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Topic: Hello, I'm new here! Return to archive
03-28-02 01:14 PM


I'm Nicole. Some of you may know me from the Anita Pallenberg MSN community. I also have a Brian Jones website. I just wanted to introduce myself. By the way, Rest in Peace Dudley Moore.

03-28-02 01:35 PM

Yes, welcome indeed !

Thanks for "introducing" yerself, as well. Some folks just clamber on like sumthin outta Urban Cowboy & yer not quite sure if yer talkin to a gentleman from England or a 500 lb. man on a BacaLounger with a purchase from BIgBob'sXtraSave--cases of Kleenex. To keep on said Baca armrest. You know, scary nasty stoof.

The rest of the girls, as i know them, are delightfully charming, gracious and humourous. And of course, quuite amorous concening said band ; )

ginda, FG {Factory Girl}, and occasionally our dear Dandelion {delightfully quick-witted & perfectly wicked ;}
are perfectly wonderful babes on Keno's Gas,Gas,GAS Board if you ever would care to "stop by" and say hey ho let's go in the strange and wonderful world of cyber space.

~chillin fer the killin {floor}
03-28-02 04:31 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hi Nicole! Welcome aboard!

I love your site, very nice one we're gonna link it soon

Check Nicole's website out at
[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
03-28-02 04:34 PM
KeepRigid Hello Nicole.

Welcome to the Rocks Off board, although this is a bit embarrassing that you are having to introduce yourself while we are all standing around naked and being mean to each other. Please overlook our personal failings.

"By the way, Rest in Peace Dudley Moore."

My hope is that he can now play his piano once again, and also that he has finally found the rest of that moose.


"I race cars, play tennis, and fondle women- BUT, I have weekends off and I am my own boss!" -KeepRigid talking to Arthur Bach
03-28-02 06:50 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Hey! This is a site related to talented artistes! Not a dud dead dud! I'm open-minded...... but HE didn't have an ounce of talent worth sharing in his body. Bit like Milligan, I suppose.
03-28-02 06:56 PM
gypsy that's rude...i thought he was hilarious in "Arthur" and "Foul Play."
03-28-02 06:57 PM
gypsy Keep, dahling, where have you been? I'm sick of Vest Vittering...I'm bored! What are you going to do about it, Keep? Keep? I vill valk the streets now in search of a weal mon...
03-28-02 07:24 PM
KeepRigid Moore was a piano prodigy as well as a concert pianist.

Gypsy...a single tear.


"I know you'll never call
Ooh, what a feeling..."
03-28-02 08:38 PM
Scot Rocks >>those dead guys and I got depressed. Rock n Roll people do not SEEM to live long.
no body remembers Felix Papparladi, but the Brits remember, he produced Cream not the Mountain songs...but he produced Cream, Brits are so stuck on themselves.,,,

CREAM KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03-28-02 08:43 PM
Scot Rocks Oh and not forgetting the original thread
HI Beetlegirl05
checked out your site - pretty good -
03-28-02 08:59 PM
Beetlegirl05 I think it is totally rude to knock me for showing respect for Dudley. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything! Besides, when the stones pass, will you be saying the same thing? Show some respect and have some manners! To those who were actually nice to me, thanks! That is me, but please don't post my pic without asking me. Thanks
03-29-02 12:05 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hi Nicole...ummm...errrr...I mean, Beetlegirl.

I just mailed you a package containing a CDR and some jewel case artwork. KeepRigid won this in a little contest I had...and he wanted to donate his prize to enjoy! I think you will.

I think most of us already saw your pic over at the Anita site(I'm honorary member #69)...besides, you're cute, show it off.
03-29-02 12:57 AM
gypsy Keep is so sweet to do that...
03-29-02 01:13 AM


Yes, Keepfrigid, email me when you get a chance, I'd like to thank you! Thanks for the complement. I try not to be snobby when it comes to how I look, but I do make sure I look nice everyday. Thanks for sending it, I'll check my mailbox when I get to school on monday. Thanks again!
03-29-02 01:48 AM
gypsy "keepfrigid" ha ha! was that a typo? hmmmmm?
03-29-02 11:16 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Guess what his new nickname is! I like this Nicole chick already...she's good.
03-29-02 11:27 AM
KeepRigid "keepfrigid ha ha! was that a typo? hmmmmm?"

Oh're not gonna start yelling about how you haven't been laid in weeks again are you?

Poor, lonely Keepfrigid. (See what happens when you leave him to walk the streets?)

He tried re-wiring, he tried re-firing...

But he's beautiful, though.
03-29-02 11:35 AM
KeepFrigid Dearest Nicole,
I find you charming, but it wasn't me, sweetheart.

PS. Rigid, you're still an ass.
03-29-02 12:16 PM
nankerphelge I hate to be the "bad cop" but there are a couple of points that I simply must reiterate.

Please do not say "ass" or "frigid" in posts.

Unless of course you are referring to Bill and Hillary Clinton, respectively.

Thank you
under assistant board administrative butt-boy
03-29-02 02:06 PM
The Worst Welcome on board, Nicole! You look nice indeed, and your page is interesting! Now I'm not the youngest poster here (I'm 19)...
03-29-02 02:12 PM
The Worst Now I remember, that I have not already seen your pic on Jayme's community, but that we have already discussed together there...
03-29-02 02:37 PM
The Worst This reminded me, that I had wanted to post a pic in the Anita community, too, which I have just done. I wonder, whether Nicole has longer hair than me, as I we can never see it completely on the pics.
03-29-02 04:15 PM
The Eggman Sorry old men, u guys are too old for this new memember (Nicole) of the stoney fan club, me being born in 1984 making me 18 (april, 15) yahh, the rightful drinking age to me...I live in Winnipeg...and had the chance to see the stones in 97'...and was preaching to my friends and classmates about the Stones at a very early age, (like the only kid who knew the Stones albums good and bad, in Grade 4 or 5)and been rocking ever since

Bought a 83' Camaro Z28 recently, making the car as old as you Nicole
03-29-02 04:18 PM
Scot Rocks I'm 18.
The new generation of stones fans is growing!!!

03-29-02 06:21 PM
Jaxx hola, beetlegirl and welcome to our stonesly space. have a wonderful time at our playground and be sure to check out the cool links under our header pic. the cyber radio is a nice touch as well.
03-29-02 07:41 PM
Beetlegirl05 Sorry, it was a typo, i didn't mean to say keepfrigid. Why isn't that word allowed anyways? Maybe its just that I'm 19, but to me it means cold in temperature. Anyways, to who asked, my hair is 3 inches below my collar bone. It will be blond in a few weeks, as opposed to the red it is now.

03-29-02 08:37 PM
gypsy By the way, you're all welcome to post pics at our Anita community...but "WP" is out of the some of our members are only 15...but, hey, we can always go to the chat room, which I believe has only been used once.
03-30-02 11:46 AM
The Worst
Beetlegirl05 wrote:
Sorry, it was a typo, i didn't mean to say keepfrigid. Why isn't that word allowed anyways? Maybe its just that I'm 19, but to me it means cold in temperature. Anyways, to who asked, my hair is 3 inches below my collar bone. It will be blond in a few weeks, as opposed to the red it is now.

Thanks, Nicole!
How many centimetres are an inch? My hair is about 15 cm below my collar bone. Your message raises another question to me- what the real colour of your hair is (mine is dark blonde). Nice to get into discussion with you just after your entering the board, a lot of fun here will be guaranteed to you! And nice to read, that you're a vegetarian, too!

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