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Topic: who are you Return to archive
03-28-02 06:51 PM
somegirl Sorry, Im new to the board. This is my first post, although Im reading this for a couple of months. I didn`t want to open a new threat,but it just happened. Also English is not my mothertlanguage, therefore it`s not so easy to tell you all my thoughts about your subjects. Thats why Im only reading most of your stuff. Anyway this was a try.
03-28-02 08:58 PM

Darling, my name here is always AzQb. But it's funny seeing "my" name, which i happen to use all the time on other boards, get used by someone else !

Oh-- the agony ---

; )

04-01-02 04:39 PM
somegirl As I already said this is my very first try to post a message. May be Im a little bit stupid, but I really didn`t know how to do this--tried different names, nothing worked, but suddenly I was in there with this name. Sorry, I wont use it any more and make another try.
04-01-02 05:01 PM
somegirl wrote:
As I already said this is my very first try to post a message. May be Im a little bit stupid, but I really didn`t know how to do this--tried different names, nothing worked, but suddenly I was in there with this name. Sorry, I wont use it any more and make another try.

Oh no, darling! Don't do that; changing it is QUItE unnecessary, you know, as "my" "some girl" is ALwAyS preceded by the ~. So please; i surely didn't mean to offend, or even to exert any kind of immature "controlling" of an abhorrent nature-- not at all.

Keep it, please. I use many such names, always preceded by the eminent ~ . So therefore, as most regulars and Ex-Lax users know, we are not the same people ; )

So please, love, don't change it. It simply isn't worth all the silly fuss & gargoyle-like mind fucks ; )

04-01-02 05:15 PM
somegirl May be I will, may be I wont. But I have to tell you and some others another thing: please be also aware that many people dont use English as their "motherlanguage" so sometimes it`s really difficult for "us" to exactly understand what you mean, when talking in those typical spoken words expressions. Or am I the only one having that problem??????? I only know schoolenglish, but would like to take part also in your discussions and not only read it.
04-01-02 10:54 PM


we shall all try then, won't we ? Give it a go and really try to understand eachother. I, for one, shall do my best to understand you and the "others here" you imply might be misunderstood by the rest {the Americans and the English} have my word.

I shall, indeed to the best of my best & sincerest ability, make every attempt to understand and "include" you {as you so succintly put it !} in every way i can; to attempt, in every way possible to me, personally,{to} make yer time here more the pleasing ; ) yes, the more pleasing.

Indeed-- you have my word ; )

04-01-02 11:06 PM
gypsy I'd like to think that we will all be helpful to you, somegirl. What is your native language? Well, have a good time on the board here, and we'll all help you as much as possible!
04-02-02 09:31 AM
Jaxx not to worry and welcome. we're glad to have you. there's alot of non english speaking fans hanging here with us. this translator at is very helpful:
04-02-02 09:46 AM
Cardinal Ximinez That translator thing is hilarious...clip and paste an article into it, put it in a different language, then retranslate it back into english...What tumbles back out is a friggin' riot!

I like to do that with Stones's funny as all git out!
04-02-02 09:51 AM
Cardinal Ximinez The translator matter is the lively... clip and glues the article enters it, puts it in one unusual language, what tumble cancellation then re- translates it returns the English... is friggin the ' riot! I like doing that and stone 抒情诗... it are funny elephant all git!

See, I translated my previous post into chinese, then back to are funny elephant all git!
04-02-02 10:50 AM
KeepRigid "See, I translated my previous post into chinese, then back to english"

I usually do this with my posts, for the benefit of our Canadian friends here. So, you mean it doesn't provide an accurate translation?

No wonder my posts are always so dumb.
04-02-02 11:33 AM
Cardinal Ximinez This gives me a good idea for this months contest...
04-02-02 11:40 AM
Maxlugar Someone stole something and posted it as their own!

I wonder what the fuck that's like!

Kiss my ass you bastards!

Maxlugar - An American Original, C10.
04-02-02 01:08 PM
Jaxx hmm. i never thought of it as a toy! that's a howl and a half, anyway

i have used that translator in the past converting spanish language articles into english. they have been quite accurate give or take a few words. i've used it to translate nonenglish messages posted here. the german to english never worked for me.

for what its worth, as far as being an accurate translation; the articles and posts i translated seemed to make some sense. i could get the jist of it. however, some words couldn't be translated.

04-02-02 02:02 PM
somegirl Thank you all - people
Ive posted my "who are you" again on the right place, so you can read a little bit more about me.Youve convinced me to go on...just one more remark: reading, writing or understanding is not the problem, its more expressions like "twinkierehab" for example, Im sure I wont find that in the dictionary......or your other ironical, loose expressions (know what I mean, now), but I guess Ill get better and get used to it.
04-02-02 07:49 PM

...those expressions, though i shan't recant on their personal significance, are most probably just made up little "sillinisms" expressed with a chuckle and FOR a chuckle, as "laughter is health to the bones". Indeed, i take personal responsibility for some of these odd expressions...and shall try to be as butter-clarified as possible in the future and for the future of this here Board of Boards ; )


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