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Keithfucius (playing air guitar) say
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The Redlands Fire - 1973 -Photo from the LFI Archives

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Topic: The booklet from Exile On Main Street Return to archive
04-16-03 04:20 PM
morocco I have a sincere question about the booklet from Exile On Main Street. In the middle of the booklet there are pictures and writing only decipherable if I hold them to a mirror.

Is this a defect, or is this the way they all are.

The writing goes, "Scene I Exile On Main Street" and it goes through a succession of scenes.

Is the writing backwards on all copies of this booklet, or just mine? I know that many will give a humourous answer to my naive question, and that is fine, but I would like a genuine response, too.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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04-16-03 10:20 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Looks like you got a misprint! Mine face forward.

From what I can gather, those little pictures were originally a set of postcards. I love those little vignettes and the hillarious little story. It's basically The Stones talking narrated in a BBC-esque fashion.

There was a header about seven moths ago ago in which the immortal phrase "Keith has WOLF PUSS!" was uttered in regards to one of the postcards, which features Keith with his head tilted back laughing and, erm... his blouse and pants didn't quite meet in the right place.

-tSYX --- His auntie, he says, his auntie!
04-17-03 02:07 AM
Child of the Moon I remember a homework assingment I had to do in my sophomore Honors Biology class, in which I had to draw and describe a geological timeline - that is, each era in geological history.

I drew the pictures, sure. But when it came to describing each era, I decided to lampoon the Stones' "Fall from Exile On Main Street." They went something like this:

Scene One from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Precambrian Era. “So few fossils! Such primitive aquatic plants!” sez Mick gleefully.

Scene Two from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Paleozoic Era, Cambrian Period. “Wot? Look at all the trilobites & early marine life!” Keith scoffs, laughing.

Scene Three from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Paleozoic Era, Ordovician Period. “Howza ‘bout those early fish and invertebrates, eh?” Mick asks.

Scene Four from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Paleozoic Era, Silurian Period. Keith falls asleep as terrestrial plants and animals begin to show.

Scene Five from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Paleozoic Era, Devonian Period. “Oh no! Keef’s asleep! Here come the amphibians and there go the armored fishes!” Mick cries.

Scene Six from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Paleozoic Era, Carboniferous Period. Charlie remains calm. “Don’t sweat. Look at the reptiles and sharks and big trees.”

Scene Seven from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Paleozoic Era, Permian Period. Mick heaves a sigh of relief. “Yer right, nothing’s changing. It’s trilobites who kick the bucket.”

Scene Eight from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the
Mesozoic Era, Triassic Period. Mick T. gets out his gee-tar. “I thought I’d strum a sing-song ‘bout dinosaurs & conifers.”

Scene Nine from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Mesozoic Era, Jurassic Period. “Wouldja like some bongos and early birds to go with that?” Bill asks.

Scene Ten from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Mesozoic Era, Cretaceous Period. “Naw,” Mick J. interrupts. “The dinos R dead anyways. Here come flowers & bony fishes, tho’.”

Scene Eleven from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Cenozoic Era, Tertiary Period. The scene goes to the dogs as many mammals start to appear and the boys all fall over.

Scene Twelve from the Geologic Time Scale. Starring the Cenozoic Era, Quaternary Period. The Geologic Time Scale is complete as humans and mammoths appear and the ghost of Brian Jones shows up. “Could YOU walk on the water?” he sneers.

I think I got a B- on this one...
04-17-03 07:29 AM
morocco Thanks for the responses. It looks like I got a defective copy of the booklet. I'm going back to Best Buy for an exchange.
04-17-03 07:48 AM
Zeeta I also have a question whilst on this topic -

On the back cover, sort of bottom left, there is a pic of someone with long this Mick Taylor or a woman?

I think its Taylor, just looking a bit camp, but other people strongly disagree with me - can anyone help?!
04-17-03 08:13 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I think I remember the picture you're talking about - that's Taylor.

God, I still remember watching Gimme Shelter the first time... "Who is that woman up there playing guitar with the Rolling Stones?"

-tSYX --- It's the hawwwwwwwwawwwawwawwwwnky-tonk women...
04-17-03 09:27 AM
Zeeta Thank you savage - he is somewhat effeminate aint he, gay perhaps?

Not bad on guitar though
04-17-03 03:28 PM
Monkey Woman Child of the moon, this is great! I was laughing myself silly while reading... If only all geology lessons could be like that!!!
04-20-03 05:45 AM
Muddy Warts -errgh! Funnily enough I came here to post a question about a certain photo on the Exile cover too but its not regarding the Mick Taylor one on the back.

The photo I'm curious about is the one that runs down the side of the outside edge of the back page - there are 4 lots of the same photo - of who - I can't work it out.

It looks like Alice Cooper only I'm positive it isn't AC.

anyone know?

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