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Topic: Hall says Jagger needs therapy Return to archive
03-02-02 10:19 AM
Jaxx Jerry Hall says womanising Mick Jagger needs therapy

Jerry Hall says ex-husband Mick Jagger needs therapy for his womanising.

The actress thinks his infidelity stems from a fear of being alone.

She describes his penchant for women as a "sickness."

Jerry told the Sun: "Mick's womanising is a sickness.

Perhaps it's a chemical thing and he has way too much testosterone.

"I have suggested he has therapy but I don't think he wants to admit he has a problem, particularly when lots of guys tell him how lucky he is."

The pair split in 1999 when Mick fathered a child with Brazilian model Luciana Morad.

Story filed: 08:39 Saturday 2nd March 2002
03-02-02 10:59 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Spoken like a woman Jerry!

There's nothing wrong with Mick that a Victoria's Secret model can't fix.
03-02-02 12:04 PM
MickChick The Mirror Today's Mirror news News
MICK IS SICK Mar 2 2002

Exclusive By Eva Simpson

Jerry: Womanising Jagger needs therapy

JERRY Hall says ex-husband Mick Jagger's womanising is a "sickness" that needs therapy.

She said: "Perhaps it's a chemical thing and he has way too much testosterone. If he doesn't admit he's got a problem, he'll never get well."

Mick, 58, and Jerry, 45, divorced two years ago after he bedded Brazilian model Luciana Morad, who gave birth to his love-child Lucas.

He has since dated several beauties, including supermodel Sophie Dahl. Jerry said: "I have suggested he has some therapy, but I don't think he wants to admit he has a problem, particularly when he has lots of guys telling him how lucky he is."

She said Mick was so scared of being lonely that he wouldn't move out of the house next door to hers.

Their daughter Elizabeth, 18, is trying to make dad mend his ways and stay away from much younger women.

"Elizabeth asks how he can go out with girls of her age and tells him it's disgusting and embarrassing."
03-02-02 01:54 PM
yellow1 "disgusting and embarassing", Jeez !
The man is a rockstar and it's surely not disgusting for him !
Ol' Hugh Hefner is 15 years older no and he's always got bimbo's around him, recently he was even "going out" with two big-boobed twin sisters and said that this was thanks to Viagra !
03-02-02 09:10 PM
CocaBuena I think Jerry needs to be well sucked and fucked
03-03-02 09:10 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Coco, you got a point!

Gypsy....Oh PLEEZ! I say more power to ol'Hef. More power to ol' Mick! Your sex life doesn't end when you hit a certain age....Put yourself in Mick's shoes. If you were approaching 60 years old, and beautiful, young, nubiles were willing to bump nasties with you, are you telling me that you WOULDN'T take advantage of the oppotunity?

People who pass judgement on anothers morality are just as immoral as the people they judge.

03-03-02 09:41 AM
FotiniD I don't think it has to do with morality. I don't agree with the use of the term...

Mick has every right to do whatever he wants, he's an adult, responsible for his actions, blah, blah, blah...

However, I'm afraid of the emotional consequences all this will eventually have on him... I do agree with Jerry's statement that he might be feeling afraid of being alone. Add to that the "Peter pan syndrome" according to Keith, and I think the picture is quite clear.
03-03-02 03:41 PM
Cardinal Ximinez "I think it's gross."

"I think there is something wrong with both of these men for having never been able to find ONE woman, and stick with her..."

Looks like you are questioning their morality to me!

You are right about one thing. Guys like Mick and Hugh Hefner are NOT like me. That's exactly why they can live the kind of life that they live. And even if those guys are compensating for what? Why should we care? They aren't sleeping with my wife, I don't know either of them, and I never what difference does it make? Jerry's just pissed that Mick has gotten over her, and is happy to flit around from chick to chick. They aren't married anymore. She has no say so in his sex life(not that she had much say in it while they were married either.). Just who is Mick hurting here anyway? Jerry? The Kids? I wonder how much they hurt when they cash Daddy's checks?
03-03-02 04:25 PM
AlexanderHic Well, besides the relentless sex and partying, usually, accomplished, gifted minds are complete assholes. (We all know that, and that's not my point anyway...) Those girls know (or should know, for their own benefit) what they're getting while hanging with the older guys, and cold manipulation aside and all that crap, it's obvious that they're conscious of portraying an essential part of the whole stardom appeal. (How many people would want to see Jagger converted to christianism? It'd be funny though -not that I've anything against organised religions.)

In short: it's all just an example of the marketing deal (done with gusto, I believe.) As Lennon once put: "It's all show-biz".
03-03-02 04:29 PM
AlexanderHic Lapsus. That is if Jagger isn't already a christian. Don't know, nor I don't care.
03-03-02 04:36 PM
Jaxx mick's sex addiction. always an intriguing topic. i remember reading an article in the daily star about 3 years ago stating that mick was in therapy for sex addiction.
i think mick talks about his sex addiction and that "uncontrollable urge" of his in the tune, "she was hot". random women in random cities, mick laments about his desperate state.

lyrics like: "Well I got "a fever" that I'm fighting" or "i think I'm going off the rails, riding down the pleasure trails" pretty much states the essence of the addiction.

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

New York was cold and damp
TV is just a blank
Looks like another dead end Sunday

What about an early night
Monday never feels so bright
Ooh the sheets feel cold and lonely

Who wants to brave the pouring rain
For a glass of French champagne?
Well grab a cab, grab a cap and baby, come right by

And she was hot - as she kissed my mouth
She was hot - as I wiped her brow
She was hot - she pinned me to the ground
She was quick - she knew her way around
She was hot - as she tore my clothes
She was hot - she had no place to go
She was hot - on a cold and rainy night

Detroit was smoky grey
Nothing like the good old days
Well I got a fever that I'm fighting

I don't need your company
Leave me in my misery
I can take the rebound just like lightning

And she was hot - in a 50's dress
She was hot - her lips were flashing red
I was lost - in her burning flesh
I was hot - I was dripping sweat
She was hot - in the Detroit snow
She was hot - she had no place to go
She was hot - on a cold and rainy night

And she was hot - and I had the blues
She was hot - honey, where were you?
If you were in my shoes
You would be excused
She was hot - you can never wait
She was hot - never hesitate
She was hot - on a cold and rainy night

I think I'm going off the rails
Riding down the pleasure trails
I was taking passion where you find it

Honey when you were young and fresh
And you need the touch of your flesh
Go take the treasure where you find it

And she was hot - in the melted snow
She was hot - in the molten glow
She was hot - she got it in the blood
She was hot - like the dam that bursts
She was black - she was strong and true
She was black - and her eyes were blue
She was lost - and she took a chance
At just a brief romance

Down the avenue into the lost bayou
Into the tall bamboo, back to the human zoo
I wish you all the best, I hope we meet again
On a cold Chicago night

She was hot
She was hot
She was hot hot hot
She was hot hot hot.........

03-03-02 05:28 PM
Angiegirl I would like to volunteer as his therapist. Confrontational therapy is the best in dealing with obsessions I heard, so... Hmm, but I'm probably too old for him then (27). Still, I would like a chance to 'cure' him!
03-04-02 06:32 PM
nankerphelge I don't think Jerry ever knew
what she'd bitten off
in the end, she spat him out
she could not chew him up
he's too tough

Since we're singing Undercover era tunes.

03-05-02 02:08 PM
TomL What about that plastic Ferrari, and all those shooooooooes
03-06-02 12:29 PM
luxury1 Oh, he just hasn't met me yet, that's all.
03-28-02 09:14 PM

....Ah...the Texan Belle probably has a point there; however, i certainly would like to see HER get some first. Even tho, thru the Grapevine, Pete Townshend is doing an absolutely BRILLiant job already...seems they're neighbors in Richmond...and Jerry gives him an earful @ every oppurtunity! I just hope Pete is charging at least $300 a "session" of therapy. That way, because it's rather expensive, Jerry will unDOUBtably FEEL she's gotten something for her monkey. I mean, money. No, i mean monkey.

You figger it out; it shan't be hard...the one who "came out of the closet" with Baryshnikov @ Rivera's parTAy-0-- hey. that should do for a major hint, right ; )

Love the red lipstick and the hair that still grows gorgeously. Over the past year, what LITTle respect i've had for Jerry has seemed to increase a bit. She's shown me a toughness that's extremely rare for her slight and slender bones. She's grown up a bit.

Just not grown up enuf to leave the house without a fULL face of makeup. She's still got THAT bit of prima donna going down; otherwise, she just wouldn't be Jerry, really ; )


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