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Topic: A man's problem with the Sticky Fingers cover Return to archive
04-15-03 06:29 AM
morocco I was in Best Buy yesterday looking at the Sticky Fingers album. I know this is a great album but the cover really turns me off.

I don't want to continuously look at a picture of a man in his underwear when I look at the cover. The cover is an important part of the listening experience; it influences and colors the songs.

The man's genitals are clearly outlined on the back cover. This is not cool to me. I wish there were an alternate cover that a man could buy that wouldn't spoil the listening experience for Sticky Fingers.

Can anyone help?
04-15-03 09:33 AM
nankerphelge I hear ya!

04-15-03 10:32 AM
Zeeta LOL the pants are back!
04-15-03 01:08 PM
Moonisup buy the beatles white album

nothing on the cover, and nothing on the album!
04-15-03 01:46 PM
jb Or ABBAS greatest hits.
04-15-03 01:49 PM
telecaster 1. See Rocks Off member "Throbby"s avatar. That was the
alternative cover and was issued.

2. Stop staring and play the record
04-15-03 01:52 PM
Dr. Filth Check out Throbby's avatar for the alternate cover of Sticky Fingers.

Morocco, if this is a for real post and you are seriously uncomfortable with the cover of Sticky Fingers, might I suggest you project yourself INTO the crotch - so that it is YOUR bulge on the cover and YOUR underwear on the inner sleeve! Listening to rock and roll is all about personal projection anyway - you might as well feel the power!
04-15-03 02:08 PM
nankerphelge That's right!

Be the Crotch!!!
04-15-03 04:09 PM
jb I find the cover for Houses of the Holy patently more offensive.
04-15-03 04:12 PM
jb wrote:
I find the cover for Houses of the Holy patently more offensive.

How about "Whos Next"?

Or "Smell The Glove"
04-15-03 04:13 PM
Nasty Habits patently or palpably?

Where do you stand, ethically, on the Blind Faith album cover, counselor?

04-15-03 04:14 PM
jb Patently....
04-15-03 04:21 PM
Nasty Habits Whenever I see the cover of the first Crosby Stills and Nash record, I take palpable offense.

Poor morocco - I know where he's coming from. The Herbie Mann album over Push Push is one of the most shuddersome things I've ever seen!


04-15-03 07:17 PM
Mr T covers mean nothing

the white album rocks
04-15-03 11:15 PM
telecaster wrote:
Or "Smell The Glove"

Ahhhhhh... the ol' Black and Blue debate gone Spinal Tap.

-tSYX --- ...he had actually... choked on someone else's vomit...
04-15-03 11:34 PM
J.J.Flash The Band is kinda great, but this specific cover art is a trash "Black Sabbath - Born Again". Anyway, the Gillan's works is good. I purchased a bootleg from a show performing Ian Gillan with Sabbath, about 83 I think. You must check "Smoke on the Water". Damn! PERFECT!
04-16-03 12:43 AM
nankerphelge wrote:
That's right!

Be the Crotch!!!

04-16-03 01:19 AM
Bluzian As a guy, I don't have any problem with the StickyFingers
album cover or inner sleeve.

The problem with guys having a problem with that album, to
me, is their own insecurity as a male. I would think taht
if you're confident enough in your own sexuality, then an
image of a sock-stuffed crotch shouldn't "sway" you. I think
it is actually tactfully and subversively done right!
Think-about-it, the bulk of the album is about women (and
or drugs).. do women not turn you on? Does the thought of
women not occassionally give you sticky fingers? Or a boner?
Does the album not symbiotically represent the progression
to a typically red-blooded male's fantasy: see and get
turned on by a woman.. we get aroused.. we want to unzip..
strip.. and get the groove on... Isn't the step after
the underwear (according to the Stones) the Stones music -
and their "groove" as a metaphor for sex, or for playing
their music while having sex?? To me, this is how I have
interpreted their album.

As well, I find the Houses of the Holy album to be more
offensive, and the BlindFaith one of Ginger Baker's daughter.
Totally inappropriate. The exploitation of little girls
is far more sickening and disgusting than any sock in a
pair of jeans man! Get it together! Besides, it's all
"cock rock" anyway.. does this genre threaten your manhood
as well?? I would hope NOT!?!!?!?!?

PS: the only album tee-shirt I have of the Stones, is the
Sticky Fingers one, and I wear that shirt with immense
pride! Some people do get offended.. but, they just
don't "get it". Just listen to the album more man. You're
analyzing the shit way too much. Get over it.

04-16-03 03:01 AM
Highwire Rob For the longest time, before I got the collector's Sticky Fingers CD (w/ zipper), I wondered what was under the zipper. Being that Warhol was involved, I imagined that the bright yellow banana lay underneath. I was disappointed to find out it was only a pair of underpants!

I still think unzipping the jeans to find a banana would have been cooler--a better dose of ribald humour.
04-16-03 06:31 AM
gypsymofo60 LOL! Yeah! a secreted BANnaaarrrrrrna Clara would have been far more appropriate. Kremen out!
04-16-03 07:31 AM
marko there is a alternate one!Buy that spanish pressing!If you
can find it!
04-16-03 07:48 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Here's a simpler recommendation.

Buy the album.

Put it in a CD carrier, like most people do nowadays.

Bury the album under a pile of other jewel cases.

Listen to the music, crotch free.

When a friend of mine who runs the record shop near me told me to gnab this album, before I got into the Stones, I looked at the cover and the titles and said "Hmm... I don't think I'm going to be interested in this." The cover threw me - not because I'm crotchophobic, just because the image conveyed to me a sense of the meandering whining grunge rock that album covers of that sort have been reduced to.

Rest assured. The album is more than worth the augmented crotch, if you're so worried about it. And the CD inside is blank, so who cares? I'd hang a copy of that LP on my wall, if I could, it'd make a great conversation piece.

-tSYX --- I said yeah, yeah, yeah, whooooo!
04-16-03 08:07 AM
Doxa Tonight I´m gonna ask Mick Taylor to sign that cover (Of course, the original vinyl version).


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