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Topic: To many people dying Return to archive
03-21-02 08:28 PM
stone jr. Thats right. I just want any one to say about what you remember about these people

John Lennon
George Harrison
Mama Cass
Papa john
Jimmy McCulloch(Paul McCartney's gutairist)
Linda McCartney
Keith Moon
Brian Jones
Eric Carr(KISS 1980-1991 drummer)
Pete Ham(Badfinger gutairist)
Tom Evans(Badfinger gutairist)
Janis Joplin
Jimi Hendrix
03-21-02 08:58 PM
swapwoodfortaylor Hey Gippo.......I cannot better that comment!
03-21-02 11:19 PM
JaggaRichards Well, Janis wasn't exactly 'Miss Hottie' when it came down to those nudie shots....but Linda McC?? The woman had a balcony you could do Shakespeare from!
03-21-02 11:49 PM
The Eggman Kiss drummer died? like anyone with real taste in music cared?
03-22-02 12:26 AM
JaggaRichards wrote:
Well, Janis wasn't exactly 'Miss Hottie' when it came down to those nudie shots....but Linda McC?? The woman had a balcony you could do Shakespeare from!

Well, it depends... this is Janis nude

From Rolling Stone No. 102 - February 17, 1972
By my cool friend Baron Wolman
03-22-02 12:33 AM
gypsy wrote:
I'm sure Mama Cass did, too...I don't even want to think about that...

Well, every picture tells a story honey, this is Mama Cass doing the Mexican Mariguana trial, the photo is by Henry Diltz, from Rolling Stone No. 84 June 10. 1971, the one with the Bianca-Mick wedding on the "back-front" cover

The footer here is the one on the photo

Cass "Rock Music is just long hours, hard work and a lot of drugs"

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
03-22-02 07:19 AM
beer My 2 cents: Stevie Ray Vaughn. Kurt Cobain.
03-22-02 07:35 AM
Maxlugar What do you call a dog with wings?

Linda McCartney.

Ha ha!!!!

Get it? Dog with WINGS?

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

(cough, cough wheeeezz......)

Ha ha!!

Oh mercy....I'm going to hell...

03-22-02 05:50 PM
Joey So what if Linda McCartney didn't shave her private parts ?????

I for one just love " Wolf Puss " !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides , almost every Rock and Roll Star listed above had Linda at one time or another .....even Mama Cass . Do you think Cass Elliot had " Wolf Puss " too ?

This is the sort of thing that weighs on my stressed - to -the - limit soul . Oh my God , Poem alert ......GO !!!!!!!

" My life's a mess
I wait for Linda to pass ;
I sit here at the bar
I hold an empty glass . "

-- Thank You

The Joey ( J. Joeyfly ) , C10

Established 1999 ( March 6th )

03-22-02 05:58 PM
moy too many people dying? lol that list starts with brian almost 33 years ago so if that's the whole list is just a few, 13 in 32 years, a bunch of the great ones are missing in that list
03-22-02 05:59 PM
Joey OK ..........

How about this ............?

" My life's a mess ,
I wait for Cass's Wolf Puss to pass ;
I stand here at the bar
I hold an empty glass . "

Would someone please fill my glass ?

-- Thank You


The Joey , C10

03-22-02 06:56 PM
Gazza Quite a few more to add to that original list - and most of them greater too IMO:

Buddy Holly
Otis Redding
Sam Cooke
Marvin Gaye
Hank Williams
Jim Morrison
Bob Marley
Jerry Garcia
Gram Parsons
Robert Johnson
Carl & Dennis Wilson
4/5 of the original Temptations!
03-22-02 07:02 PM
nanky Wolf puss
Ha! That's great.
The Joey is creative tonight

Something about a big furry critter though.
The frame about the masterpiece.
Except someone once put a screen saver on my computer at work and it was more than just furry. There were hormonal imbalances beyond description.

03-22-02 07:06 PM
fmk438j Janis was bullied badly at school. In her last year the school hands out prizes as a result of voting. One of the awards was 'Ugliest Male', and she won it. Years later when a school reunion was happening, she went back with an enteroage to stick it to them. Just before this, she was interviewed and asked "what was school like for you?" To this she brokedown and cried.
03-22-02 09:39 PM
SlackerZ Hellooooooooo!! Aren't we forgeting someone!! really really big!! the sixth stone!! hello IAN!! Stewart, i don't read really carefully this posts but i think ian isn't in this posts! So let's think about ian!! A greatest stone who pass away but must be remember by all fans!!
Ian "Sut" Stewart
born July 18, 1938 - died December 12, 1985
03-22-02 09:46 PM
Carl The Lobsterman Let me add...

Jim Croce.

If he was alive today he would have a fan base twice as large as Buffett and James Taylor combined.
03-22-02 11:13 PM
yellow1 linda mac naked ?! Where ;-)
03-22-02 11:21 PM
yellow1 wrote:
linda mac naked ?! Where ;-)

I saw a topless shot in Roy Carr's 'The Beatles: The Illustrated Record'. Years ago.....I'm sure it was her.
03-22-02 11:33 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I much prefer what you emailed me to naked Linda...feel free to send more anytime you like...Oooops, I dropped my dang hat again...
03-23-02 12:02 AM
FPM C10 Heee! This place is getting to be a lot of fun. Any time a thread as tired as "if there's a rock & roll heaven you know they've got a helluva band" turns into a discussion on Wolf Puss, well, I for one say BRAVO!

Years ago National Lampoon ran a picture of the "All-Star Dead Band" (it was a take-off on Playboy's yearly All-Star Jazz Band) and besides the obvious J's (Jones, Jimi, Jimbo, Janis) they had Harry Truman on piano! That, I thought, was a stroke of genius! So I'd like to add Harry Truman to the list. He's dead too, y'know.
03-23-02 12:31 AM
SlackerZ wrote:
Hellooooooooo!! Aren't we forgeting someone!! really really big!! the sixth stone!! hello IAN!! Stewart

Of course Stu is one big missing person in our already missing list!

We have a special site for him, check it out it has great contributions from his friends. It's located here

Stu used to play golf with Roger Waters. Let me tell you a sad story held this week: Last Monday my friend Fernando Aceves called me and asked me "Gerardo how good are you playing golf?" and I replied the truth and nothing but the truth, I'm a beginner... He replied me "What a pity, we need someone to play with Roger Waters" Holy shit!!! I missed the opportunity of both, meet Roger and to ask him again about his friendship with Stu!! Time Waits for no one!

BTW, Roger played last Tuesday here, with a bunch of Stones content as PP Arnold (who started with Ike and Tina Turner and jammed with the Stones Live), Andy Fairweather Low, Snowy White, the lovely Linda Lewis (Frank Zappa and Muddy Waters content here), Norbert Stachel and Graham Broad betwen others, all are jamming with him.

Shit I ain't gonna miss that golf match again!

BTW, don't miss Roger, by far better than "that band", they are going to play Australia (Hi stoned there) in April and then Europe in May and June to finish at the new Wembley Stadium on 27th June 2002

Sorry for the mixed emotions here

For more about the show here click

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
03-23-02 01:15 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Fleabit!

Not only is Harry Truman dead, but he also fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur as Supreme Commander, UN Forces (SCUNF)during the Korean Conflict. And here is the coincidence, both Bess Truman, AND Jean MacArthur had big time Wolf Puss. Further, they are both dead too!

03-23-02 01:18 AM
yellow1 thanks for the pic but I don't think it's Linda Mc, she had a much bigger pair of hangers !
03-23-02 12:12 PM
yellow1 are the other pics available anywhere ? Yup bad mole !
03-23-02 01:24 PM
KeepRigid I would add Joey Ramone to the list. He didn't overdose, take his life, or ever try to be something other than himself...but I guess Joey Ramone at 50 was too much of a paradox for the gods to watch unfold.

Incidentally, I recall an obituary written by Bill Wyman of all people. (Ok, not THAT Bill Wyman, but still.)

[Edited by KeepRigid]
03-23-02 02:58 PM
JaggaRichards wrote:

YOU DID????? I didn'y get it! Try again.....please?

As a matter of fact, why not post the pic and give us all a thrill/scare!
04-01-02 02:40 PM
TomL I saw Roger in 99 Pittsburgh and 00 in Virginia. Pretty good.

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