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Topic: RONNIE HAS BEEN FIRED Return to archive
04-01-02 10:02 AM
SatisfactionUK IORR has several television and news sources that say Mick Jagger has fired Ronnie Wood because he cannot cope with a new tour.
The TV-channel whose Teletext page has those news is the
Finnish channel 4, "Nelonen",

Ronnie Wood Out Of The Stones

"The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has been kicked out of the band due to his substance abuse problems. According to the newspapers Wood uses thousands of Euros a day for drugs and alcohol, and he is now on such bad shape that Mick Jagger decided to look for new guitarist for his replacement. According to Jagger, Wood can not cope
the pressures and exertions of the upcoming 40th-Anniversary tour. Currently Wood is on rehab in Arizona."
04-01-02 10:11 AM
Gazza Strikes me that theyve (maybe deliberately) misread or misinterpreted whats been in the UK press and on the web in the last few days - ie hes in rehab and been told to clean himself up for the tour. I guess its been lost in the translation somewhere.

Think about it,logically - it makes no sense. Mick asks him to go get himself cleaned up for the tour and then they fire him a few days later before he even gets the chance to do so?? theyre hardly going to do that (after all,if anything's going to make the poor guy sink even lower,THAT would be it!)

I also think if it was the case it would be news worldwide - its not in any reputable and respected international news source....

dont forget also,today is April 1st....

04-01-02 10:13 AM
Gazza ..also,thats NOT on IORR's news page - its a piece posted on their message board by a fan taken from a newspaper
04-01-02 10:29 AM
Jaxx i think the lowdown lies in the earlier stories posted here from the Mirror and the Sun and then the more credible Telegraph. i would agree that the band wouldn't insist ronnie enter rehab then pull the rug out. it just doesn't make sense and its cruel and unusual behavior...they need a lead guitarist and whose throwing stones here anyway?
04-01-02 10:33 AM
Mother baby "anything to make the poor guy sink lower that would be it"
Yeah, very true I'll bet. It's not nice to see someone kicked while they're down...the rumor mill always seems to go riot when something like this comes up. But I (as well as some other people too I'm sure) can say the only thing that can describe that that particular addiction is Hell...I don't know how else to articulate it. The band will give him all the help they can I'm sure.
04-01-02 01:37 PM
yellow1 What day are we today ?...
04-01-02 02:33 PM
Chris Diemoz Hi all,

I can't take this thing differently than an April
fool. Let me say a thing to the person who built it: your
joke it's exactely as funny as someone phoning you in the
heart of the night and claiming a relative of you has been
seriously involved in a car crash, with this fact being

Hope you'll think about it.

04-01-02 02:38 PM
Beetlegirl05 These rumors are just lame. Unless it comes directly from Mick, Keith, Charlie, Ron on television, or radio, then I don't believe it.
04-01-02 04:40 PM
Angiegirl Of course this is a 'joke'. They would not go around the globe with the hassle of a new player, not now for the last tour (or one of the last tours if you like, to avoid discussion). But Ronnie DOES have to clean up, he's a mess indeed!
04-01-02 06:56 PM
Maxlugar Q104.3 here in NYC actually mentioned that Ronnie has been told he has to get clean or take a hike. It was complete with the ol' lets wish Ronnie well talk and what not. So while it does not seem he is fired it does look like he is headed in that direction if he doesn't get in shape.
04-01-02 07:50 PM
steel driving hammer
W/ all this "official post" bull shit it puts such a strain, such a negative feeling when the Stones are making plans, getting ready to tour for the last mother fucking time.

You (Ronnie Bashers) are gonna swallow your own bull shit words.

While watching probably the greatest tour of Rock and Roll EVER.

I have so much faith in the Stones like the Pope does Jesus.

Thanks, for Ronnie and the Boys read these boards.

Mick, Keith, Charlie & Ronnie -
PLEASE take into consideration Dylans last 2 albums...
Make it happen espcially for YOU, and for us.
- Steel Driving Nigger.

I couldn't live W/ out you boys.

04-01-02 09:40 PM
Maxlugar I don't speak for all the Ronnie bashers when I say this but I think he is bashed more for the waste of talent he has become not that he outright sucks. Shit was he good in 75-76 and 78 and even 81. But shit his great contributions since then are few and far between. He does the little light touches and fills real nice. Like on Stripped. But he fails on the rockers.

I would rather see Ronnie return to form than anything else but I doubt it will happen.

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