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03-23-02 05:54 AM
Maybe you did that before..


please answer this! I want to know who you are...

a) born/year/country
b) Stones fan since
c) Best album
d) best song
e) number of Stones shows
f) first Stones show
g) last stones show
h) best Stones show
i) Stones show you would love to have attended
j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
k) biggest hope for 2002


a) 1968/Germany
b) 1982 (a month too late for the German shows)
c) Exile
d) Gimme Shelter (among 100 others)
e) 30
f) Hannover, 23.5.90
g) Köln, 20.6.99
h) Amsterdam, 5.7.98 (among 29 others)
i) Hannover, 6.6.82
j) look at:

03-23-02 07:49 AM
beer A: 1977, USA
B:fan since 1994
C:best album is "Exile" without a doubt. It is everything that is great in rock and roll and life. "beggars" is a close 2nd.
D: Best song, Jumpin Jack Flash is so amazing, everything about it, the production, the riff, the hook. It is addictive.
E:Only seen em once, Seattle 97
I: what show would i have liked to have seen, any small club gig
Jissapointment, clean sounding guitars. I think the last album with "dirty" sounding guitars was "Tattoo You"
K: hope for 2002, obscure songs, "Torn and frayed" "Sway" etc.
03-23-02 07:59 AM
The Worst a) 1982/Austria
b) 1997
c) Tattoo You
d) Worried About You
e) 1
f) Wiener Neustadt/Austria, 1998
i) Imst/Austria, 1999 (I would have skipped school for it, but it was too far away)
j) the live-albums of the 80ies and 90ies (does it really need on from every tour?) or the name of the "No-Security"-tour: stupid to record a live album from a tour in support of a studio album and then doing a tour in support of that live-album! But the tour was also regarded as the second part of the Bridges-tour, which I liked more.
k) no new live-album
03-23-02 09:36 AM
nanky 1963/USA/Aries/C10
fan since 1977 or so, but I believe aliens from another world inserted some sort of mutant DNA in me and I have chromoStones that make me a fan by genetics.
the best album is Exile - especially when stoned
the best song cannot be determined
I have seen them 9 times
First in Buffahole NY in '81
Last was DC in '99
Best show was probably opener for '94 although Atlanta '97 was damn fine -- any boots out there from that show?
biggest disappointment was missing them in '78 which I was bummed about at the time but am clinically depressed about now having heard Handsome Girls thanks to a "crazy bald guy!" (Thanks FPM -- perfectly sums up MA)
2002 - I want it done right. Don't care how they do it, what has to be done -- they need to put out a definitive release that needs to capture people with the same magic as some of their previous milestones. And they need a tour that U2 looks at and says "man I wish we had thought of that"

03-23-02 11:21 AM
a) 1957 (!!!) USA
b) 1965
c) Let It Bleed
d) Midnight Rambler
e) 16
f) Philly 6/30/75
g) Chicago 2, NS tour, April '99
h) MSG3, January '98
i) Tribute to Stu, 1986
j) I got everyone I know to go see them in Philly '78, and it turned out to be one of the worst shows they ever did. _I_ liked it, but some of my friends are still mad at me.

k) To attend a club date

Nanker- "crazy bald guy!" (Thanks FPM -- perfectly sums up MA) Actually I said "Crazy Bald Head" which is a Bob Marley song. To Bob anyone who didn't have dreadlocks was a crazy bald head. You know, the other "Junkie" that came to DC in '99 also shaves his head now. Am I next?

No. No I am not.
03-23-02 11:40 AM
Jaxx [quote]TT wrote:

a) born/year/country
USA july, 19??

b) Stones fan since

c) Best album
i can find something redeeming about all of them, but my favorite era is the mick taylor era

d) best song
too many to list.

e) number of Stones shows
7-their setlists don't rotate THAT much within each tour to make it worth my while to travel around, i mean we're not talking the grateful dead here and getting in and out of denver is a real bitch....

f) first Stones show
boulder, colorado, october 3, 1981

g) last stones show
second night in hartford CT march whatever, 1999

h) best Stones show
i have never been to a bad stones show

i) Stones show you would love to have attended
buffalo Ny, july 4th, 1979

j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
not getting to that july 4th show after waiting 6 years to be old enough to go, bad seats at the voodoo lounge show, no denver shows for steel wheels or b2b

k) biggest hope for 2002
i have no expectations except to party high with my co-moderators.

03-23-02 11:44 AM
Carl The Lobsterman a) 2-8-62 USA
b) 1971
c) n/a...better live band than studio
d) Waiting On A Friend-YCAGWYW (TIE)
e) 9
f) Foxboro Stadium 9-29-89
g) Wembley Stadium 6-12-99
h) Molson Center, Montreal 4-18-98
i) Atlantic City PPV
j) Truncated Version of YCAGWYW on '97-'98 TOUR-Keef back doing stuff
k) Charlie doesn't pass away. No Charlie, no tour.
03-23-02 12:00 PM
Im_Shattered I'am...

a) 1982/Canada
b) 1990-1992 (I remember hearing Midnight Rambler when I was 4 or 5, thought it was a new song)
c) Sticky Fingers
d) Street Fighting Man/Midnight Rambler(live)
e) 2
f) 1994
g) 1997
h) M.S.G 72 (wish i was at those shows!)
i) Adding to question "h" any concert with Mick Taylor
j) nothing comes to my mind at the moment
k) For Decca to finally remaster everything up to Ya Yas when was last time 1987? ,some unreleased tracks in each cd aswell, and a tour of course!!!

03-23-02 12:17 PM
nanky Crazy bald head -- my mistake. Didn't know that about Bob - it does fit the Cardinal though. So the other junkie is shaved now too eh? Looks like a trend!

03-23-02 02:43 PM
Joey Maybe you did that before..


please answer this! I want to know who you are...

a) born/year/country
b) Stones fan since
c) Best album
d) best song
e) number of Stones shows
f) first Stones show
g) last stones show
h) best Stones show
i) Stones show you would love to have attended
j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
k) biggest hope for 2002

a) August 1st , 1964 / USA
b) 1977
c) Exile
d) Jumping Jack Flash
e) Ten
f) October , 1989
g) April 12th , 1999 ( Chicago )
h) All the No Security Shows were outstanding
i) Brussels 1973
j) None
k) Mick Taylor rejoins the band

-- Thank You

The Joey , C10

J. Joeyfly
03-23-02 02:53 PM
FPM C10 wrote:

j) I got everyone I know to go see them in Philly '78, and it turned out to be one of the worst shows they ever did. _I_ liked it, but some of my friends are still mad at me.

I was at that '78 Philly show too, and it sucked! But I'm not mad at you!
03-23-02 03:28 PM
Miss U. a) born/year/country
67 day before release of BTButtons/Canada/Capricorn, Leo Ascendant, Mercury & Venus in Aquarius...

b) Stones fan since
age 16. Sticky Fingers, Sucking In the 70s, & watching Let's Spend The Night Together did me in.

c) Best album
varies with my mood. Beggars, Ya-Yas, Love U Live.

d) best song
This is impossible to choose. Parachute Woman. Sympathy.

e) number of Stones shows
2 for now.

f) first Stones show
Toronto, Steel Wheels.

g) last stones show
Toronto, No Security.

h) best Stones show
Haven't been around enuff.

i) Stones show you would love to have attended
Rock N Roll Circus.

j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
Death of Brian.

k) biggest hope for 2002
See multiple gigs this tour. Tribute to Brian.

03-23-02 04:08 PM
Cardinal Ximinez a) born/year/country

b) Stones fan since
I've always liked the Stones, but didn't become obsessed untill 1989..

c) Best album
I like Let It Bleed.

d) best song
The correct answer is Midnight Rambler. Yes it is. I used my pull at the Vatican to get a Papal Decree!

e) number of Stones shows

f) first Stones show
Pittsburgh 1989, 5th row center...haven't had seats as good since, although Philly 97 turned into really great seats for the small stage...

g) last stones show
3/8/99 Washingtom DC

h) best Stones show
8/1/94 Washington DC...Tour opener...coked out of my skull...Monkey Man...Goathead guy on stilts...the 2nd Meadowlands show in '97 was pretty amazing too!

i) Stones show you would love to have attended
Rock n Roll Circus...

j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
Goddess In The Doorway

k) biggest hope for 2002
great seats for at least 1 show....and to take my 6 year old son to see a show...

gypsy...I dropped my hat again...
03-23-02 04:56 PM
Fabio Hot Stuff a) born/year/country
b) Stones fan since
c) Best album
d) best song
e) number of Stones shows
f) first Stones show
g) last stones show
h) best Stones show
i) Stones show you would love to have attended
j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
k) biggest hope for 2002

a) ROME Italy -may 1964
b) 1977
d) Jumpin' Jack Melody
e) just 4
f) 1982 Munich, Germany
g)1990 Rome. italy
h)1990 Rome. italy
i) in a small club with Chuck Berry +Mick Taylor
j)the solo albums of Mick ...and Keef too
k) make a lot of money!!!(to fly in USA and see stones show)
Fabio hot stuff
[Edited by Fabio Hot Stuff]
03-23-02 06:23 PM
FPM C10 The Joey C10 spake:

a) August 1st , 1964 / USA

wait - did I know that before??? That is also the esteemed Cardinal X's birthday, and one day after mine.

We gotta build a fire in the backyard to celebrate some year. We shall drink, and smoke, and drink, oil our bodies and dance like clowns!

03-23-02 06:42 PM
Gazza a) born/year/country
b) Stones fan since
c) Best album
d) best song
e) number of Stones shows
f) first Stones show
g) last stones show
h) best Stones show
i) Stones show you would love to have attended
j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
k) biggest hope for 2002

Good thread!!

a) 1963 (same week as the Stones released their first record) Northern Ireland,UK
b) 1973 in moderation. 1977 as an addict
c) Exile. "Some girls" and "sticky fingers" run it close.
d) Midnight rambler from "ya ya's"
e) 21 .. plus Woody solo in dublin in 2001
f) Slane Castle 24th July 1982
g) Wembley stadium 12th June 1999
h) Shepherds Bush 8th june 1999
i) El Mocambo 1977 or Amsterdam Paradiso 1995
j) The fact that nowadays their ticket prices are so scandalously high and their greed is threatening to overcome their music as their legacy.

k) Four things :

1) getting to share a room with Jaxx instead of with Gerardo again on this tour! ;-)
2) being able to afford to go and see some shows overseas this year!
3) that even at this late stage the Stones go and do the whole thing properly - ie release a good new studio album,make their shows affordable,mix up the playlists like Dylan does, play decent sized venues & gear the shows towards their fanbase instead of the "more money than sense" corporate crowd theyve favoured in recent years
4) that when they're compiling the boxed set,they let me help them archive it by giving me access to the studio sessions and letting me interview them for the book that I hope they'll commission me to write to accompany the release

At this stage,I imagine that option 4) is more likely than option 1). Number 2) and 3) are possibilities I guess!

03-23-02 07:24 PM
steel driving hammer a) born/year/country - Michigan 1970 USA.

b) Stones fan since - June 12th 1978, aprox 12:18 P.M.

c) Best album - Exile.

d) best song - Impossible.

e) number of Stones shows - 2.

f) first Stones show - Chicago Bridges To Babylon opener.

g) last stones show - Chicago 99.

h) best Stones show - Edinburgh 1982.

i) Stones show you would love to have attended - Bremen 98.

j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise) - Solo Albums.

k) biggest hope for 2002 - World Peace & More Stones.

03-23-02 08:48 PM
Angiegirl a) born/year/country - Netherlands 1974

b) Stones fan since - dec. 1986 (Dirty Work as a gift, my first Stones LP)

c) Best album - Exile.

d) best song - Can't choose

e) number of Stones shows - 25, plus 1 time Keith ('92), 1 time Mick Taylor (Paris '98), 1 time Bill Wyman ('98) and the last Paradiso/Amsterdam show '95 live on the large screen on the square a few yards away from the club.

f) first Stones show - Rotterdam/Holland May 21 1990, Urban Jungle

g) last stones show - Cologne, Germany June 20 1999, last show played 'till now.

h) best Stones show - Madison Square Garden/NYC Jan. 17 '98 or Shepherds Bush London June 8 '99 clubgig

i) Stones show you would love to have attended - Paradiso club Amsterdam May 1995, either show

j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise) - the Amsterdam ArenA as chosen location for their 5 Holland shows in '98 because of the awful acoustics!

k) biggest hope for 2002 - Reasonable ticket prices... (like a symbolic $1, LOL)
03-23-02 09:13 PM
Scot Rocks Indecently this my first post. Hi

c)Sticky Fingers
d)Gimme Shelter/Satisfaction...I could go on and on
e)depressingly 0
f)hopefully 2003!!!
i)any during that 1972 tour
j)not discovering the best rock n' roll band in the world sooner and missing out on some kickass tours.
k)'Please let me introduce the Rolling Stones' YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!It is all I think about
03-23-02 11:22 PM
Nasty Habits a) Born:1969/USA
b) Corrupted: 1983 (the Undercover singles did it.)(first album bought: DIRTY WORK!). Lunatic by '87.
c) Fave Album: England's Exile After Now: Beg . . . Bleed . .. Stick Some Ya-Ya's Out of Our Heads!
Subcategory 45: Have You Seen Your Mother Baby/Who's Driving Your Plane (the punkest 45 of all time)
d) Fave rave: 'S'impossible.
e) # Shows: 7 + Keith Chicago Main Offender
f) 1st Show: St. Louis Steel Wheels '89
g) Last Show: Charlotte No Security '99
h) Fave show attended: Chicago - Opening Night - Bridges to Babylon
i) I wish I was at: Crawdaddy Club gig 1963.
j) Biggest disappointies: Being Mick. No Security tour price tag. Stones credit card.
k) Hope for 2002: Good, raw, rockin' w/abandon shows. I attend a club gig.
03-23-02 11:47 PM
steel driving hammer Hey Nasty Habits...
Joey and I were also at Chicago opening night of Bridges!
Remember Blues Traveller opening?
What a joke eh?
Remember the 20-50 empty yellow seats right of the stage when the Stones came on and through out the show? What was that?
Remember Mick dancing like he "used to" durring Under My Thumb in Chicago?
Remember the 2 encors?
Remember many black street saxaphone players outside Soldier Field after the show?
Remember the $10 Stones tee shirts outside the Stadium?
Remember the $30 Stones tee shirts inside the Stadium?
Remember how cold it was?
Remember when Mick said,
"You got Da Bears, Da Bulls, and now you got Da Stones?"

Hot Stuff, nice choice btw...
i) Stones show you would love to have attended
Rock N Roll Circus.

03-23-02 11:59 PM
Stonesthrow a) yes; 1950; USA
b) 1964
c) Aftermath/Sticky Fingers
d) Satisfaction
e) 2
f) Phoenix 1969
g) Phoenix 1981 (side 2 of Still Life)
h) of the 2, 1969. Early Mick Taylor and a young, incredible Tina Turner on the opening bill.
i) any of them
j) losing Brian Jones then Mick Taylor
03-24-02 12:03 AM
Stonesthrow One more time:

K) That they become the Rolling Stones again.
03-24-02 12:23 AM
steel driving hammer Stonesthrow I raise a glass in your honor.

High and Dry well I'm up here with no warning!
High and Dry well I couldn't get a word in!
High and Dry Oh what a way to go,
She left me standing here just High and Dry!

Whew Hew!!!

Hell Yeah!

What a song! What a Album!

No offense but Fuck the Beatles.

Ain't that right Lugar? Damm MF Straight.
03-24-02 11:08 AM
Maxlugar a) born/year/country
b) Stones fan since
c) Best album
d) best song
e) number of Stones shows
f) first Stones show
g) last stones show
h) best Stones show
i) Stones show you would love to have attended
j) biggest disappointment (Stoneswise)
k) biggest hope for 2002

A) July 29th 1966, New "Friggin'" York baby! USA.
B) 1976 - Got Black and Blue it's first day out.
C) Sticky Fingers
D) It changes a lot for me. Gimme Shelter is hard to beat.
E) 7, that I remember....
F) Shea '89. (Had tickets to MSG '81 but got arrested. Huge turning point in Lil' Maxy's life. The fact I had to wait 8 more years to see them was worse than if they threw me in the slammer)
G) Hartford '99
H) MSG 2, '98
I) Altamont - Just to say I was there and to kick a little Hells Angel ass.
J) Stones not touring for Dirty Work in '86.
K) Keith plays hard and Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor, at the very least, join them for a few shows. If not outright rejoin and do the whole tour.

03-24-02 11:14 AM
wane a)1962 June, in France
b)Christmas 1976
c)Some girls
d)Under my thumb
e)9 + Keith solo
f)Auteuil, 6/13/1982
g)Stuttgart, 5/29/1999
h)Werchter, 6/21/1998
i)Olympia, 7/3/1995, I left the queue in front of the VirginMegastore too early
j)the awful sound in Amsterdam Arena in 1998
k)a small club gig in NYC in August
03-24-02 01:07 PM
sly Born 1974
fan since 1990
best album Sticky fingers
Best song Sympathy
No. of shows 13
1st show chicago "94 VL tour
last show Apr 16th Vegas "99 ns tour
Best show Vegas "97 b2b
Would have loved to have seen any 60's and 70's shows
Biggest dissapointment The Stones didn't announce there tour yet!
Hope for 2002 Lot's of Stones shows
03-24-02 02:02 PM
Miss U. Cheers to Stonesthrow!

SDH, babe--thx! RnR Circus, I'd be standing right in front of Brian, lol. I could do without Yoko's "singing" though.

And who would guess we've only been to 2 shows?

One more far-out hope for 2002--to meet Mick Jagger. I'd settle for 2003 or 2004 even....
03-24-02 02:51 PM
Nasty Habits SDH --

Yeah, Blues Traveller opening for the Stones stands as my #1 most unfortunate veiwing of a band of all time.
Remember that retarded opening to the show of the Hendrix National anthem on harmonica?
Remember when they did that dumb melody that broke into the Violent Femmes' Blister in the Sun?
God, I wish I could forget all of that.

Got really bombed on not too cheap cheap beer at that show and forgot all about it being cold. Drank to quell my anxieties. Was not a fan of the Voodoo Lounge show I saw (Columbia, MO) and was worried about how good it was gonna be.

Called the opening song, called Keith's set (the friend I was with and I were joking . . . Yeah, he's gonna do "Wanna Hold You" and "All About You", and then were blown away when he actually played those songs), and 2/3 of the second stage (great seats for that).

Totally blew a gasket during the second stage -- had never heard the band actually sound like . . . you know . . . THAT before. Danced so hard I think other people thought I might have an epileptic fit.

I remember Mick dancing during Under My Thumb VERY well. Backing up into the band and wiggling towards the end . . Calling for extra choruses and the band really paying attention to each other to see where the arrangement was going. Magic.
As I also recall he got down quite impressively on Rock and a Hard Place, at least to my drunk ass . . .

Also remember 19th Nervous Breakdown . . . Rocked like mad. Remember being slightly distressed that "On our first trip" got changed to "When we first met . . ."

Everyone around me used me as a guide to know how well things were going -- people kept asking me whether it was still the greatest thing I'd ever seen in my life, and at the time I could honestly say that it was . . .

Confetti spray during Brown Sugar flying more out of the stadium than on everybody's heads.

Bitch with the stretched out verses and the "You Got to Mix It!" interludes.

The not Double Door debut of Out of Control (my head explodes during the harmonica solo).

The GREATEST Start Me Up ever! I can still remember Jagger actually doing the high "Yeaeeeahah" after the "Ride like the wind" bit. More hairs stand up.

That show was just epic.

Actually saw the second night as well . . . I remember being totally distressed that nobody around me knew "Sister Morphine" . . . Keith saying "Are you sure?" before they did "She's a Rainbow" and Mick taking chorus after chorus. But the first night was more rockin' and spontaneous.


03-24-02 03:34 PM
JuanTCB a) April 12, '72 (according to the official site, the release date of Exile, even though everywhere else says May 12th - I'm going with the official line); Boston
b) Stones fan since Aug. '81, obsessive instantly
c) Sticky Fingers / Exile - can't decide
d) Jumpin' Jack Flash
e) 10 + 2 Keith solo shows
f) Sept. 29, 1989 - Foxboro 1
g) April 12, 1999 - Chicago 2
h) MSG II '98 - Out Of Control took it to a whole 'nother level
i) surprise NME Wembley gig '68; Sir Morgan's Cove '81; Brussels '73
j) Disappointment? Hmmm . . . guitar sound live from '94 onward - TOO CLEAN
k) 2002 - lots of loud, dirty weaving between Keith & Ronnie and unemployment checks for Chuck / the return of Mac.

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