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03-05-02 03:18 PM
Maxlugar like....touched by an angel, touched?

Touched by a sweet black angel, touched?

Hug me.

M. Lugarfly!
03-06-02 07:15 AM
CocaBuena Canned? You mean...enlatado? Like Andy Warhol soup?
Hey Hoobler, are you talking to me?
Am I groving you?

Hey Max, I've seen that pic, yes. Very nice, btw.

03-07-02 10:09 AM
Joey I hear Mick Taylor may be brought into the recording studio with the Stones .


J. Joeyfly ( Joey , C10 )

03-07-02 10:49 AM
Jumacfly really??
it would be ....our "visions of paradise"!!!!
what about 3 guitar players on next tour??
2 for the sonic wall, and one to take us to paradise...

mmh... i should stop drugs and daydreaming!

03-07-02 12:21 PM
yellow1 where did you "hear" that ? Pure speculation ?
On the other hand if they can have Waddy Wachtel playing lead on most of B2B, they could have Mick T. adding a few licks here and there !
03-07-02 05:16 PM
Joey 'On the other hand if they can have Waddy Wachtel playing lead on most of B2B, they could have Mick T. adding a few licks here and there ! '

Amen , my Brother.........

Thank god they did not take Waddy out on the road with them . One look at Waddy and my nut sack creeps so far up my body cavity that people on the street ask me if I have the mumps .

" Lose a shoe up me arse Ronnie "


J. Joeyfly ( The Joey , C10 ) ...Est . 1999 ( March )

Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Joey !!!!!!!!

03-07-02 06:58 PM
Maxlugar Joey,

Remember when I used to say you made me feel like I was the Bridget Fonda character in single white female?

That feeling is back.

"Why doesn't he mimic another poster, Ronnie?!"


03-07-02 10:52 PM
Nasty Habits Some mother's son ain't got no brain.
[Edited by Nasty Habits]
03-07-02 10:52 PM
Nasty Habits Upon listening to Handsome Girls over and over again this week I've come to the conclusion that Ronnie should be sainted, not fired.

Let's fire Bernard instead!

[Edited by Nasty Habits]
03-08-02 07:27 AM
Maxlugar Two soldiers fighting in a trench.
One soldier glances up to see the sun.
And dreams of games he played when he was young.
And then his friend calls out his name.
He stops his dreams and when he turns his head.
A second later he is dead.

That is the song you were refering to Nasty Habits? Another reason to love Arthur.

Some Mothers Son.
03-08-02 11:19 AM
Nasty Habits Yes, indeed.

Somebody loves ya, don'tcha know it?
03-08-02 02:05 PM
Maxlugar Bless you Nasty!

Hey do you like Jeff Beck? Last night I got a boot of him in Switzerland July 2001. Soundboard. Fucking great performance at some Blues fest. He is really on fire. I'm not sure if you caught him last year but he was doing the Beatles A Day in the Life that was simply awe inspiring.

If you are anyone else wants a copy I'll trade. Problem is I don't have a burner. I think I'll get one this weekend.

03-08-02 02:39 PM
Joey Arthur ?????????????? Did someone say Arthur ?????????

The wall was just warmed over Arthur !

Maxy , if you get a burner , please get the same one the Cardinal uses.....his works great and I have the boots to prove it . He E-Mailed me about what type of burner it was and how much it cost , but I can't find it in my " Archives " file because it is so damn loaded up with all of your posts .

" Lose a shoe up my Ass Ronnie "

03-08-02 03:44 PM
Maxlugar Bless you Joey, you tiny little scamp!

The CDR is the special issue Phillips Ximy CDR775.

And ya know what?

Now that the Bush economy is raging full force, I have the money to go get one!

Bless you George W. Bush! That was a quick correction to the Clinton recession!

I knew you could do it.

My first copy of Jeff Beck's 7/21/2001 show is yours free!


Maxlugar - The Rockin' Rich Mean Sprited Republican! Boo!
03-09-02 11:40 AM
Joey 'Bless you George W. Bush! That was a quick correction to the Clinton recession! '

You make Joey say , Huh ????? I thought recessions were two consecutive quarters of negative GDP ????????? We never had that happen .

Or are recessions two consecutive nights of Steelie not drinking anything ???????? Oh , the horror .

These are the questions that rest in my stressed - to - the - limit soul .

J. Joeyfly ( The Joey , C10 )

03-09-02 12:48 PM
Maxlugar Well Joey there are actually a few definitions. But the most common one is shrinking GDP not necessarily negative. But if the liberal media say it's a recession it's a recession. Particularly when you have a republican president.

Here's a helpfull link to your favorite news outlet to help you out on this subject.

Thanks again W! I'll be getting my CDR today!
03-10-02 03:53 PM
Joey "NBER's statement said its determination of a recession is based on monthly rather than quarterly data that it believes are a more accurate gauge of the state of the economy. "The committee gives relatively little weight to real GDP because it is only measured quarterly and it is subject to continuing, large revisions," the group said. "

Bullshit ............everybody knows that a recession is measured by two consecutive quaters of " negative " growth and that never happened in Clinton's Presidency . Still , slow growth ain't much better than negative growth , and when combined with huge budget deficits , soaring health care costs , no movement in the stock market , and the fact that Steelie has cut back on his alcohol consumption , well .............Baby Bush's Presidency is starting to look a lot like Papa Bush's Presidency .

" Democrats take back the Congress Completely in November Ronnie "

The Wall was just warmed over Arthur .



The Joey , C10

03-11-02 08:16 AM
Maxlugar Clinton's recovery started under papa Bush.

Also, This great man you seem to look up to had the opportunity
to get Bin Laden. Not only get him but have him delivered on a
silver plater by arab nations tracking his activities. They actually wanted to just give him to us!

But he declined citing lack of evidence to convict.

Hmmmm....ya think there's enough evidence now?

What a fucking politically correct idiot. He might have lost the arab vote!

"Clinton has the blood of 3000 people on his hands, Ronnie!"

He's got what looks like Blood Red wine all over him <----- Required Stones content.

Ma ma ma Maxy!!!!
03-11-02 09:05 AM
Joey "Clinton has the blood of 3000 people on his hands, Ronnie!"

You make Joey say , Huh ???????????????

Actually , every President has blood on his hands .

Truman had 50,000 Americans

LBJ and Nixon had 58,000 Americans

Reagan had about 1,000 total ( Beirut , other assorted stuff )

Papa Bush ...Clinton ......goes with the territory.

" Steelie Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

03-11-02 10:42 AM
Maxlugar If you can equate military casualties and innocent citizens opening their first coffee of the day at their desks, then there is no hope.....

And this is AFTER he bombed the Cole and our embassies in Africa.

"Bomb us and Clinton says thank you sir may I have another, Ronnie!"

I like You Got the Silver with Mick singing, a lot. Especially the end where he really starts to tear it up!


03-11-02 05:45 PM
robbluedog This may be a bit of an upsetting reminder to some people but these are the facts....

Bin Laden was in the pay of good old Uncle Sam's CIA. Bin Laden was OK by the US when he was of use against the USA's enemies in Afghanistan. But unfortunately Bin Laden, like Sadam Hussein before him who was also a pal of the US when he was waging a particularly dirty war against Iran, turned on his masters and bit the hand that fed him.

Like Frankensteins monsters, these two. But you have to ask it the fault of the monsters, or the fault of their creators?

03-11-02 05:56 PM
Nasty Habits All of this is exactly why I say High Wire has to be in the setlist for 2002!

What more nasty and arrogant thing could Jagger do than bring that song out of the old moth balls and say "Ha Ha Ha You thought I was just cashing in on your silly Gulf War but I was right you bastards!"

Now that would be some Rolling Stones right there.

Ain't nobody roosting here but us chickens.
03-11-02 07:05 PM
Joey 'All of this is exactly why I say High Wire has to be in the setlist for 2002! '

Yes , what a great song . While they are at it , the Rolling Stones should bring back " Sex Drive " too .

Time to put Flashpoint on the CD player tonight .

" Hit Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

03-11-02 09:27 PM
Cardinal Ximinez OK Maxy...I understand completely your need to use Clinton as a scapegoat. If it makes you feel better to blame Bill then go ahead.

But that doesn't make what you are saying any more true.

I was suckered by that bogus Ollie North email, but my point is still the same, and it's still valid...

George the 1st didn't get Saddam when he had the chance. Saddam then had thousands of Kurds slaughtered. Using your logic, isn't the blood of those innocent Kurdish women and children on George Bush's hands? Of course it isn't. No more than the blood of those who died on 9/11 is on Bill Clinton's hands. Say what you will, but Joey is could, by using your logic, put vast amounts of blood on just about ANY President's hands...Civilian casualties occur in all armed military conflicts...Is this not considered to be the "War On Terrorism"? Didn't unknown thousands of innocent Vietnamese civilians die by the naplam hell? The collateral damage is unavoidable in a situation like that...the enemy hides in plain site in the civilian population. That doesn't change the fact that innocents died the same flaming death that our enemy did. Isn't their blood on the hands of Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon? Or how about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Certainly legitimate war industry targets, but what about the thousands of infants and small children? They knew nothing of the Emporer, or the Imperial War Council. Isn't their blood on Truman's hands? The job of President comes with having to make no win decisions. It's a fucked up job man.
And these are definately fucked up times. Don't you see Maxy? It wouldn't have mattered if Clinton would have taken Bin Laden...someone else would have stepped into his shoes. Maxy, I hate those viscious fuckers as much as you do...hundreds of my Brothers in Emergency Services died with those people that you knew, and with Steelie's Aunt. But I put the blame squarely where it belongs..on the insane fanatics of Al-Queda. That's where the blame belongs. Like Mr. Clinton or not...he's still an American...and he would never intentionally hurt another American. These are the last words I'll speak on the matter.
03-11-02 09:36 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Oh yeah...I have the uncensored version of the Sex Drive video that they played on The Playboy Channel. Charlie is hilarious on it...and there are lesbians! It's the coolest video ever!
03-12-02 07:10 AM
Maxlugar Yeah I'm sick of this conversation. You'll never change my mind and aint changing yours.

But tell me..........

Real quick....

What are the chances Mick nailed that really cute one with the champaigne glass tities in the Sex drive video?

These are the things I want to expore at this time.

Thanks in advance.
03-12-02 08:12 AM
Cardinal Ximinez I would lay odds at 3:1 for...over under at 4.
03-12-02 08:13 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Remember...Vegas HATES pushes!
03-12-02 01:58 PM
Nasty Habits I never even knew there was a Sex Drive video.
This is why I love this board.

Who else but you lovely people would ever tell me that there was a video for Sex Drive
I wish I could see the uncensored video for Sex Drive.

03-12-02 02:35 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Nasty...

e me at:

We'll see what we can do about making sure you get to see this video....
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