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Keithfucius (playing air guitar) say
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oooooh... aaaaaah... Thanks Master Keithfucius!

The Redlands Fire - 1973 -Photo from the LFI Archives

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Topic: Happy Birthday Toronto Tom! Return to archive
04-18-03 08:11 AM
Lazy Bones
04-18-03 08:53 AM
J.J.Flash Happy Birthday Tommie. Health and happiness fella. Take care! Keep Rockin' man.
Hey you lucky bastard, seems that you are holding this Sticky Fingers picture full of colors. Damn, how lucky you are. How come did you get this? Let me know anyway.
Again, Happy Birthaday!
04-18-03 09:01 AM
Jumacfly Happy B day Tom!!
i ll never forget your reports and pics from toronto, it was a great period, thanks to you we had the best i wish you many good things for your birthday !!!


04-18-03 09:59 AM
parmeda Have a wonderful Birthday Tom!
04-18-03 10:05 AM
steel driving hammer Happy Friday Birthday Tommy Boy!
04-18-03 10:11 AM
LadyJane I can see the Peace Bridge from Buffalo to Canada from my office window. So I'm sending best wishes a few hundred miles up the QEW!!

Happy Birthday, Tom!!

04-18-03 10:31 AM
Strange_Stray_Cat Happy b-day Tommy!!
04-18-03 10:36 AM
Nellcote The Eyes and Ears of the Toronto Rehearsals....


Take your SARS mask off to hoist a few!!!
04-18-03 11:17 AM
littleredrooster Happy Birthday,TOM!

It was great to finally meet you in SF!
04-18-03 11:23 AM
vampire Congratulations!

04-18-03 12:22 PM
Irina Happy Birthday, Tom!
Be always lucky
04-18-03 01:01 PM
Moonisup happy b-day

04-18-03 01:53 PM
scope Happy Birthday to the guy who gave us all those fantastic early rehearsal reports and got us all hungry...
04-18-03 04:29 PM
luxury1 Happy Birthday Tom--so , just how young are you?
Many thanks for all your reporting way back at the start of this tour. Scope is right, it did get the juices flowing.
04-18-03 04:38 PM
Factory Girl Happy Birthday!
04-18-03 08:24 PM
Toronto Tom
Moonisup that picture collage you have on your sig I have the LP with them "LIve in Holland May 18 1990 Rotterdam Holland"

I was given it from two guys that came over from Belgium during the Toronto stones shows and gave the the LP as a gift. They have invited me over to stay there with them when they stones are in Amsterdam. Not sure yet if I can make it or not.

Thanks Jeff for starting this post that was nice of you. Also thanks for the unexpected visit with a nice card today. Sorry you could not make it for the Film we viewed the other day but you will get to see it. Unlike when I called you for the palais and said leave now you will get in no problems and you said no Tom I have Bob Dylan tickets-) (I know family can get in the way) Thanks to all my Toronto friends for taking such good care of me over my birthday the pre party on SAturday and then last night.

I was lucky enough to have a birthday card from Jerry STone, Andrew , Blondie and Bernard. I was also lucky enough to share a drink and a few laughs with Blondie (Not Debbie Harrie) on my birthday. This is only because I have such great friends in Toronto that take such good care of me.

I have met many new friends because of the rehearsals being in Toronto.

[Edited by Toronto Tom]
04-19-03 08:35 AM
Lazy Bones
Toronto Tom wrote:

I was given it from two guys that came over from Belgium during the Toronto stones shows and gave the the LP as a gift. They have invited me over to stay there with them when they stones are in Amsterdam. Not sure yet if I can make it or not.

[Edited by Toronto Tom]

Lol, ya, I know how family can get in the way!
04-19-03 08:41 AM
Moonisup Yeah Tom, I know

that drawing was made by a dutch magazine, Panorama!

they had a special then, the media coverage, was far more bigger then nowadays!

04-19-03 11:07 AM
Martha Happy Birthday Toronto Tom!!!!

It was great getting to meet you last October at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ( on my birthday)...standing around Woody's exhibit. You were on your cell phone telling someone in Toronto what was on the rehearsal set-lists that were on display and you were simultaneously being told of the Stones arrival in Toronto....and I knew you had to be SOMEBODY so I approached you. So glad I did!

Here's to seeing as many shows as you possibly can as the tour continues!

Rock and Roll has saved my soul.

Stones IS Stones!

Hugs and kisses!

04-19-03 01:17 PM
Toronto Tom Martha if you are the one who came up to me and hugged me and stepped back and said I can't believe I got to hug Toronto Tom let me tell you that was my most emotional moment on the tour for me. I was blown away I did not know how to react. You at that moment made me feel more special then anyone could have on the tour since you actually did not know me before. For a moment you made me feel like I was someone famouse and I really did not know how to handle it. It actually scared me a bit but at the same time was overwhelming in warmth. Thanks so much for making me feel so special.

04-20-03 01:39 PM
Miss U. I'll say Happy Birthday Tom from the other main source of Toronto rehearsal info. I try not to think too much about that period of time since it wasn't all roses. However you celebrated I have no doubt Stones music was played. You owe alot to your connections, namely Jerry Stone, a nice man from the one time I met him. Thru him & Al you had the opportunity to meet Blondie & Bernard, both seemed like nice blokes the time I spoke to them at the Four Seasons.
Stay grounded, we're all special no matter how many connections you have. What's important is to be well- rounded & a mature person with a good heart.
You can't take it up there with you.
04-20-03 01:44 PM
Lazy Bones Ouch!
04-20-03 04:34 PM
Gazza hope you had a great birthday Tom. It was nice to finally meet you in L.A.

I still maintain you look like Henry Rollins in real life even if you think you're more like George Bush!
04-21-03 01:32 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl ! Feliz cumpleaņos Tom '

Well belated but have a good one, and as the mad hatter celebrate all days as your bday... and your bday too

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