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Topic: Setlists From The Upcomming Tour Return to archive
03-27-02 11:10 PM
Soldati A Posible List:


1. Jumpinī Jack Flash
2. Shattered
3. Gimme Shelter
4. Saint Of Me
5. New Song / New Song
6. Rip This Joint / Rocks Off
7. Paint it Black
8. Get Off Of My Cloud / The Last Time
9. Tumbling Dice / All Down The Line
10. Time Is On My Side / Wild Horses
11. Angie / Ruby Tuesday / Memory Motel
12. Happy
13. Before They Make Me Run / Little T&A
14. (I Canīt Get No) Satisfaction
15. Itīs Only Rockīn Roll
16. Honky Tonk Women
17. Miss You
18. Start Me Up
19. You Canīt Always Get What You Want
20. Brown Sugar


1. Jumpinī Jack Flash
2. Respectable
3. Beast Of Burden / Letīs Spend The Night Together
4. Start Me Up / Star Star
5. Itīs Only Rockīn Roll
6. Sympathy For The Devil / Under My Thumb
7. New Song / New Song
8. Tell Me (your comming back) / Sister Morphine
9. Fool To Cry
10. Angie
11. Happy
12. Before They Make Me Run / Little T&A
13. Route 66 / Little Queenie
14. She Said Yeah / Carol
15. Around and Around
16. One Hit (to the body) / Street Fighting Man
17. Brown Sugar
18. Honky Tonk Women
19. Tumbling Dice
20. Miss You
21. (I Canīt Get No) Satisfaction


1. Like A Rolling Stone
2. I Just Want To Make Love To You / Come On
3. Down The Road Apiece / Mercy Mercy
4. Not Fade Away / Under The Boardwalk
5. Confesinī The Blues / You Canīt Catch Me
6. Chantilly Lace / Walking The Dog
7. Carol / Twenty Flight Rock
8. Little Red Rooster
9. Little by Little
10. You Got The Silver
11. Coming Down Again
12. Midnight Rambler / Dance Little Sister
13. Had It With You / Down In The Hole
14. Itīs Only Rockīn Roll
15. Honky Tonk Women
16. Tumbling Dice
17. Brown Sugar
18. (I Canīt Get No) Satisfaction / Jumpinī Jack Flash

What Do You Think About This?
03-28-02 03:03 AM
marko Great choices,,,,the rocks off songs will allways be there,
and they will play satisfaction.But you forgot to list,out
of control,its one of micks favorite songs,i think it will
be there,also you got me rocking,or any other song from
voodoo,also one song from steel wheels.i think 3 different
list just isnīt enough for this tour....too many songs to get them fit to 20 or 22 songs.otherwise,excellent choices.
03-28-02 09:55 AM
FPM C10 I doubt they'll EVER play "Shattered" again after 9/11. The image of brains "splattered all over Manhattan" and lines like "Bite the Big Apple/ Don't mind the maggots" were cool in '78, but are impossible not to place in a new unfavorable context now, with bodies still being exhumed from Ground Zero six months later.

I predict they WILL do "Salt of the Earth" like M&K did at the Concert For NY. I'd also like to hear a reallllllly nasty "Stray Cat Blues" (i.e. - not the toothless MT version from YaYas but an X-rated take true to the original). Other than that - whatever they do is fine with me.
03-28-02 10:38 AM
Maxlugar I really hope they come to NYC and do a week at MSG. You know, just unload the catalog on us. Make each night 75% different and keep the war horses at the end.

But like Fleabit Peanut God-Damned Monkey says, anything they play will be OK with me.

Shit, they could play...ummm....I don't Work in its entirety and Maxy's foot'll be a-tappin'

Frig yeah!

Or how's about a 45 minute Something Happened To Me Yesterday complete with 10 minute kazoo solo by Charlie using only his right nostril?

I'm watching!

Maxlugar, C10 (ma ma ma Maxy!)
03-28-02 02:48 PM
sway Here's my ideal setlist with Keef, Ronnie and MT switching guitar and bass duties for the ultimate Stones extravaganza:

1. Sympathy For The Devil (guitars: RW&MT bass:KR)
2. Shattered (g:KR&RW b:MT)
3. Paint it Black (g: KR&RW b: MT)
4. Sway (g: KR&MT b:RW)
5. Tumbling Dice (g:KR&MT b:RW)
6. Angie (g: KR&MT b:RW)
7. Start Me Up (g:KR&RW b:MT)
8. Honky Tonk Women (g:KR,MT&RW bJ)
9. All Down The Line (g:KR&MT b:RW)
10. Wild Horses (g: KR&MT b:RW)
11. Emotional Rescue (g: KR&RW b:MT)
12. Itīs Only Rockīn Roll (g:KR&RW b:MT)
13. Happy (g:KR&MT b:RW)
14. Waiting On A friend (g: KR&MT b:RW)
15. Gimme Shelter (g:KR,MT&RW bJ)
16. Miss You (g: KR&RW b:MT)
17. Out Of Control (g: KR&RW b:MT)
18. Winter (g: KR&MT b:RW)
19. Heartbreaker (g: KR&MT b:RW)
20. Can't You Hear Me Knocking (g: KR&MT b:RW)
21. Beast Of Burden (g: KR&RW b:MT)
22. Moonlight Mile (g: KR&MT b:RW)
23. Midnight Rambler (g:KR,MT&RW bJ)
24. Jumpinī Jack Flash (g:KR,MT&RW bJ)


1. Brown Sugar (g:KR&MT&RW bJ)
2. Time Waits For No One (g: KR&MT b:RW)
3. Street Fighting Man (g: KR,MT&RW bJ)
4. You Canīt Always Get What You Want (g:KR,MT&RW bJ)
03-28-02 02:49 PM
sway The happy faces are supposed to be Daryl Jones on bass...

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