that may have been just for show by Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon, who worked the umpires hard this entire series with complaints.

For what it's worth, Torres insisted he had no intention of hitting Sosa.

"We're from the same hometown,'' the fellow Dominican Republic native said.

(Mike Kiley)

...and my heart settled back into place after the 6th, LOL!

04-22-03 07:18 AM
steel driving hammer wrote:
Anyone know who the bastard in the middle is?

John Sebastian of The Lovin' Spoonful?
04-22-03 07:22 AM
Jumacfly may be a Volskwagen seller....???
do you like your Golf Mick??? )

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